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Back From The Dead

Hello! I’ve been away for a while and I’m sorry about that. I’ve been struggling with severe depression for a long time and it finally caught up to me. I’m on the mend. My Sims 2 game refuses to load and I am faced with a reinstall using UC. I didn’t have all the discs anyway and now I have no way other than with UC. I am hoping someone can point me to resources so I can have clean templates etc. I know @skyburned provided links to me awhile back but I can’t find them so any help is greatly appreciated. I’ve missed you all and hope to catch up one of these days. Been streaming a lot of Skyrim to pass the time. 

Apparently my tumblr turned 9 today. Not sure it the graphic will show up or not and I suppose it’s odd I’m posting this considering my lengthy absence but my thoughts have drifted here more often than you know. I miss you all a lot.

This is old because my game is corrupt and I am missing some disks to reinstall but I wanted to wish everyone a happy new year. I hope to return in 2020.


You know how I’ve talked about wanting Bloom’s cleavage as a bodyshape? Well, here’s the body…shape. Though I guess it’s more of a topshape. This is @lilith-simsApple Pie Skinblend edited to have another mesh for adult and elder female top.

Included in the file are the four edited skins, a swatch, some information about genetic values, and two meshes. The meshes are required for the skintones to work, and if you’re comfortable with SimPE, there’s also a download with just the meshes in case you want to use this bodyshape with other skintones. (tutorial)

The skintone is all ages and genders as usual, I’ve only changed what meshes are used by adult and elder females.

Download Apple Pie with Bloom’s Cleavage!
Download naked top meshes!

Disclaimer: These meshes aren’t perfect by any means, the shadows are kinda harsh in the cleavage and there’s a seam in the armpit, but it’s good enough for me right now. I’m learning more about meshing and I will definitely revisit these meshes at some point. Also, please let me know if I’ve messed anything up with the showerproof-ness, I’ve never done it before.


Saving this for another time.

Extremely Belated Birthday Post #4 October Birthdays 4 of 4

Lakin Jeffreys O’Malley (October 10th)

Married to Aidan O’Malley, bassist for Mercury Rising and mother to Cullen O’Malley.

The O’Malleys no longer live in this house which, to me, is heartbreaking because I spent a lot of time decorating it and the darned thing just - crashes.

This should be the last post until November comes around. Not sure when my game will be up and running. Soon I hope.

Extremely belated birthday post #3 September Events 3 of 4

September 25th was a busy day in the South Beach world. We have 4 birthdays on the 25th:

Rosalie DeValle

Camilla Lombardo (not my shot - I don’t have any I could share)

Sofie Romero (not pictured)

Garrett Savage

And on the 30th we have Tyler Romero, (also not pictured). The Romeros were supporting characters and Tyler played a role in The Other Side of the Stage.

I still have a corrupt game - so recycling images.

Extremely belated birthday post #2 August Events 2 of 4

Another sparse month. I should probably fill in the calendar with more anniversaries. Anyway...

Happy birthday to Jett Mitchell (August 5th)

Sorry for not having a current picture. He isn’t actually living anywhere yet since I haven’t decided where he should be but I do have plans for him one day. This was taken when Jett (on the left) shared a rental at Clearwater College with his older brother Jason and Wyatt Stanfield. And by old I mean this is a shot I grabbed from Wyatt’s Story and was posted in 2009 old.

Still broken, still recycling shots.

Extremely belated birthday post #1 July Events 1 of 4

July is a sparse month as far as birthdays go. We have one anniversary.

Gianni and Rosalie Lucchesi (July 6th - wedding anniversary)

And 2 birthdays.

Nico Stewart (July 8th - mother to twins Colin and Kestral Westover)

Miranda Taylor (July 26th)

My game is currently corrupt and I have no idea how I am going to fix it yet so you get old, recycled shots. Sorry about that.

The Dawnbreakers' Saga // Phase One OST

I had to share this. The artist/musician is a Skyrim Roleplayer with an engaging series on Youtube. Her series features 5 main and 3 supporting characters whose stories began as separate journeys and are now merging. She is an artist, writer, and her music is all original composition.  Very talented girl, deserving of attention. If you want to check out her work, visit this youtube video and check out the links in the description.

Source: youtube.com

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June Birthday Post

It would seem that June is the month of Mitchell. Today we celebrate the following:

Cadence Mitchell (June 1st), Jason Mitchell (June 15th), and Heydon Mitchell (June 28th), and Marc Lombardo - not pictured (June 23rd - son of Tony Lombardo and Genevra Piacenza)

I am way behind on posts I’ve been tagged in. I promise I will catch up soonish. Real life has kicked my butt for the last couple of weeks.


Yeah. My blog was deleted. I might be able to get it back but for now this is it. PLEASE reblog this so that I can rebuild my blog. I feel quite devastated and  upset atm and don’t know exactly what to do right now.  Many warm hugs to all simmers out there. Any help is welcome please. 🧡🧡🧡

Last Line Tag                                                        

Rules: post the last lines you’ve written then tag people equal to words in the last sentence.

I was tagged by @cupcakegnome for this meme. Since I haven’t written much in the last week, I am using the last lines from my Mothers Day post.

She let go of Cadence and stepped back. “And I’ll try to stop meddling where Wyatt is concerned. I just wish…” “I know, Mom, me too, but I am not going to put a gun to his head. Wyatt and I will work it out. I just don’t like talking about it with you because you’re always so negative and you really aren’t the best person to offer advice in that regard. Wyatt and I are fine. I make him happy and he makes me happy. We’re open and honest and I trust him.” As an afterthought, she added, “And believe me, Jason and Jett will tear him a new one if he does anything to hurt me despite what you think.”

I think a lot of people have been tagged for this so I am just going to put it out there - if you see this and feel like playing, consider yourself tagged by me!