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My original photography on my side-blog: http://tvoom.tumblr.com My name is Pete and I like pictures. Photographer-guy, storyteller-person, secular humanist, occasional YouTuber, and prog-rock addict. This blog is my hand-picked collection of marvels that I found all over the web. Mostly Buster Keaton, Vincent Price, lots of music, and oddities from all around the interwebs.

I think you did a podcast with Billy Monday some time ago... just wanted you to know he recently passed away. He was a wonderful mentor and will be missed.


Oh, wow! This is sad news. I am lost for words. Thank you for letting me know. This is really very sad news, indeed. Yes, Fern @allthingsfern and I had Billy as a guest in one of our inConversations. Billy was an amazingly insightful and intelligent person. Other than in our "show", I had some occasional really wonderful little chats with him, and I learned a tremendous deal from him. He was so very generous with advice, and I got to know him as a very smart, down-to-earth person, and a terrific artist. He will definitely be missed


Covid restrictions don’t apply to the boys, but Pete @tvoom @thevortexofourminds had to attend his own birthday party via Zoom (or something like it).

Happy Birthday Pete!

Ooooooh! Yes! The gentlemen and I had a lot to talk about. Sorry that I saw this only now, Bud!

Thank you very much! I'm sure in very good company in this "photoshopped" image (please don't tell anyone that it's real).

Some two months ago, I was tagged by @orion-stellar to post a couple of my favourite songs. Thank you! Well... these were some that I listened to excessively during the last eight weeks or so:

"Red Eyes" from "Double Vision" by Arena: https://youtu.be/bqePQrlhdUw

"Sleepless" from "Sleepless" by Shaolin Death Squad: https://youtu.be/tHNTOD-S8NM

"Stranded" from "New World" by Dave Kerzner: https://youtu.be/WmEoyfI5sJ0

"The Architect" from "Affinity.exe" by Haken: https://youtu.be/KPpjqc3yJEM

"Empires Never Last" from "Empires Never Last" by Galahad: https://youtu.be/-2PWZxG3QJY

"Fear Of A Blank Planet" from "Fear Of A Blank Planet" by Porcupine Tree: https://youtu.be/E8tgLNgXCLA

Put on headphones for these. Specifically when listening to Sleepless, The Architect, and Fear Of A Blank Planet. Thank me later ;)

You all know THAT person, don't you?

And I don't mean the guy in the picture, I mean the person the guy in the picture is talking about.

The "Sunday Poem"... Today with a poem about your co-worker. And also my co-worker. Basically, everyone's co-worker: "The Disagreeable Man" by W. S. Gilbert

All the Sunday poems here (click the word "here")

_a message pt. 2

PWS Members Selfie Sunday Submission

As usual, we close this Selfie Sunday with a photographer not worth seeing, and change back to

PWS - Photos Worth Seeing

Thank you all for your amazingly incredible contributions. Your taking part, your ingenuity, your passion, and your endless creativity are what makes the Tumblr photography community. And it is:


Oh, and here is the sequel to this post ;P

The “Sunday Poem”

Today, one of the greatest nonsensical poems written in the English language, probably even the single most famous “nonsense poem” ever written in any language:

“Jabberwocky” (1871) by Lewis Carroll

I tried to give this poem the neccessary gravitas a poem about hunting and killing a monster deserves. And - I think - I totally managed to do this. Totally. Like… absolutely totally


Now that’s a POEM! If I have ever heard it all the way through before I don’t remember. When I told my wife and daughter what today’s poem was though, they started reciting lines.

We all loved it. Thank you Pete, you made our day.

I am very glad, you liked it, Bud @bwwhitney! I had a hunch you might. This is not your typical run of the mill poem ;))) And I tried to do justice to it :D

My new little recording space. Cozy on the couch with lights and sound and camera and all. It'd even be possible to live-stream stuff but so far the only live-streams I have done were the ones with @allthingsfern, and seriously... I'm much too afraid to fall asleep when having to listen to him ramble while sitting on a couch...


Added two new listings to my etsy shop,

An 8x10 Listing with all of my art (so I don’t have to make a billion listings) and a Set of 3 5x7 Prints. If I haven’t uploaded a piece of my art (or photography) on etsy that you wish to purchase, send me a message and I’ll see if I can add it for you! Other sizes are available upon request if you’re looking for something smaller or larger.


❤ Ashley