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flower days

translated from a @tvoom flower


Stephane did it again. I am very honored! Thank you very much. It is a wonderful painting. And it makes me happy to see that my stuff inspires others

I made a video. About photography filters.

Not just about any old filters but about the filters you all need.

At least, if you take photos.

Also, this is my first "content collaboration video". It seems, one of my old videos on "vintage lenses" - sort of - exploded and caught the attention of "some people who know people"... so... there is that.

I didn't get paid to make this video but I got to keep the filters sent to me by K&F Concept (who, btw did in no way influence this video). Thank you! :)

I should probably make more videos again. Maybe on vintage lenses... I mean... you knooow... milking the cow ;P

Nah... joking aside. Making videos is fun. And I like to explain things. Is there anything you want me to explain to you?

Okay... I'll stop. Here is my video about the "3 essential filters for outdoor photographers" (and also vloggers)

Happy Birthday, Pete!!  I hope the coming year is the most awesome one yet.  Another candle on the cake is a great thing!  @tvoom  @thevortexofourminds


Thank you! 😊 The cake was too small for yet another candle. So I passed on the candles. And just took the cake.

Some 20'ish co-worker asked my age. I said: "Guess". He said: "You must be about three or four years older than I am".

I laughed.

And dated his mom.


Happy Birthday to you, Pete @tvoom and hugs, hugs, hugs. Enjoy the party!


Hugs back, Ute! Thank you! It's one and a half hours to midnight. I do still have a slight chance for cake ;)


It’s the Queen’s @novice-at-play birthday! The riffraff offers one’s congratulations ;)

Happy birthday, Queen of foggy forests! I have no forest for you but only a half frozen lake at dawn. Please accept my humble offerings ;)

OMG PETE I’M SO SORRY!!! I’m awful!!! 😭 I came over to your blog on YOUR birthday to share one of your gorgeous photos on my blog and I see I missed this on MY birthday!!! Thank you so much for this stunning gift, my friend!! 🤗💕💋

I know life has kept us both busy, but I’m glad we can still keep in touch from time to time. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEAREST PETE!! Thank you for your friendship and inspiration!!! Please be safe and take some time for YOU!! *BIG HUGS* and much love to you!! 🤗💕🎉


I'll just reblog it back 🤣 Yeah, life would be so much easier if it weren't for... well... life.

It's about time to post something again, isn't it? Thank you very much, Queen of enchanted forests. Much love to you! 💕



The Heidi girl wishes you a beautiful birthday Pete. @thevortexofourminds / @tvoom

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag Pete, geniesse dein Tag, immer Glück in was du tust und bleib Gesund. Liebe Grüsse aus der Schweiz. 🤗


Herzlichen Dank, Trisha!

Momentan esse ich Kuchen 🎂 liebe Grüße ins Land der Löcher (im Käse) und der Toblerone!


Happy Birthday, dear Pete! 🥳 @thevortexofourminds & @tvoom Alles Gute für dein neues Lebensjahr und hab’ einen fabelhaften Tag!


Vielen lieben Dank, Nils!

Der Tag war arbeitsreich, wie in letzter Zeit immer. Aber jetzt ist Feierabend!

InConversation 36 with the topic:

“Abstract Photography”

Who? As usual, Pete @tvoom and Fern @allthingsfern will be live-streaming to YouTube. But since we are dummies, we invited a guest with A LOT OF experience. None other than Amy Montico @photographybyajm, who is also founding member and one of the driving forces behind the @abstract-challenge on Tumblr.

We will show and talk about abstract photographs. We will talk about approaches, techniques, and creativity.


Let’s discuss this, and you can join us LIVE in the chat on YouTube. You can even SEND us your photos (we will tell you how during the stream) and we will talk about them

When will this be? Saturday, May 22nd at 18:00 UTC When is this for you? Click this link to the time zone converter https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html?iso=20210522T180000&p1=168&p2=3736 and simply add your city to see when this is for you.

We are excited!


The live-stream will be posted to @photosworthseeing and @luxlit (and probably here as well, if I don't forget. It'll be on my channel https://YouTube.com/tvoomphotography


_furry friend

Ireland is very close to the west coast of Scotland, both physically and culturally, so today Algy ( @adventuresofalgy​ ) is celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with a selection of images “wearing the green” ☘️

Happy St. Patrick’s Day ☘️

And finally, a beautiful furry friend - wearing a green, green world 💚 Algy sends his good friend Pete @tvoom and his furry friend lots of fluffy hugs.


I am very sorry for completely having forgotten to submit a photo for Algy's @adventuresofalgy birthday last Saturday... :( I will make up for this!