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When pressed, later, Leonard McCoy would say that he had never expected space to kill him in such a detached way. For years he had touted that space was disease and silence, emptiness and danger without any regard for life. He had been certain that he would be killed by some malevolent disease, perhaps murdered by an alien bent on violence or ill-guided due to a cultural misunderstanding. At worst, he had thought, there would be a fiery crash and he would be thrown into space, asphyxiating as his blood boiled within seconds.

lowers you into my tank of piranhas but there are only like 6 of them and they’re fed regularly so nothing happens

pulls you out and yells at you for struggling too hard and scaring my fish. they’re sensitive.


I hate that the stock response for "I'm lonely/I feel undervalued by my loved ones/I want a romantic partner" is "well do you value YOURSELF? You need to learn to enjoy being alone!" as if lonely people aren't very intimately familiar with being alone. Self esteem and love are important but they're not substitutes for companionship or friendship or romance and pretending that loneliness is a personal failure that can be fixed by self-improvement feels not only delusional but pretty cruel

when you have plans in the morning you can still live an eventful & fulfilling life afterwards but when you've got plans in the afternoon? well that's your whole day


finally illustrated the dream i had months ago wherein some random fucking greek guy set up shop in my bathroom and started charging me to use my own fucking shower

hate capitalism and its perpetual use of buzzwords just saw an ad for lemonade with "plant-based caffeine" like where the fuck else would you get caffeine if not from a plant


Like seeing “non-GMO” salt…

…salt is not an O…it’s has no Gs to M…

to move or not to move I hate this question

With the disclaimer that I’m not into Homeric scholarship at all so this is just me pulling things out of thin air and overall vibes, but I love the idea of the Odyssey reimagined as a horror story. Something crawls out of the carnage of the Trojan War and drags itself home across a monster-infested Mediterranean, and past a certain point that thing is more revenant than living human. Again, this is more fanfiction than textual interpretation, so please refrain from being annoying in the notes.

Enough feminist retellings of Greek Classics, I want cosmic horror retellings that really lean into the idea that everyone is powerless against their fates and the gods. Everyone is already dead, Odysseus died a long time ago, but Athena won’t let him die, and Penelope weaves and undoes and weaves again and waits for the shambling corpse of her husband to make its way home and lie down next to hers, and perhaps what happened to Hector and Achilles was a mercy after all?

I love when characters are biologically alive, but narratively dead, when they passed the narrative event horizon a long time ago and now the only thing left is their metaphorical reanimated corpse being dragged through the remainder of the story, and I love when this is a deliberate literary device to hammer in the tragedy and horror of the event that marked the point of no return for their character arc.