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so much rage for anyone who tells the story of the radium girls like “ohoho weren’t people in the 20s fucking stupid” and not like “corporate greed has always cost people’s lives and health”

History Lesson:

The Radium Girls were factory workers who painted glowing markers on watches. They pointed their paint brushes with their lips after being told do so and that it was safe for them to do so by their managers. The paint had radium in it to promote the glow.

Dentists became the first people aware of the medical complications happening amongst all the women working in this factory. Complaints of loose bones, teeth, ulcers, etc. began to circulate amongst the staff.

Eventually, the girls started to die. The first one’s jaw literally came off her skull before her death as a result of radiation poisoning.

Perhaps all of that you could say was “stupidity” on behalf of the workers and corporation.

But what came next wasn’t. The corporation, the U.S. Radium Corporation, originally called the Radium Luminous Material Corporation, lied to the public and said that their workers were dying from alternate causes such as syphilis. They continued to instruct their staff to work business as usual, perpetuating more deaths and illness amongst their staff so their product could continue to be made.

The Radium Corp offered to change the method of painting dials, but the alternative brushes slowed down work and they were paid by the dial. To continue earning the wages they needed, the girls were forced to continue to use the brushes that they had to wet with their mouths.

The girls eventually took the matter to court. They took it to court eight times because Radium Corp continued to appeal until 1939.

As a result of their win, which provided a settlement to each girl a lump sum, a yearly stipend, and medical expensed paid by the company, LABOR LAW changed to ensure that companies could be held accountable for not properly protecting their employees from disease. New health regulations and standards were put in place to keep workers safe and they stopped using the brushes after that point.

(I don’t have the data to say if there was a corresponding wage increase to factor for lost wages due to a slowing down after new regulations were made).

The point, though, is that this company willfully knew that its staff was geting sick and dying from the procedures they put in place, and lied to their staff and started a public smear campaign saying these women had sexually transmitted diseases instead.

That’s not on the “stupid” women, that’s corporate greed.

If noticing those incredible and abnormal details is not love. Then I don't know what it is.

Yor: Loid takes even the most insignificant things seriously. It's so cute!

Twilight: Yor is able to kick a guy and get him through a concrete slab, while protecting Anya. Wow!

We as a society need to go back and embrace weird crossovers. I feel like fic writers are often like ‘how do I make these universes meld seamlessly? how do I make this make sense? I can’t write this Persona 5/Krypto the Superdog crossover they don’t line up and nobody will read it’ especially lately bUT LIKE MY GUY I WILL READ IT! I WILL READ IT SO MUCH! LIVE YOUR DREAMS YOU FUNKY LIL WRITER!

Straight up one of my old favorite fics is Psych/My Little Pony. I’ve literally written a (unposted) MDZS/The Old Guard fic. I planned a Monster High/Good Omens crossover where Draculaura gets way too invested in Crowley and Aziraphale’s love life.

WE NEED MORE CROSSOVERS! THE MORE UNHINGED THE BETTER! I cannot be alone in missing how balls to the wall some of the weirder crossovers on ff.net and livejournal were

posting an old piece over here.

since botw was the first zelda game i ever played, when i saw "fairy clothes" offered in the dlc, i had pictured something like this

i've decided they're 6 total defense and when worn together offer "Perfect Climate" so you get lvl 1 heat+cold resistance everywhere.


So the average "Gotham Goons Try To Summon The Ghost King To Do Their Bidding And They Get Danny" AU

The goons in particular haven't been super subtle about snooping around for more info on proper rites and formal etiquette for summoning THEE Ghost King. Enough so that's its gotten on the Bats radar. But first of all, what the hell are they trying to summon?? Fuck is a "Ghost King"?

Enter contacting magic user of your choice, who is uncharacteristically freaking out a little because that's the fucking ruler of the Infinite Realms. Pariah Dark has been the ruler of the Infinite Realms for as long as it has existed, and it took nothing short of a revolution just to put him to sleep!!

So- they're freaking out. Just a little bit. It's an all hands on deck sort of situation, and finding out about what the goons were trying to do cost them precious time.

They come busting into a warehouse stocked with haunting graffiti, bones, and other morally dubious items for atmosphere. And hovering in the middle of the summoning circle, silhouetted and backed by dozens of flickering candles is-

A... teenager?

Pariah Dark is a glowing teenager??

Said glowing teenager, ruler of the Infinite Realms, spins around and gasps. He zips through the air, stops right in front of the Red Hood and declares himself "his biggest fan!!"