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ok, after actually looking up the term and doing some goddamn research (my goodness somebody on the internet actually decided to look something up before forming an opinion, dear god what a day), i can pretty safely say that everyone hitting this post with the “that’s just a friendship!” bit is wrong! and i can explain why! i myself didn’t get this initially! but after looking into it, i realized that it’s mainly due to the framework i was thinking in! Yeah, there’s actually merit to what these people are saying, this is stuff that’s been considered and these are indeed terms that exist! they were also coined by ace people specifically to describe their relationships! So what gives? What does Queerplatonic Relationship mean? well i certainly fucking didnt get it at first, but it stems from attempting to define a kind of relationship that there arent really words for in the standard english lexicon! the poster above me is a TERF, and wherever i see myself agreeing with a terf i also see that there’s possibly some flaw in my logic or understanding of the thing. Basically (mind you this is only some very cursory and basic research, just type the term into google lol), QPR’s are a way of defining a relationship that has many of the same obligations and aspects of a traditional romantic relationship, without any of the explicitly romantic parts that come with having a spouse or romantic partner.

the idea of living in the same place, or jointly bringing up children, and performing many other tasks as a kind of unit that society would often mislabel as something done by two romantic partners in a union of some kind (i use that term to loosely define an exclusive relationship, not actual binding marriage, though this can include such). the idea of the QPR isn’t just “friends”, it’s very specifically “individuals in a platonic relationship that perform a number of the social aspects of a traditional romantic partnership”.

like, be real for a second. if someone described their relationship with someone to you and said “Yeah we own a house together, we have a kid that we adopted and take care of, we decided to get a dog last week and we file taxes as two members of the same household.”, you wouldn’t look at that person and assume that they arent romantic/sexual partners of some kind, because… well, traditionally, that’s shit that married people do. getting hit with the additional “Yup! And we’re not romantically or sexually involved at all! She has a boyfriend that she visits on the weekends and I’ve never had a romantic relationship in my life.” would throw you for a goddamn loop! What would you even call that relationship? and that’s where the term comes from: an attempt to define a very specific kind of relationship that certainly can and has existed, but isn’t commonly recognized or talked about!

so i think everyone shitting on these folks owes them an apology, i know i personally do for making assumptions that clearly weren’t true!

Actually QPR was coined by aromantic people but asexual people do also use it!

Finally I have a reason to reblog this after cringing every time it’s come across my dash.

Also that right there is a really good tutorial for how to react to posts like this: Resist the very human instinct to immediatly agree with opinions that are presented to you in this manner (unless you already have knowledge on the matter or have already formed a different opinion), instead look up the actual facts, think on why people might be agreeing or disagreeing with it and form your own opinion.

Like. It’s normal to just kind of instinctually agree with posts that are presented in this way that’s very “haha obviously this is bullshit”. It’s easy to just pile on, when presented with something you don’t understand and follow the presented opinion of “this thing i don’t understand is bad”. But it’s important to actively realize when you’re doing it and work against it.


it’s also worth noting: it Is a very genuine and targeted tactic for ace exclusionists to take everything involving asexuality and aromanticism and turn it into a joke because it’s much easier to spread their rhetoric that way

most people, when presented with an idea for the first time, are more likely to listen to “isn’t this outlandish idea presented without context Funny” than they would “isn’t this marginalized group undeserving of understanding? aren’t they Threatening?”

if you get it into people’s heads that aspec people are just a Joke, that nothing about this is Serious, then they’ll do the leg work of spreading your ideology to hook more people for you because it’s Funny and they’ll be more primed to eventually fall into the second bit. why do aspec people Need a spot in the queer community if they’re just a joke?

or, in the case of the argument presented in this post specifically, “why do aromantic people need a space in the queer community when they’re just Friends? obviously these are just Normal Straight People trying to force their way to spaces that they don’t belong by making up special words to describe normal things. don’t you agree? Don’t You Agree?”

that’s what makes it insidious, it primes you to believe something bigoted while giving itself plausible deniability. using the existence of people’s ignorance to spread it further than they could if they’d been honest straight away. and Because it’s presented like a joke and Because it relies on that ignorance they get to pretend that anyone pointing out that that’s what they’re doing is being ridiculous. like, say, Earlier In This Post.

i am once again telling dracula daily fans to get hyped over the last voyage of the demeter film coming out next year

This immediately went on my "watch this and do not forget it exists between now and when it comes out" list.

alex jones’s lawyers fucking up so bad that they accidentally gave the prosecution access to his ENTIRE phone and all its contents, resulting in him perjuring himself. i love mess

this is so fucking funny oh my god

I’m going insane over Bankston’s little laugh and “Yes, Mr. Jones, indeed.”

I am not kidding when I say that getting to cackle like a cartoon villain right before you send your witness to the shadow realm is THE dream every lawyer has, and it NEVER happens, but it happened to this guy, AND IT WAS AGAINST ALEX MOTHERFUCKING JONES. mark bankston marry me please


bruce wayne, high on painkillers and buying the billboard that faces lex luther’s office window so he can put his bare chested perfume modelling ad on it: lmao

dick grayson who grew up listening to people thirst for his dad: but why

jason todd, bad influence TM who whispered the suggestion into bruce’s ear like a looney toons shoulder demon: lmao

edit: art

no but actually. so many people revealed who they are during the trial and they’re going to blame it on misinformation but i could be sitting in plato’s fucking cave and I still wouldn’t be doing a tik tok dance to someone’s SA testimony. like that’s not misinformation that’s just being rotten to your core


🦀 *clack clack clack* 🦀

No one panic. The crabs are back. They’re helping us launch TumblrMart on web today, and will be bringing TumblrMart to Android and iOS very soon. You’re welcome. 

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TumblrMart is out on iOS and Android as of today. This link will take you there directly. This means you can now give the gift of crabs (or Ad-Free Browsing) on the go, and the recipient of your gift can enjoy their crabs (or Ad-Free Browsing) on the go. It’s all coming up crabs (and Ad-Free Browsing).

Y’all know damn well ain’t nothing changed here for Black Americans. It evolves with the times. Modern-day lynchings and all. It’s not just overt racism like back then, but covert racism to boot. Bill called it white supremacy. I call it white terrorism. Ain’t nothing supreme about it.

Anyone involved in the Civil Rights movement for the right reasons had an FBI file on them. I wonder how deep his was smh.

Rest easy, Bill Russell (1934-2022) 🕊❤️

The meme of Cas from Supernatural tearfully admitting he loves Dean before being dragged to super hell.

The meme is subverted by a smiling image of Dean dressed as an FBI agent announcing that Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago home is being raided by the FBI. /end ID.

Posting this separate from the other post to continue the tradition of finding things out via SPN memes.

A few of these are probably referring to the date posting bug thing, but AAAAAAAAAAAH!

I beg of all the younger folks on Ao3 to understand two things:

  1. There is no algorithm on that site.
  2. Unlearn the attention-hungry bullshit that social media has taught you.

This is a good time to remind everyone to swap from Apple to Android the next time they have the means and need to get a new phone

Android phones are almost universally...

  • Cheaper
  • More durable
  • More customizable
  • Faster & more reliable
  • Less likely to remove perfectly workable features just because they are "old"
  • Better for pirating media

Y'all have got to stop enabling Apple's insistence on being a fashion brand rather than providing electronics that respect your autonomy and decision making powers.

Next time you have a choice in the matter, go Android. One minute of being able to actually browse your file architecture without jumping through proprietary bullshit and you'll be hooked, I promise.


This is because there is a massive variety on Android phones, as Android is open-source - yes you heard me! Open source which means you can have a lot of power if the open-source-ness of the OS was kept - and it means there can be really shitty phones out there. A lot of "cheap" Androids are bottom-of-the-barrel stuff you really should keep away from, and some are so terrible it's a scam.

A massive tip from me, is to go look up reviews from reputable phone tech Youtubers. Misterwhosetheboss, Marques Brownlee, and similar have some fantastic reviews on phones, and I recommend Misterwhosetheboss highly. Both of them are incredibly informative, and with Arun's backlog, you can find everything from a low-tier, mid-tier, high-tier, or Extra-High-tier to fit you. Find a phone you think fits you, don't just switch blindly, and don't always take the most popular Android. 'Cos I can tell you, sometimes, a mid-tier phone can really challenge Samsung and whatever bs they have going on.

Basically, this is all to supplement OP's post, and apologies OP if I'm slightly obnoxious here. This is just kind of important to me, especially as I have contemplated making the jump myself. An Android can be wonderful, but choosing which fits you is such an important step. This is something your regular Apple user never thinks about; all most of us think about is if the phone is good, and if you want a fancier one, or if you care about the cameras. If we just suddenly jumped ship, we'd fall on our faces, or worse, shill out money to Samsung without thinking (ok jk but also serious because the bs with their flip phone pisses me off). Just, do your research and figure out what YOU want with your phone. Because Android unlocks a lot of doors to find YOUR special phone.

And maybe look up guides and how-tos when you make the switch, because some things may be the same, but others? Ho boy I've wanted to yeet a Lenovo pad into the wall from its absolute idiocy.

Anyway! Have fun! Screw Apple! Find the phone for you!

I sincerely hope that this post reached and convinced people to stop playing into Apple's game. If I convinced even 10% of the people in the notes (about 25,000 at the time of this reblog) to not get an iphone next upgrade, and if the avg. price of an iPhone is roughly $750, then I have personally cost Apple nearly 2 million dollars and this is one of my proudest achievements

yo CT did you see how alex jones' lawyers fucked up ROYALLY?


I've gotten TWELVE asks in the last half an hour about something happening in the case but I AM AT WORK RIGHT NOW I CANT WATCH THE VIDEOS


For those wondering what happened:


Holy shit

I don't think Alex can realistically sue his lawyers for this either, because even if he did, any winnings would be considered an asset that he would have to pay to the sandy hook victims that he defamed.

Sorry I'm not reacting more to this. The few legal experts I follow on Twitter keep getting questions like "hey what is the procedure when something like this happens?" And the answer pretty universally seems to be "This has never happened before."

Correct, any suits that are definitely coming from Jones or his employees against the many, many lawyers they've had through this process will be an asset that the plaintiffs can claim.

It's also important to know that Jones already fucked around and is finding out. He refused to comply with the court so much, and couldn't provide a single competent corporate representative, that the judge has already ruled in judgment to the plaintiffs. This is the judgment settlement portion of the trial. He is saying that his rights were violated by the judge 'just ruling against me' when he flat out refused to participate. Every part of this jury trial is for them to decide how much he owes these parents.

It's going to be a lot.