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Episode 12: Teamwork!

Featuring: Lots of conversations! Flame chats with @tisfan and @27dragons and then @ashes0909 and @festiveferret about how they collab and work together. Then Flerret themselves talk about the process of creating the pod, before we head into minis. We hear from you on some kinks you thought you were out on but gave a shot to, before a Trope-Off Update, some Grammar Mustelid time, and your events forecast.

Thanks to @baneme-art for the use of this super fun 616 art!

I forgot if I posted this or not lol

But its AvAc adjacent. Tony takes over being a pizza boy for a day for Happy but he’s basically cosplaying as what he thinks real delivery boys do. Its one pizza Steve what could it cost? 50$?

lol I’m pretty sure this was a prompt from @hellogarbagetime of like a Pizza Delivery porn scenario but like a PG version of it asdfasdfa

Again sorry for my handwriting lol

“What a proud, beautiful thing you are...”

For the @cap-ironman bingo (my first one ever, I’m excite!). The square was Gladiator Steve from Planet Hulk, but I took him to ancient Rome, got rid of the t-rex, gave him a haircut and added Emperor Stark because... stony reasons.