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I saw this on Facebook and went to check my registration status, sure it was fine because I voted recently, but I put in the info and it said I’m not registered

PLEASE, especially if you’re a Black voter, check your registration status at vote.org

Know your status

Does your last name sound anything like Lopez, Martinez, or Rodriguez? Mine does. When I saw this post I checked my voter registration status online with my state. Despite registering just three months ago, I was no longer registered to vote, and I did not receive my ballot. If you live in a mail-in voting state and you didn’t get your ballot, contact your county election official/county clerk for a replacement.

Make sure you check with your state’s voting site as well. I just had the shit scared out of me because that website said I was registered, but when I checked my state’s site (and made sure I had the right county selected) it said I was registered.

It’s worth checking your state’s site every few months anyway (especially when any election is coming up).


Texas is definitely purging voters. They’re also making it harder to re-register if they purged you. I hate that this is true, but POC will need to check and check frequently to stay registered in Texas.

College students, too. In the 2014 election, I had to vote in San Marcos, and I can’t tell you how many Texas State students were turned away because they didn’t cross all the t’s and dot all the i’s on getting their registration transferred and current.

i use a site called TurboVote run by a nonprofit that sends me reminders based on where im registered to vote before every election. it sends me an email to remind me to check my registration, to apply for absentee ballots, etc. it’s helpful so that you can check if you’ve been purged regularly (and participate in the local races that never get any publicity); https://turbovote.org/

Please register and check with your town/city hall often to make sure you are still registered. Please vote.


You have about two months to make sure you’re registered to vote by mail in the US.


Considerably less than two months, now. If you haven’t checked, check TODAY.


You can check your current registration status at Headcount.org.


Texas Elections judge here with a Latino last name. I check daily for myself, my parents, and my partner. They are purging rolls and if you are not registered on time a judge in a state without same day registration can’t help you on Election Day no matter how much we may want to.

Check often.


do u ever see someone elses headcannon for ur fave character and its like….. i completely respect that u have the right to that headcannon, i will not confront u at all and start needless bullshit over that headcannon…. but i will silently sit here and give you the sideways glance of the century


me, out loud: hey that’s cool we all have our own interpretations and i support you as part of fandom regardless 

me, in my head: ….but you’re wrong 

I would just like to remind everyone that this is the mature, reasonable, and sensible response.