This is Avalon

@thesonofavalon / thesonofavalon.tumblr.com

I am the Son of Avalon. This is my old blog but with my new art and I lied this will probably feature nsfw. i want to re-establish the passion to draw and explore again. Feel free to kick back be cozy and ask questions.

Its nice to see life here, especially since i basically abandoned the account for a long time and made a bunch of changes and used primarily twitter the past couple years.

Theres a couple things i want to check out first but, it doesnt seem to be super intuitive to do them on mobile right now.

Once I do I'll give a bit more of an update

Hello? Anyone here?

Might have some updates if there is anyone.

Sup bitches. some of you may very well know that Pillowfort exists now and it’s pretty great so far.

People have started a sort of mass exodus to the new platform, and so did I.

Here’s the link to my profile. Go ahead and follow it and join up, this site has a lot of promise.

these tumblr bots are getting pretty advanced, responding to posts on here as if they’re actually human. Crazy

"wanna trade?”

there are almost no pictures of her with colors, so here’s an idea of what she looks like color scheme wise. Black leather riding boots, charcoal cloak, earthy green blouse/longsleeve shirt, white-ish hosen, brownleather hip pouch belt and gloves.

Where do you post nsfw now?


I don’t have anywhere that I post nsfw to right now. Since I have essentially none since I stopped. I’ve done a piece here and there but not enough to make me want to post anything.

Although, I have been talking with a couple people and I might end up bringing Violet back specifically for lewd things. I don’t know if I’d share where I post to on here though, not really sure of anything just yet.