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May's requests, done in sort-of marginalia style, of 'a big friendly doggo' that ended up not so big, and 'a small cute monster' which was an excellent excuse to paint a vegetable lamb.

thumbnails as brain-detritus filter, idk, i’ve had a lot of tech problems demanding attention and need to take a break and paint something, but finding the attention has been difficult

The plans for that gilded frame eyes thing, a few more similar concepts i want to make solely so i can slap iridescent rhinestones into something Super Serious(tm), and a weird dude that fell out because i was extremely excited about this thing and spending a bit thinking about dude's particular brand of horror art.

The last two pages in my last sketchbook, thinking about tossing the thing on the right into Gimp later and trying something with it because it isn’t just ‘figure/head, framed centrally’.