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May 2021 Catalog

New hairs for this month, let’s visit TSR to get them.

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WIP for next hair ..... Joke lol Those from 2013 already ... time flies hahahahahahahahahaha


@sonyasimscc​ I wasn’t sure which image post as header, because you change this private post in your patreon whenever you want.

So, as it seems, Sonyasims trully believes that he didn’t steal any mesh, he hasn’t used any as base, but I’m just pissed of this attitude. Here you can see what he told to his patrons.

There’s a BIG difference between being inspired and literally rip off someone’s work. If you respect someone you don’t steal its work and claim it as yours, or edit it to make it look a different thing. Oh and I am sure from now on you will be careful with which mesh you take, because we all have our eyes on you.

I will make you a favor and prove that all meshes aren’t yours, also no lawyer needeed, whatever amount you had in mind to give this lawyer for its job, you can split it and send it to all the creators whose creations you used. For now we just spotted 3 different creators.

Let’s start with mine.

Left = his hair, Right = my hair

When I took these pics I used my Perfect Illusion hair as comparison, but if you take Carmen hairstyle it’s even easier to find similarities because I didn’t even decimate that one. In the pics you all are seeing raw 3ds file but you call can get the packages and compare them in blender. If you compare Carmen’s topology to Climate Change (his hair) you can see it’s closer, just keep in mind that his meshes are edited and smoothened.

Now, David’s turn.

Left = David’s hair, Right = Sonyasims’ hair

The following text is directly from @davidcopeerfil

The only hair he posted on Patreon from David so far was Milky Way aka Mecca. He says he is inspired by other artists hairstyles or pictures. However this is completely FALSE. Not only it has the exact same solid pieces but also the same number of alphas ( just added a few more wisps). It is completely impossible you make the exact same 3D model unless you use the original one and change things on top of it. Real life hair is not modeled in planes, each artist has a different vision and each one of us interpret the hair in a different way, placing alpha areas and solid areas where we feel it is right. As you can see in the picture, ALL the solid areas and alpha planes are placed in the exact same place, not only on the front, but in 360º. Plus from a picture you can’t tell which areas are solid and which ones are alpha, which means he actually used an ilegal ripping program to steal the mesh out of Second Life. And not only he copied this one but another one that looks 100% the same, which he rushed to delete. You are not only copying the mesh/textures, you are also copying the whole idea from another artist (same curls, same wisps, same shape, same length same everything), which is also intellectual property. Not happy with that, now he is playing the victim and claiming he will do his best to prove the meshes are his and will fight for them. I am sorry to inform you, the hairs from DOUX are quite old now and there is no way you can prove something you haven’t even posted yet is yours.
This afternoon I recieved the reply from Patreon to the DMCA and they said “both Patreon posts violating your copyrighted content are already deleted. If you find any more potential infringements on this or any other creator’s accounts, don’t hesitate to let us know.” So please, @sonyasimscc​, think it twice before even considering stealing content from me or any other designer and sharing them.

And finally, SClub.

The one with the sim = Sonyasims, The one floating = @sclub-privee

Clearly all the planes are exactly the same, with the difference that he added some on top to cover the original mesh, or to make it seem a different hairstyle. I guess this is more than enough to call it “his hair”.

Here you have some videos with even more proofs that he used SClub hair: 

Here you can see that the back is EXACTLY THE SAME. It barely needs any further explanation. Also hairline is the same, the side pulled behind the ear is the same, he just edited the front planes to make it look different, but the hair is the completely the one made by SClub.


So, if after all of this you still think you own the meshes, we, creators, respectively, will take all the measures needed to protect and defend our work from thieves and fake people that want to take advantage from us.

And for the people that are seeing this post, I’m so sorry to flood you with all this stuff. I know this is bothersome and you shouldn’t even be seeing any of this, but after the post he made, and the fact that he still insists that he owns the meshes, we have the duty to show some of the proofs to avoid you all to fall into his lies.

Once again, sorry for this, and thank you for your time reading this.

Love you all 💙

Should Read...

I have trust issues

I’ve recently been looking into Sim creators more and the theft of Second Life content via copybotting. Imagine my shocken when I learn that even creators I thought I could trust turn out to be more deceptive than I thought.

I just want to ask…why? Why do this? Why steal? Why lie?

I don’t like being lied to @sonyasimscc

It seems it wasn’t enough copying original creations from The Sims CC creators, now you rushed to rip off Second Life meshes too. I warned you already on private, but since you didn’t bother checking your DM’s, I’m gonna show your dear followers how hard you work on “your creations”.  All my designs are copyrighted, so I will wait for your reponse to the DMCA I just sent to Patreon. I hope you see the post this time ♥ @sonyasimscc

Comparisson GIFs:


I’ll just add my grain of sand…

** sigh **


I’m scared how 'the new creator’ (*sigh*) use/edit/convert stuffs from retired creator without any credits and claim as made by himself/herself.

Please read!!

Hi guys! I’m writing this post to aware you that @sims-fix​ is stealing CC from some creators (including me) and she is posting them behind patreon to earn money with them, even claiming as their own. Keep reading please :)


@tsminhsims @sclub-privee @wingssims @sonyasimscc @giuliettasims (I could only recognize your stuff from the blurry images)

you should learn to “”fix” yourself first @sims-fix :(

Thank @trillyke, i didn’t notice