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Fiat Lux and Go Bears!

@son_of_ger brought California blue and gold up 5,300m to the Everest base camp in Nepal for his #berkeleyaroundtheworld post. Berkeley family, as you travel the world this summer, rep Cal and tag your pix with #berkeleyaroundtheworld. We’ll post our favorites here. #ucberkeley #mounteverest #sagarmatha #nepal 🇳🇵 Edited by UC Berkeley. (at Mount Everest)

Congratulations, Class of 2017! You now join the ranks of all Golden Bears who have preceded you. Before you head out into the wider world, visit cal.berkeley.edu (link in profile) to join @ cal, Berkeley’s online alumni network. You can claim your berkeley.edu email account, network with Cal alumni, and create your @ cal public profile. Fiat lux and go bears! #ucberkeley #calgrad #calclassof2017 Photos: @khdesign01, UC Berkeley.

Congratulations to our newly minted UC Berkeley alumni—Cal Class of 2017! 🐻🎓 #myucberkeley posts from @kkranberry (📷: @mikaelaraphaelphoto), @kristoffer_jacob (📷: @anclrevv), @hillary_cohen, and @ohnanna. Swipe to see larger pics. Fiat lux and go bears! #ucberkeley #calgrad #calclassof2017 #sathergate #sathertower #campanile #doelibrary (at UC Berkeley)

ICYMI, actor, comedian, and Cal alum, Maz Jobrani ’93 was the keynote commencement speaker at the campuswide commencement this past Saturday. You can watch Maz’s address online at http://bit.ly/2qpIBna (link in profile). Make sure to swipe to see Maz’s selfie from the podium. Congratulations to our graduating class of 2017! Fiat lux and go bears! #ucberkeley #californiamemorialstadium #calgrad #calclassof2017 🐻🎓 Photo by @khdesign01, UC Berkeley. Selfie by @mazjobrani. (at California Memorial Stadium)

The sun sets on another day, another semester, another class year. To our graduates whose time on campus is coming to an end, remember that you will always be Golden Bears. Fiat lux and go bears! #ucberkeley #sathertower #campanile #myucberkeley by @abi_speers. (at UC Berkeley)

Cal alum David J. Peterson ’03, creator of Game of Thrones languages Dothraki and High Valyrian, will be teaching a three-unit linguistics course at Berkeley this summer. You can read about Peterson, his career, and his affinity for language on the Berkeley News site at http://bit.ly/2pJsUIQ (link in profile). #ucberkeley #sathertower #campanile #dothraki #targaryen @khdesign01 photo (edited), UC Berkeley. (at Sather Tower)

Cal Day is this Saturday, April 22. Join astrophysicist Alex Filippenko and Nobel-laureate Randy Schekman at tomorrow’s “Stand Up for Science” rally from 12–12:30 p.m. on Memorial Glade. Details on the rally are online at http://bit.ly/2pNuXfP (link in profile). More info on Cal Day, UC Berkeley’s annual open house, at http://calday.berkeley.edu #ucberkeley #sharecalday #sproulhall @rallycomm @calband @cal_cheerleading Alex Filippenko photo, Jock McDonald. Randy Schekman photo, Elena Zhukova (@zhuchkin). (at UC Berkeley)

Cal student volunteers help low-income individuals and families prepare their taxes as part of the national VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) program. Berkeley’s VITA program is run from the Public Service Center, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary at Cal. You can read about Berkeley’s VITA program on the Berkeley News site at http://bit.ly/2oSBULC, and you can learn about the Public Service Center’s mission and 50th anniversary at http://publicservice.berkeley.edu/50th-anniversary (link in profile). Share a photo and your public service story—from today or 50 years ago—using #CaltoAction. #ucberkeley #taxes Pictured: Dalla Nava, Toro Hill, Rosy Wu. Photos by Gretchen Kell, UC Berkeley. (at UC Berkeley)