Bathed In Blood & Innocence

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Imhotep’s speed was uncanny. Just one of the many ‘gifts’ that being a victim of the curse had bestowed upon him. As much as Nefertiri wanted to face him after so many years, she knew that to do so would be unwise. First, she would lose the element of surprise. It was likely that he didn’t know she was still alive and was counting on dealing with only the Countess. Second, she wanted to know more before going up against him. Did he know where his lover was buried? What did he want with the Countess in the first place?
No, it would be best that they flee first, regroup, and then face him. She was confident that he didn’t know where the Books were: she had retrieved them during one of the archaeological digs during the early 20th century. Only she knew where they were, and she wasn’t about to give up their location to anyone, least of all him.
“We do the former. It would be arrogant of me to assume that I can handle him. Not with his powers at their fullest.” She closed her eyes as if silently seeking him out. When she opened them again, she turned to face the Countess. “He’s close. I suggest you take whatever you need and then we leave. Is there anyone that you wish to take with us?”

If he was close, there was no time to waste. The Countess alerted two of her guards to begin the 'Shed Protocol'. The two guards' faces whitened over the command, but nodded at her orders and went off to inform the other guards. "I have a few who will be ushered away into vehicles and sent away to safehouses. Unknown to any other than myself." Should she perish, (she would not), but should she, those saved would live out their lives in safety from the hands of Imhotep. The rest of the household...

Heavy thuds above their heads resounded before others scrambled down the hallways, whatever they could carry, leaving behind items that had fallen. The smell of smoke was heavy in the air. Nothing would be left here but ash and smoke. The Countess would not allow him to take what was hers. She could rebuild again and she would, but Imhotep would not take again what he had not earned.

"It would be foolish to leave behind anyone to reanimate back from the dead and leave him a base of operations here," she explained, wiping her mouth as she made the quick steps towards the chimney. "Come, there's a safe passage here. Leads out towards the underground tunnels. I doubt he would know of this, but hurry." 

The Countess whistled and two small canines yipped and yapped their ways through the secret passage way, leading the way to safety. Yet, she sensed it.

Sensed him.

“We must go, now.”

“Is that some sort of joke?”
Eric observed, not quite able to hide his amusement.

“Perhaps, mayhaps, after all, how can I amuse myself without plucking your feathers?” The Countess’ own vanity paled in comparison to Eric’s own. “You cut your hair when blood stained it. You easily could have become redhead like my own.” The blonde wig hid the true color beneath. All the better to throw off the investigators and police.

     There was something to be reveled in when someone pulled the curtain back and let their true self take the stage– front and center. Watching her face contort, her eyes darken and her incisors elongate had stirred something in the beast man’s loins. Feeling throbbing tumescence make itself prominently known as a bulge against his right thigh. Whilst she was feeding he had made his way towards the head of the bed, snatching one of the pillows and peeling away at the soft-linen case it was snugged fittingly in.      Once The Countess had drawn herself away from her meal, Victor had returned where the two had been ensconced. Beginning to tie that pillow case around the girl’s neck so that the bleeding could be stemmed, for now. Making a sufficient-enough knot around the wound that in no time at all started to turn a deep shade of maroon.
     Their co-ed captive had fallen limp– but not dead– against the bed between them, which further prompted Victor to lean forward with a cradling hand. Fingers glide across a rosy cheek as tresses of hair entangle with his long-clawed extremities, the palm of his hand enclosing the side of her face as he leaned forward with a slow but firm press of their lips. The taste of copper was what his tongue became acquainted with as it slid between the passage way of their meshing mouths to lightly massage her own speech muscle. The hand at her face had slowly started to descend, finding home at her hip as he gave it a gentle squeeze from the kiss they shared becoming it’s own intoxicant.      “Mm..” The Lupine hummed delightfully as he drew back from her, turning his attention back to their plaything who weakly reached out to them with shaking hands and dried, chapped lips that moved but didn’t utter a word.       “Think she’s tryin’ t’ say somethin’. Heh.”

Victor had done well to feed the beast within her. It was only right to pay the monster before her in kind with a kiss. A kiss where the warmth of her skin prickled and hummed in delight at the weight of Victor, the scent of him surrounding her. Her tongue lashed at his teeth, drawing blood from her tongue. The Countess’ mouth widened to allow him a taste of what she had from the human and her own. Feel the power of youth and hundreds’ of years’ old monster on his tongue.

As Victor and her kissed, The Countess' own hands began to descend towards his thighs.  A hunger, different and alike of her need for blood began its to rear its head, demanding and vocal to sate her lust for flesh. To grasp the weight of him through his britches. To stroke the outline and wonder when was the last evening he rutted her.

To rut him against the bed and if need be, break the bed in her desires.

Oh, such desires as she pressed her hip harder into his clawed hand.


Anger stained her voice at the human’s interruption. "Perhaps, she wishes to see us rut. One last vision of two bodies enjoying pleasure. Perhaps, she is jealous I would kiss you and not her.”


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  - and risk somebody else getting hurt for me in the process ? I  ‘  m  sorry  ,  but I just ain ‘ t that type of girl to sit back and watch somebody throw their life on the line for me. not if I can stop it.  
                               sookie passed her a look.
“   you can try ta ‘ force me ta ‘ stay  all ya ‘ want  ,   I ‘ m coming with you.   “

The Countess wondered if this is how humans perished in films and in real life. She, who lived for hundreds of years and survived forced confinement, birthing in an age women often perished from childbirth, hunters, and the list went on, this human wanted to enter into certain death. The Countess wondered if Sookie was truly the mad one betwixt the two of them.

“Should you perish, and I have little to no doubt you shall, I will feast on your blood.” 


The Countess gave Sookie a once over as she continued to press weapons into her hair and belt. No matter if she was fascinated enough by Sookie not to slaughter her upon the first night of meeting, she would feast on the fae waitress. She made no apologies for her blood hungers and even if Sookie was no longer a virgin, there was power in the waitress’ blood.

“Come along, the cavalry awaits. I believe your mutt of a friend, Alcide, may be here.” The Countess heels clicked-clicked towards the front of Sookie’s home. She could view a vehicle and see the beast.  "You must rut Alcide one of these evenings.”

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“He has fully regenerated. Those who freed him paid for their foolishness with their lives.” Had she been there, she might have been able to stop him. But she had been distracted, the one time she had drawn her attention away was the moment when he struck. It was a cruel irony, really. 
Nefertiri’s abilities had been drawn from the ‘dark gift’ that her own lover had given her, a being of chaos and destruction. But she probably needed stronger allies to help take him down. The Countess could be one. Anubis could be another. She had yet to talk to the latter – he was a god, after all – but she did intend to summon him once she was done here. “With or without, the High Priest is dangerous. The Med Jai should not have made him the victim of the Hom Dai; they gave him the powers he has now. As for his bride…”
Her hatred for Anck-su-namun was still a burning fire within her, but unlike before, she was no longer bound by royal etiquette. She would make sure that her father’s murderer would be forgotten, her body lost to the sands of the Sahara. “…I have something very special planned for her.” 

The Countess knew all too well the need for revenge. It fueled her for years after she released herself from the tower in her former home. She slaughtered generations of her enemies, erasing them from history. Even now, when she heard of one descendant spring up, she was quick to snuff out their life. If Nefertiri needed to remove the Bride from the High Priest’s grasp. A man in love would conquer everything and everyone to appease his bride. 

“I can only imagine what it shall be, but...,” she halted her words at the quick click-click-click sounds of her guards’ boots. The ones stationed further out towards the woods. Her eyes found Nefertiri, realizing the monster may very well be in London after all. 

The guard was quick to announce there was a disturbance ten minutes out into the woods. The animals of the forest were making a quick escape. A warning of a predator in their midst. “It appears he has arrived and we must either pack it up to live another night, or see what can be done to keep him here.”


“What do you suggest?,” she asked, before striking dead the woman on the table. No need for an enemy to drain the life out of her meal. 

Tumblr Savior Blacklist troubleshoot 2020

HEY GUYS, if your blacklist stopped working recently and you’re pretty sure it’s updated, here’s the fix! 

Tumblr Savior v1.1.0 doesn’t work with the old dash, so if you have it toggled back you’ll need to install v0.5.7. Straight from Mr B himself:

Google doesn’t provide a convenient way to install old versions of extensions. The best you can do is install it in developer mode.You can download the source here – Firefox is much easier, you can install it directly from

Chrome users, download the source file and unzip it. Head over to chrome://extensions/ (paste it in the navigation bar like a website) and toggle on Developer Mode. Click Load Unpacked on the top left and select the ‘src’ folder in the source folder. (Literally the src folder, NOT the unpacked main folder, or any actual files inside.) You may need to restart Chrome or at least tumblr before it kicks in. Use the Save/Load feature to refill your blacklist items (or just retype them if you don’t have a million of them).

Firefox users, use the mozilla link above and install it like any other extension. 

If you’re using the New dashand still having problems, message the developer either here on his blog or through an email here:

In your message, he’d appreciate it if you listed your browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc), the version of Tumblr Savior you’re using (it’s on the blacklist page, and also the About section for it), which dash you’re on (old or new), and an error log (hit Ctrl+Shift+J to bring up your javascript console, and right click anywhere in that window, then Save As a text file). Also list any other extensions you have that might be interfering.

Big ups to @bjornstar for both the extension and the tech support!

Protection Starters

"What do you think you are doing?"
"You're not going without me."
"Who was that?"
"Will you stay with me tonight?"
"I can't let you do this alone."
"Are you sure you don't need me?"
"Please take me with you."
"If anyone hurts you, they're getting hurt worse."
"I don't need a bodyguard."
"Who hurt you?"
"I need someone to watch my back."
"You got this?"
"You are not okay."
"I'm coming with you."
"You have my full attention."
"I'm not going anywhere."
"I need you right now."
"I can't do this alone."
"Come with me."
"I can help you."
"I got this."
"I'm not taking no for an answer."
"You're not going with me."
"What did you do?"
"If you need me, I'll be here."
"I don't need your protection."
"I didn't ask you to do this."
"You need me, even if you think you don't."
"I'm sorry. I need help."
     “Beautiful lady such as yersel’ deserves nothin’ but th’ best.” He reassures her, unflinching in his gaze when her pupils dilated and fangs protruded menacingly. In fact, it excited Victor to see her true face. There was a instinctive regard for authenticity for animals like the blonde headed Lupine that stood in front of The Countess. He’d be lying if he didn’t feel a moment’s turdigity in watching her suckle his finger like a bear to honey.      “Yes, ma’am.” Nodding in compliance to her demands, he turns away from The Countess so that his attention is returned to their captive. Who at this point is screaming her head off but Victor nips that in the bud real quick as he lunged at her, bridging the distance between where he stood and the foot of the bed she sat on. Left hand entangled in her hair– yanking her head back while simultaneously shutting her up– whilst his right hand was at her throat. 
     “Now this’ll be really uncomfortable, darlin’.” Index finger extended, he lightly caressed the skin of her esophagus as his eyes took in every feature of her face. Her bulging eyes and how they frantically searched the room for some way to alert someone– anyone– of her dire predicament. How her lips– even when they were taped shut– pressed against the restraints so much that it started to mold the shape of her mouth against it. Not all that dissimilar to pressing your face or hands against a pinscreen, when you were a kid.      “Try not t’ die too quickly. We wanna milk this for what it’s worth.” After having announced this, he punctured the vein in her neck with said finger. Watching a momentary spurt of fresh red, moving out the way from in front of her to reveal to The Countess. Making sure to hold her up by her hair so the blood didn’t get on the bed, nodding his head in the dying girl’s direction with eagerness in his eyes.      “Get it while it’s fresh, honey.” Words of encouragement leaving his grinning lips.

The Countess' eyes along with her fangs revealed the monster beneath the facade of beauty. Her pupils dilated, swallowing the entire color, but it was red to stain the whites of her eyes. Red as the blood she observed spurting from the woman's throat. It was in quick movements, even in her gown, for The Countess to pounce upon the human. Her mouth widened just as the human screamed beneath her gag only to cry out in pain. Pain for the blood leaving her throat and pain of The Countess' fangs sunk deep into her carotid artery. 

The rush of blood upon her tongue was euphoric. Her body hummed in delight, her veins grateful for the surge of youthful blood rushing throughout her being. The young woman fought, as all humans would against a beast, the woman's limbs fighting to stay alive, to be freed. 


A gasp of pleasure fell from The Countess' lips, stained red and full from suckling at the woman's neck. Her eyes unhazy, came into focus upon Victor for the gift he bestowed for her this evening. The smile grew wider, revealing blood stained teeth. 

"Stem...the blo...od," her words slurred, drunk from the wine of pure innocence. Innocence to stain her cheeks red, warm her flesh, and reveal a bright glow beneath her features. Yes, the warmth of virginal youth stained her form now. "A kiss for thanks."

The Countess was right, of course. There was very little she could do, not when she was in the other woman’s home.
Rather than lecture one who was too set in her ways, she leaned back, gaze turned away from the wriggling human on the table. “I was. I was told that a certain immortal priest was spotted in the woods near here.” She’d watched over the tomb of Imhotep over the past centuries, silently helping the descendants of her father’s bodyguards to keep him from being resurrected.
But it hadn’t stopped a small group of American explorers from bringing him back to life. He’d killed them all and escaped to Europe in search of his lover’s remains.
She intended to kill him herself and finish this feud.
“You haven’t seen him, have you?”

Her gaze flickered away from her guest towards the young woman. Sliced from her arms to her thighs and her bosom, she bled. Not enough to kill her. Nay, The Countess simply wanted her to bleed out slowly, the blood bubbling from the shallow wounds. Where one dried, The Countess would press down to reopen the wound. She did this now to formulate her words. 

If he was alive, the world, the virgins she feasted upon would be in danger. 

“If he did, you and I are well aware, I would not be alive. He would have sucked the life out of everyone in this home.” No matter her body was fueled by blood, the creature would have committed himself to task. If only to obtain strength to find his lover. “I thought the tales I read in all the books were simply tales. I forget, we are not the only monsters in this world.” 


The Countess stood from her seat, “If he is here, I shall aid you in what I can. He has his Bride and it is doom for all, no?”

Age-old rivalries between immortal beings were very destructive. Not only did they affect those directly involved but also those related to the participants. She didn’t know what the Count had done to the Countess ( oh god, were they married? ), but it must have been pretty bad for the latter to think that Cassia was there to FIGHT.
“…I think you got it all wrong. I was referring to my telepathy.” She couldn’t read the minds of those vampires her ancestor had turned himself, but other vampires’ minds were fair game. What she wasn’t sure of was whether it worked on other kinds of immortal beings who drank blood. “Just letting you know about it in case you think someone’s in your head. It’s not something I’ve learned to control yet.”

Ready as she was to attack, The Countess halted herself from striking at the woman. Here, she believed an enemy and now a new interest. "You shall go mad if you enter into the mind's of others." For this one would find herself in quite an interesting journey within The Countess' mind. For as long as she lived, the beginning of her years held blood, war, and loss. How had this young one not buried herself in the seas?


“How did you learn of such an ability? Have you garnered it to remove secrets of thine enemies?” My, my, perhaps, an ally shall be made. However, the familiar name she held was salt upon her tongue. “Does he still live? He brought much trouble to London that none of us could enter for quite a while.”

He brought mayhem. Mayhem I bring to you. See the blood. Taste it.

Care For A Bite? - Open

      “Do you really think that I would chase after another? After having a long distance relationship for 9 months? Isn’t that enough to prove my devotion to your grandchild?” Zoe’s never been a cheater. Even when she was driven to despair and death by someone she thought loved her, she never strayed, even when it was proven she was the other woman in the equation.   
        “To answer your question, I’d rather my own heart be in her hands. It already is, metaphorically speaking. My intentions are to be in a relationship with her– hopefully one that will last our lifetimes if things go well. Your granddaughter isn’t like anyone else I’ve ever known, and I’d like to hold onto her for as long as I can.” Sure, she can’t predict if it will last, but she’s hopeful– as long as her grandparents don’t try and muck it up too badly. 

The Countess was grateful for those nine months. Nine months of her blood kin far away from her enemies, foes, and allies. Away from anyone who was aware of her. No one save for the deranged and criminals ever would seek out Australia. One of the hottest countries, it would scorch her down to the bones at first light. Yet, her blood kin sought it out.

Just as she sought out Zoe to assess her intentions with Izzie. Though Zoe’s words gave her great pause to ruminate over her words. By the tone and inflections, Zoe was of true innocent heart. She intended a life with Izzie. One without children, mind her, but a satisfying one. “Mmm, it appears you and her may continue your lives together. I received a letter from her of her intentions to board with you after she returned from a visit with I. Will there be a wedding next?”


The Countess & Lily

“Regardless, I’m still sorry for having run into you,” The young woman offered softly, her tone gentle with just the barest hint of a lilting southern accent. Her head cocked curiously as the other addressed her, something about the other woman’s cadence catching her interest - There was something different there, the phrasing almost as if it belonged in another time. 
Her praise drew a flush of color over Lily’s cheeks and her lips curled into a meek polite smile, “Thank you, ma’am. That’s incredibly kind of you to say, truly. I tend to lose myself when I’m playing, so I’m never quite sure how it actually sounds myself.” A laugh, light and musical, feel from her lips as one hand rose to fidget with a locket hanging at the hollow of her throat - a nervous habit. The heavy old thing twisted between her fingers absently as their conversation was briefly interrupted by the bartender asking them what they would like. Lily just requested water before turning back to the other woman, “I’m not much of a drinker,” she prattled, “I’m afraid I’m quite disappointing to bartenders. May I get you a drink as well as an apology for running into you? I have a tab with the house tonight as I’m performing…”
As the hour grew later, the sounds of the guests milling about had grown quieter. She assumed people were either settling into their tables, leaving for the evening, or…as she’d discovered by accident at one such event several months ago…tucking away to more secluded areas to, erm, socialize. Goodness, that had been embarrassing to stumble upon, to say the least. “So, are you having a lovely evening? Enjoying the party?” One delicate hand, the one not holding her cane, extended in the direction of the woman’s voice in greeting, “I’m Lily, by the way. Liliana, but most just call me Lily.”

The Countess observed the young woman’s mannerisms. What a human did upon themselves fascinated her. Their tics, their movements, their micro expressions revealed what lingered behind their eyes. Yet, their eyes were truly the windows to their souls. Whether their soul be innocent or hideous as the creatures of the underworld, they revealed much to her. For The Countess, she could observe innocence and shyness in the woman. 

“We should never apologize for holding space. After all, a man will part his thighs on a seat betwixt others for more air circulation. All the while, he leaves the rest of us to squish among ourselves.” Even now, her head nodded towards the gentleman who spread his elbows out upon the bar to hold far more room than required of him. Still, his presence did not hold her attention. It was the woman named Lily who was as fragile as birdbones.

“What became of your form?,” she questioned, her hand squeezing Lily’s own in a cool embrace. She had yet to feed and her fingers would find warmth in the human’s own. “A pleasure to meet you Lily, I am The Countess. Nay, not a stage name. Come, let us move further away from the amorous crowds. I believe the couple beside us is gathering to stroke one another through their clothes.”

‘ I’m afraid I insist on it, no need for unnecessary suffering. ‘ [ nefertiri ]


“Why I believe you believe you hold any sway here. After all, you are a guest and when I feed, I feed how I like.” The writhing human on the table, strapped and bleeding akin to a fountain was for The Countess’ entertainment. 


“Were you not here to discuss matters of your search for someone, nay?”