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Whatever pronouns, usually she / 20 / Jewish / ADHD / Secretly a bird There is no coherent theme to this blog. I block for the most minor offenses. Mildly annoying comment? Blocked. Bad vibes? Blocked. This is not real life you can curate your experience :D

My middle finger had to be amputated, and I asked the doctors if I could keep it and they were like, ‘I mean, yeah. It’s your finger, go ahead,’ so I took it home and cleaned it until I just had the bones left. Then in clear resin I cast a hand flipping the bird, and placed my bones in the middle finger. It looked sick as hell so I posted it online, where I was doxxed for using real human bones for art even though they were my bones.


me: yeah seems reasonable

me: oh wait its a dream

me: but its so realistic

love in fiction when scientists get a little too wild in the pursuit of science and end up a little fucked up because of it. you inject yourself with alien dna, you meld minds with some kind of mysterious creature, you let the parasite infect you. like yesss express your total devotion to your field by sacrificing a part of yourself to it and becoming slightly unhuman in the process

I love working Memphis flights because the passengers are always like "I hate Memphis 😡 no one should ever come here if they can help it. But if you ever do, here's my number and my sister's neighbor's number in case I'm out of town. We'll show you the real Memphis. Also I tweeted at your airline and told them they need to give you, specifically, a raise. Fuck this city. It's the only place I've ever lived and I hate it. Here's $15 and a bag of chocolates. I love you. Don't come here."

Walking back from the airport starbucks I passed half my passengers as they were leaving and they all thanked me by name and when I told them to have a good day they literally all said "I won't!"

Tumblr’s blog search feature is just an actual guy in real time who scrolls rly fast thru ur blog and then shows u whatever he can find at a glance within 1 second from the time u enter the term/s

The only important GW2 question: Why is Trahearne so p-p-ppp-p-ppprpretty after over two years or playing im still emotionally stuck at the Pact absolutely unable to begin to like other characters. help me I never wanted to be this way.

Anet just wanted to have a really pretty plant man that anyone can fall in love with that butters you up to make the fall so much worse.

So many compliments and “Well done Commander!“s, all to watch us fall and get forced into smacking him with his own sword. :( I’m still bitter.

I’m sorry but “smacking him with his own sword” made my tears go back into my eyes and I started to laugh

another important question: HOW DO YOU DRAW HIM SOOOO WELLLLLL


if you’re not feeling good right now, i bring you….. strawberry ଘ(੭ˊᵕˋ)੭ 🍓


"hyperpop would kill a victorian child" "mountain dew would kill a medieval peasant" well i think cavemen would absolutely love mukbang videos. couldnt we use more joy in the world. coulent we use more kindness in the world


may or may not have found a loop hole around post limit


posting backwards


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how far back can you go?

lmfao, I tried to post to 1969-04-20, and I guess tumblr can’t handle negative timestamps


Wait so you just, schedule it for an earlier time or something?

Yes, scedule in the past.


This is the most on-brand bullshit for this website lmfao

i gotta say, if you like identity porn........ miraculous ladybug is. truly elevating this to an art form never before conceived by the human mind

this is an extremely exploitable stock photo


i was going to make other unrelated jokes but it turns out i had some anger to work through

guess we all have some thoughts about driving