El Torero: Chapter 3

The air conditioner on my old Honda Prelude had died along with the radio, and now I was soaking in the last breaths of the cold air. Just before the temperature in that hot box became unbearable, a pale girl on a bicycle appeared, my salvation.

Jesus Tabitha, you said youd be home 2 hours ago. Im gonna need a jump now, I complained as I slammed my car door. Well, the skinny red head started, locking her pink mountain bike to the rack, that is what youre here for isnt it? I gave only an amiable smile as the double entendre wouldnt dawn on me for another moment. Well where the heck have you been? Your phone was off all day. Sorry Leila, I had to meet with the review board on short notice. Tabitha fished for the apartment key in her orange mesh workout shorts. Im so sorry you had to brave the elements while you were waiting for me to provide you with free room and board for the weekend. How ever can I make it up to you? she said snidely, opening the door. I smiled broadly as I followed her in, giving her a firm hug from behind as she set her bag down on the patched flannel recliner in the middle of the living room. Dont be a bitch, Tabby. You know I missed you. She reached back and pinched my ass roughly, and I let go with a start. Likewise, she said with a toothy grin as she chucked her sweat covered shirt through her open bedroom door. She strode into the kitchen, her powder blue sports bra confidently covering the tall red heads perky B cups. She grabbed a couple bottled waters from the fridge. Want one? she asked. I happily snatched a bottle from her hand and asked, So what is a review board and why are they more important than me? Well, the review board oversees all the psychology experiments that are done on campus. As part of my honors work Im planning to run an experiment later on in the semester and I have to get approval from them first, ya know, to make sure Im not electrocuting hobos or something. So what is your grand experiment? I asked between gulps. That really depends, she said, hanging on her words in a very ominous way. On what? On you, of course! But we can talk about that later. I need a shower. Make yourself at home! Tabitha bounded off to her bathroom before I could question her further. I soon forgot all about it as I slumped into the recliner to watch Law and Order reruns. A few hours later Tabitha and I were awaiting the first visitors. Tabitha was hosting a small house party tonight to welcome her cousin to town. Ughhh! I grunted, forcing my stitched jeans into place. My fit legs and ass were incongruous to my small waist so putting on jeans was always much less pleasant than actually wearing them. Anyone who wanted to get into my pants tonight was going to have to work at least as hard as I just did. I tossed a lock of satin brown hair off my chest and clipped my (properly fitting) strapless black bra into place. I covered that with an adorable yet sexy corset style blouse that clung to my figure but was topped with classy puffy sheer shoulder caps. I straightened my top out in order to present the optimum decolletage just in time for Tabitha to lurch through the door lugging two cases of domestic light beer. Well, that should do, she said, sliding black rimmed glasses up her lightly freckled nose after having dropped the beer on the kitchen tile. I wrinkled my nose at Tabithas clothes. She had a pair of white canvas shorts and an orange University T-shirt. It wasnt even a girls shirt. Of course, I didnt care how she looked; its just that her casual dress made my efforts feel excessive. As a 17 year old girl trying to pick up a 23 year old guy, the last thing I wanted was to look desperate or naïve. I considered changing back into the T-shirt I wore in the car. Of course, even that was fitted and glittery. I started wondering why it was that I owned so little casual clothing. Marco just texted me. He said hell be here in a few minutes. Said he had a surprise. At Marcos name, Tabitha had my full attention again. So, what kind of surprise? The word surprise unnerved me. He was probably bringing his new fiance over. Maybe he wanted to tell Tabitha he was gay. Hell if I know. He probably wants to show off his new clothes or something stupid like that. Ive never known someone quite as diligent in his vanity as Marco. I satisfied myself with that response and helped Tabitha rearrange the furniture. So who else did you invite? I asked. Oh just a handful of girls from my psych seminar. Only girls? I dont need that kind of competition. What kind of welcome are you planning for Marco? Relax, Leila. Girls bring guys. Girls bring other girls. If you have girls, you have a party. Relax. Marco wont be the only guy here. An hour later, half a dozen guests had shown up and Marco was the only guy there. At least, he would have been the only guy there if hed shown up. I politely seethed in a corner and left Tabitha to schmooze with her college friends. She was already heavily buzzed and acting a lot louder and a lot friendlier than Id ever seen her. Apparently, she loved all her classmates very much and needed to hug them repeatedly until they accepted it. I drank very little. Even though I had no moral opposition to alcohol any more, I had never developed a taste for beer andpreferred, especially on an important night like this, to stay as level headed as possible. The girls were laughing amicably but clearly anxious to make something more of their night. Tabithas display gave them enough reason to politely say their goodbyes. Tabitha pouted momentarily and saw them out the door but not before she gave the blonde girl in the back an embarrassingly enthusiastic drunken hug. Tabitha was bent over behind the closed door. She sighed and slithered into the recliner now parked in the corner out of the way. Well that sucked, for both of us I guess. She lost her train of thought for a moment as she searched her empty hands (and pockets) for a beer. I obliged her with my own half empty can, and she continued: Well theres no reason the two of us cant have a smashing party. She swung the half empty can around her head in time with her words. Well Tabby, we certainly cant go out. Youve already made a mess of yourself. Pllllleease, you tee tolling cock sucking boy scout. You dont know what Im feeling right now. OK? You dont know. So dont act like you do. Tabithas crooked sneer melted to horror. Oh my God Leila Im so fucking sorry I said that. Oh my God you know I love you. I dont think youre a cock sucker. Tabitha spilled to her feet and lunged at me in a drunken embrace. Well, Im definitely a cock sucker, Tabby, but they threw me out of the Boy Scouts when they found out I had tits. Tabitha gave a snorting, unsophisticated laugh as she clutched me like a baby chimp, popping my boobs out of my formerly well secured blouse. Oh my god, she said stepping back. Im sorry. Let me fix that. Her unsteady hands shot toward my breasts and were only interrupted by a knock at the door. Tabitha pirouetted instantly,spinning 500 degrees and almost smashing her face into the wall. She grabbed the door handle and yanked it. Then she turned the knob and yanked it again. Howdy stranger! She bellowed, predictably tackling the man at the door. Sorry were late, a mans voice replied. There was some... car trouble. I frantically shoved my tits back into my shirt and retied the decorative laces at the front. A single foot crossed the threshold of the apartment, and Ijumped across the room and into the doorway to greet it. He was tall, and his jet black hair curled lightly on his head. I made contact with his heavy blue eyes, and he extended a hand. Im Marco. You must be Layli, he said in a dark voice. Tabitha wasnt joking about his sense of style. His matching black shirt and slacks were covered by a thigh length gray jacket with a dramatic popping collar and lapel. It was completely inappropriate for the Texas summer, even at night. I was excited. The man was clearly dressed to impress. I heard the sound of plastic wheels on pavement. Leilani, I corrected, just in time to see a second figure coming from the parking lot. Oh my god. Im sorry! I dont know what happened. I swear I filled up before we left. I think my gas tank is leaking. A fragile blonde girl a bit older than Tabitha shuffled up to the door dragging a lavender suitcase behind her. Her face was angular but pretty, though it was painted as thickly as her dyed hair. She wore an ill fitting blue dress that hung off her petite frame. Tabitha I want you to meet my surprise, Janine Surprise! she beamed, bubbling far more than was healthy. You can call me Janey, she said extending both hands at once, one to both Tabitha and myself, and dropping the handle of her rolling luggage to the asphalt. Tabitha and I shot a quick glance. I groaned silently while she held back laughter. Janine turned around and bent straight over to retrieve her case, immodestly shoving her underwear right in our direction. So how long have you two been together? Tabitha asked, stifling a giggle as Janine fumbled with her bag. Four months, Marco replied, helping Janine slide her things across the threshold. I shut the door behind them rolling my eyes at my misfortune. Four fucking months and you never mentioned it your cousin? Tabitha shouted over the cracking of a new beer can. Well, I changed my Facebook status. I thought youd seen, that is, until you starting telling me about... he glanced imperceptibly my way. ...well youve been known to miss things. I brought you a present. Marco produced a bottle of expensive tequila from his jacket. That was all it took. Tabitha let out a squeal and grabbed some shot glasses. She was too far gone to care much, but now she seemed to want everyone else in the gutter with her. We each downed half a dozen shots over an hours conversation. I threw my first three surreptitiously intothe sink as planned. Eventually, however, even my horny optimism faded and I resigned myself to drunken palaver. Marco talked about his law school work and rugby team up north. Meanwhile, Janines behavior revealed that she was a total lightweight, and she proved as sloppy a drunk as Tabitha. She repeatedly slumped on the counter far enough that everyone could see her nipples, eliciting howling laughter from Tabitha on every occasion. Even my head was cloudy. I shook the cobwebs off as Tabitha blurted out, Hey Janey! Janine lazily lilted her head up, Whats up Tabs? Cmere I gotta tell you a secret. Tabitha grabbed Janine and dragged the girl stumbling out the sliding rear door and onto the back porch. As she slid it shut, Tabitha gave me a decidedly unstealthy wink. I raised my eyebrows, unable to hide a surprised smile. The girl was so drunk that she would actually help me get her cousin to cheat on his girlfriend. They seem to be fast friends, Marco said from behind me. Yeah, I replied, turning around as a roar of drunken laughter burst through the glass form outside, they cant get enough of each other. You, on the other hand, havent said much all night. I was really hoping to get to know you after Tabitha talked you up so much. Is something wrong? No. This just wasnt the night I was expecting. Im just a little disappointed is all. Well Im not. Youre gorgeous. Honestly, I half expected you to be a pimply jawless cow the way Tabitha usually exaggerates. That top looks great on you. I smiled. His compliment assuaged my shock at how blatant his pick up attempt was. Well that jacket is just awesome, even if its completely out of season. He laughed. Well its not out of season in Denver. Id love to see you walk around in the mile high winds with so much of your beautiful skin showing. He put a hand on my lightly covered shoulder. I backed off. Even someone whod had as many one night stands as myself was uncomfortable with a guy cheating right in front of his girlfriend. Shes right outside! I whispered harshly. No no no. Dont worry about it. You see— he was interrupted by the back door screechingopen. Janine bounded in while a disappointed, shrugging Tabitha remained in the threshold. Janine threw her arms around Marco. Having fun with your new friend, Janey? Marco asked in a puerile voice. Of course, Janine slurred. She was practically hanging off Marcos strong frame, but now I want us to have fun. I took a step backwards to begin a graceful exit, but Marco held up a hand to stop me. Hey Janey, you know that belated birthday present you owe me? Janine was pensive for a moment before her face lit up. Really? You want to? She planted a sloppy kiss on his mouth. But wont it be weird to fuck your cousin? There wasnt enough Clorox in the world to wash the horror off my face. My disgust-stiffened neck wrenched slowly to the back door where I was relieved to see Tabitha sprawled in a lawn chair and probably dead to the world. Jesus Christ Janey, no! Marco cried. I was talking about Leila. Oh. Her voice sounded a little disappointed. She straightened up a bit, still leaning against her stalwart boyfriend. Shes cute too, I guess. I was bemused by the frankness of the conversation. It wasnt the most delicate seduction Ive ever been a part of, and my juices were not exactly flowing from Marcos aggressive flirtation. Still, I was plenty sober enough to remember my mission. So what did you guys have in mind, I said forcing a coy smile. A substantial grin projected from Marcos face as he put his free arm around me and herded us into Tabithas bed room. She wouldnt be needing it tonight anyway. Marco stood in the center of the room and drew us both close. He leaned in for a three way kiss, but I held back, letting the two of them make out. I had never kissed a girl. I hadnt even considered it as an option before. I thought about mentioning this, but I didnt want to seem like the inexperienced little girl I was. Tonight, there seemed to be only one path to Marcos pants, and it ran through Janine. Dont be scared Leila; I wont bite. Sorry, Ive just never done this. Neither have I, she said sending me a lusty cross-eyed gaze and setting her hands on my hips, but youre going to love it. Hes got the biggest dick youve ever seen. I laughed. A kaleidoscope of butterflies fluttered from my stomach. Now I was interested. I tried to turn to Marco, but Janine pulled me back. She leaned in and whispered, Lets give him a good show to get him nice and hard. Janine kissed me on the cheek. Her lips werent much different than what I was used to. They were soft, though it was hard to tell through the slobber, and the smell of pumpkin spice came from her hair. She pulled my face to hers and locked me in a deep kiss. I wasnt attracted to her, but the sensation was as erotic as any. My ardor stirred, and I freely returned her tongue action. I lightly caressed the fabric above her hips. The moment over took me, and I began to loosen up. With my eyes shuttered, I found myself forgetting where I was and who exactly I was embracing. I heard Marco step behind Janine, and I opened my eyes to see him unhooking the straps of her dress. Janine flung her arms in the air, and the top of the dress slumped to her navel. She backed her hips away to allow the fabric to fall between us. Janine stepped out of her gown, stumbling over the folds and falling onto me. Her head planted firmly into my chest, and she drooled into my cleavage. Janine licked my sternum as she pulled her head out. Now hanging off me as she did Marco earlier, Janine swung around to my back and put her head on my shoulders. She squeezed my breasts together and gasped. Oh my god theyre real. Theyre so round and squishy She kissed the nape of my neck and traced her way to my ear lobes and whispered, Im so jealous. Marco stepped forward and began undoing the laces on the front of my faux corset top. Janine had me a bit distracted, and he got halfway down before I pointed out their were only decorative. Janine laughed and tugged futilely on the bottom of the blouse to remove it. No no no, I stammered quickly. Theres a zipper. Marcotook the confused Janines place and easily unzipped me. Janine struck a goofy pose in front of us before pulling my blouse off.Her handfuls of breast were perky, and her skinny frame actually had a hint of shape at the bottom where her white panties sat. She groped at my bra covered breasts as she hoovered my neck. As she reached around to undo the clasp, I felt a distinctive pressure on my lumbar. I defended Janines advances and whipped around to her side, taking a casual hold of her hips to keep her in place. It looks like hes ready, I said. Marco smiled in agreement. I knelt before him with Janine behind me. I tossed his belt to the side and unbuttoned his slacks.The bulge was evident, but the bulk was nestled away from the fabric of the pants, keeping his true size a mystery to me. Not so for Janine. Youre gonna to freak out, Leila. Ohhhh, hes so big. She pressed her inebriated forehead into my back butting me onward. I tugged his slacks down. His dick was turned back between his thighs, and I dug my fingers into the fabric to extricate it. I dragged the shaft under his briefs. As it pivoted upright, the head popped through the waist band and extended all the way to the giants belly button. I was in awe. It was an astonishing specimen. I considered my tape measure, but my purse was still in the living room. The light brown shaft was massive, almost as thick as El Torero. The length was immense. I reached up and cupped the head with my hand and felt his balls bouncing against my elbow. My gut was a maelstrom. Excitement filled me. My skin was hot and my palms sweat in anticipation. I bent down to kiss his balls only to bump heads with Janine. Hes awesome isnt he? she chirped gleefully.The biggest youve ever seen right? He was definitely the biggest, but how did he measure up? That didnt matter much to me right then. My body was electrified by the sight and feel of this rock hard masterpiece. I mumbled in agreement, anxious to get back to work. Once again Janine joined me lapping playfully at the head while I massaged his balls with my lips. I was unaccustomed to this competition. I made love to a mans penis. I worshiped it. I poured all of my self into this one organ, and the thought of sharing it was anathema to me. I wanted to push her away, throw her outside, and lock the door so I could have him all to myself. I was unable to cope with this antagonism and sat back. Janine didnt seem to notice as she fellated Marco with insipid cartoonish licks. Her technique was almost bad enough to comment on, but I didnt get the chance. I want to be fucked, Janine announced, standing unsteadily. Marco glanced at me, but I could only shrug listlessly as Janine dragged him over to the bed and laid him on his back. His tumescent prick bounced against his shirt with every breath, and I watched it, becoming more distraught at this missed opportunity. Janine straddled Marco with her chest pressed firmly againsthis. Show Leila how hard you can fuck me, baby. She reached back and grabbed his penis, guiding the head to her still panty covered pussy. She pushed the fabric aside and, after an awkward struggle, the dry cock poked between her labia. OH MY GOD, she immediately screamed. Oh fuck. Oh fuck. He was barely an inch in and she was already peeling paint with her yells. Marco made rapid short pumps, never penetrating more than an inch and a half. They stopped constantly to reinsert. Then their clumsy coitus continued. I took a position behind the action and watched the bulk of his beautiful instrument go unplayed. Disappointment overrode my arousal. Janines noises got louder and more bizarre. Her shouts turned to grunts. She hiccuped and gurgled and finally went silent. Marco pulled out, and all at once Janine did a 180 and puked all over the floor, much of it splattering on my jeans. Im sor— she slapped a hand over her bulging mouth and made an uncoordinated sprint to the hallway bathroom. Marco grabbed his pants with a groan and followed without even looking at me. Great, I muttered. I pulled off the vomit soaked pants with the same strain it had taken to put them on, leaving me in only a lace black thong. I threw on one of Tabithas boy cut T-shirts. It fit me like a maternity gown, hanging off my bra like a curtain. A looked around for some pants, but I realized someone should probably clean up the mess before it dried. I crept into the hallway to grab some cleaner. The light was on in the bathroom and sounds of coughs and splashing liquid emanated from within. They must be having fun in there, I thought, bumbling into the kitchen and groping the walls for a light switch. Turning it on, I was surprised to see Marco slumped in the corner recliner half asleep with his still fully turgid member peaking over his undone waistband. I silently sidled over to the dark corner and sat on the arm of the chair. His eyes opened. Hell of a night, he said groggily. Youre not the one who got puked on. Sorry Leila. Janey isnt much of a drinker. Those looked like nice pants. They were. Well, they were hiding some nicer legs. Marco ran a palm up and down my thigh. Youre still going to hit on me even without your girlfriend involved? I wasnt really concerned. Janines uncouth behavior had drained any sympathy I had for her. She could stay in that bathroom all night for all I cared. Itd be a nice change; Im used to finishing myself off. I love that girl, but she just isnt built for a guy my size. Ive tried to over look it, but Ive faked too many orgasms for one lifetime. I wanted to marry her, but theres just no way I could live like this for the rest of my life. Aw, I said, resting my head gently on his shoulder and pushing my breast against his cheek, a guy like you should never have to fake it. We sat for a few moments like that, me with my arm around his head, running a hand through his hair, and him with his hand slowly petting my thigh. He reached around with his other hand to my opposite hip and ran a masculine, calloused hand beneath my T-shirt, massaging my back. He planted a few small kisses on the fabric. My desire was completely refreshed. With Janine out of the way, I was completely focused on Marco. Every part of him inspiried lust in me. I dismounted the arm rest and stood before him. I danced in a circle, rocking my hips as I lifted the loose T-shirt over my head. He was already nice and hard but I figured Id give him a good show anyway. He brushed the firm curves of my golden ass as it turned past him, and I gasped in mock-surprise. I faced him again, running the backs of my fingers up my torso. I puffed my breasts forward and gave my tongue a salacious bite. His body was completely still save for the blue eyes entranced by my body, and they followed my every movement hungrily. I reminded him with a quizzical eye raise of his own clothes. Snapping to life, Marco scrambled out of his shirt and open pants. He sat naked in the recliner with greedy arms reaching out for me. Now I was entranced by him. His dressy clothes had hidden a lean tanned body. He was meticulously shaven but for his head, and that included his bare shaft. I drank it in, seeing his saber in its full glory. Its length swung dramatically with every slight bob of Marcos body, and the tip gleamed with just a hint of arousal. Now, Marco broke my hypnotic state and pulled me onto him. I straddled his hips with his dick behind me. The shaft slid through the deep gap of my ass cheeks and threaded under the band of my thong. I grappled his neck, and we kissed deeply. His hands went straight for my bra clasp, but I was in no mood to slow him down. I was on fire and eagerly bounced my hips against his pelvis, massaging his dick with my ass cleavage. He sighed contentedly as my bra came free, my arms stretching skyward to shake the garmet away. I leaned my hands against wall above the headrest and pushed my self back to give Marco better access. The round bosoms hung pleasantly high on my chest, forming only a slight teardrop. Marco was clearly impressed and dove in. Cupping a supple lobe with both hands, he gently worked the firm flesh as he slathered a wet tongue across the nipple. Ooo, I moaned softly, already feeling the combined effects of his efforts and my pussy recoiling off his hip bone while I continued to work his cock. He switched breasts frequently and then pressed them both as he sucked on my neck. He was manhandling my tits, digging his palms into their undersides and giving the flesh crude twists. I felt no pain. His excitement had infected me. I arched my back and ground my crotch up his abs. His powerful cock stretched my thong and snapped the elastic band with every thrust. I breathed deeply and rapidly. Suddenly, he dropped his mouth to an areola. He sucked hard and bit slightly at the base of my erect nipple. Ahh! I yelped as my body spasmed. A few more delightful shudders worked through me as I leaned back, recovering from the minor unexpected orgasm. My cream slicked ass slid languidly down his thighs and onto the floor. He winced slightly as the motion pinched his steel rod temporarily downward between his legs. I looked up from the carpet with a perverse smile and took hold of his member. I worked it up and down with wet twisting strokes, lubricating it with the juices Id left in his lap. It was enormous; no matter how firmly I gripped my fingers didnt even come close to meeting around its girth. I placed a hand at the base, flush with his stomach and then placed my other adjacent to the first. I continued up the shaft in this way, but even after four hands, the bulbous tip of Marcos prick remained uncovered. The head was the most impressive part. Fat and soft like a stewed tomato, it filled my mouth, and I mashed the succulent fruit between my palate and tongue. The juice was beginning to leak from my lips. Not to big for you is it? he asked. Mmm, I mumbled around his glans Its beautiful, Marco. Returning my head on his, I reached behind the chair and found my purse with the measuring tape inside. I withdrew it for the moment of truth. It was difficult to see with only the kitchen light illuminating us, but I was able to record a length of nearly 10 inches. I had already known it wasnt going to beat El Torero, but to be so close was a bitter pill to swallow. His dick was over an inch longer than the second biggest Id ever seen. Who knew if there even were guys bigger than this. The head, however, was a unique specimen. The flaring crown was an 8 inch parasol that completely shadowed the business end of El Torero. This victory was enough to please me. Satisfied? Marco asked. I laughed impishly. Not even close. I clasped my hands back around his cock and worked my magic. His shaft was so impressive that I had to force my self to show attention to his lovely balls. I tongued them briefly before once again swallowing the delicious tip. The girth of it made the dick difficult to work. I could only jam 3 inches in my mouth before hitting resistance. I was worried it wouldnt be enough for him, but an upturned eye found him staring down at me glassy eyed and softly panting. I maintained this contact. My green eyes bore into his as I pumped his dick up and down. I slowly nibbled around the umbra of his cock head. He inhaled deeply. I leaned back and slapped the prick against my pendulous chest. Do you want me to take all of you? Can you do that? Only if you want me to. I said melodically, flicking his dripping cock through my cleavage. Without an answer, Marco stood up and grabbed me about the waist. He lifted, inverting me. Marco turned toward the recliner and sat me in it upside down with my back across the seat and my feet on the headrest. He pulled my panties a few inches down and planted a kiss on my clitoral hood before righting himself. I squealed in approval. Marco extended the foot rest of the chair leaving my own head dangling between the chair and rest. He sat on the foot rest, tipping the whole relciner forward and leaving me nearly upside down. He plopped his balls into my mouth, and I gargled them eagerly while he massaged his own cock head with great handfuls of my tits. I lay there stirring his testicles and listening to his pleasured moans. My hands were preoccupied maintaining my balance, leaving me entirely at Marcos mercy. Id never been so out of control in a sexual encounter, but then, Id never held a penis that drove me so mad. Marco lifted his cock and gently pushed my forehead downward, leaving my gaping maw aimed squarely at his groin. He advanced on me and I engulfed the end once again. He face fucked me at a placid pace; just as before, only a few inches could penetrate. He finally paused at the back of my throat and massaged my tonsils, waiting for my gag reflex to kick in. My diligent practice saw that it never did. Emboldened, he forced the phallus in another inch. I walked my tongue up his shaft and bit by bit pulled his massive mushroom tip past my epiglottis. As it cleared, I arched my hips and plunged another 4 inches through my gullet. Wow,he said, driving my face into his balls. Youre incredible. He was incredible. His cock was as powerful as the rest of his body. My spit and his sweat mingled on his shaft and the smell overwhelmed me. His plump glans caressed the folds of my throat with each thrust. Marco drew the full length back through my neck and speared it again. He gained speed with each stroke until he was pounding my face with abandon. The stimulation was incredible. The pleasure built with every plunge until it passed the point of orgasm, yet I didnt cum. Literal waves of my juices washed over my breasts and splashed onto my face, but my ecstasy kept rising. His pace was beyond anything I could match with my own hands, and my constant muffled screams made a continual vibration across his long muscle. The electricity bursting from my every pore was nigh unbearable. I twisted and strained my core muscles searching with every limb for relief. My eyes bulged as his sack slapped them. I wasnt on the edge; I plummeting over the edge, begging to hit the ground. My skin ignited like rocket fuel. My vagina blasted into the air, clenching involuntarily. Every muscle was cramping. Every cell was begging for the explosion. Arrrrghhh! Marco screamed, thrusting his hips forward so sharply that his cock leapt from my mouth. The suddenness of its withdrawal sent a shock through my body and finally released the unfathomable sexual tension locked in my gut. I gasped. I convulsed. I felt a perfect pulsing light projecting pure sweetness from my womanhood. I shuddered violently, kicking my heel through the drywall. My voice returned, but only the faintest shrill cries like shouts in a dream escaped. A glob of semen dropped in my mouth. A squirt of my own nectar slathered my breast bone. My head swam with non sequitur images of sprinting horses and atomic bombs. I hyper ventilated and clawed at the carpet beneath the chair. I writhed in the rhapsody of that perfect orgasm for two minutes. My mind finally cleared enough to pull my head out of the foot rest. My tits were coated in batter and I twiddled a nipple as the last waves of pleasure flowed out of me. Wow. You came harder than I did and I wasnt even touching you. Ive never seen anything so beautiful. Youre gorgeous. Youre amazing. I rolled over and sat up. My orgasm had relaxed me, but it had also intoxicated me. My bliss had been awesome My pleasure, unsurpassed. There could be nothing more perfect than the orgasm I had just experienced. There was no need to wait for a better man because there was nothing better to wait for. This was my champion. This was my lover, and I would give myself to him. I spread my legs, leaving my thong dangling around one ankle. His rigid dick remained stalwart. He grabbed under my legs and pulled my hips to his. His cum soaked cock slapped against my clit, generating a residual orgasmic spasm. He drew back, preparing for entry. The moment Id waited for was here. Bllllllleeeaaarrrrghhhh! The sound of vomiting through the now open bathroom door startled us both. A disheveled creature crawled out. Baby... Baby where are you. I feel like shit, Marco She was crying. Marco looked briefly conflicted before rolling his eyes with a sigh, throwing his pants back on, and going to her. I was left wallowing in my filth, half dismayed, half relieved that I hadnt gotten the chance to fuck him. I wiped my self off with Tabithas shirt. Marcos cock hidden, my desire waned. I wandered back into Tabithas room and flopped onto the covers. I was asleep before the smell of old puke even had a chance to disgust me.