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Fuck yeah! Late start, but here goes the 2021 Year End Top 5 Photo Extravaganza!

Continuing the yearly Gray-Card Top 5 tradition, we are inviting all members of our Tumblr original photographer community to submit what they think are their top 5 best photo post of 2021, a year memorable for continued uncertainty and much heartfelt (if distanced) support. So, fuck yeah, let’s celebrate this year!

1. Make a SINGLE post of your Top 5 photos on YOUR Tumblr. One post of 5 photos on your Tumblr, it can include some brief text about the photos you chose and why.

2. Submit the link to that post (permalink) to us via our SUBMIT.

3. Submission starts 12/24 or 24-12 if you live outside the US. ;-)

4. Submission ends at 6pm EST on 12/31.

5. Only one Top 5 per original content Tumblr, please.

Top 5 postings begin at midnight (PST) on New Year’s Eve and run for 24 hours.

All submissions with a working link will be posted. If the link does not work or there are other issues, we will not post it and will not contact you about fixing it, so please follow the directions above carefully. Everyone is welcome; all skill levels are welcome and encouraged. You do not need to be following us.

You do not need to tag us.

Do not forget to promo yourself, your shops, and blogs in your Top 5 post.

Drop us a note if you have questions!

Thanks for a great 2021, Tumblr original photographers!


To everyone who has a blog with primarily their own photos: Please participate! Such a nice tradition.


Dear Tumblrita, dear Tumblorito

Be assured that I will keep your beautiful hearts, likes, messages, gifts, wonderful photographies and wishes received on my birthday in the back of my mind. And often, I will come to see them again as magnificent they are for me, treasured them… and I will smile again and again as I did today… Thank you my dear friends!  

- M. 

Blog recommendation of the month

PWS - Stephi

Thank you so much Stephi and PWS for this month with « mazette » on your dashboard… a gorgeous gift indeed … I feel honored and I have learned a lot from this event. Merci 💙💙💙

Lipton tree… ( Dambetenne - Haputale)

Blog recommendation of the month


1. When and how did you start to become interested

I was really surprised and quite honored to have been invited to participate to this exercise. First I would like to apologize for my broken English and the literal translation I did on my answers. (Feel free to ask for further explanations if needed). Then I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart the lovely people of PWS, for the passion of Photography they share with a bright and generous talent and all the support they bring daily to the original photographers on Tumblr.

It starts many years ago, as I saw my father with his Bolex16 filming butterflies and our children’s performances in the swimming pool. It fascinated me. When I was 14, I filched my brother’s Praktica which I later traded for a Nikon FM2, a more feminine camera. A quote from Garry Winogrand inspired that part of my life : « If I photograph something, it is to know what once that will look like photographed. »

I chose to study Cinema in parallel with long studies in Contemporary History and Social Sciences as the reporter I wished to be. I tried B&W with street sceneries widely inspired by photojournalists that I love such as Gérard Depardon, René Burry and Marc Riboud then I switched for Color with minimal landscapes in cinematographic spirit quite inspired by Wim Wenders.

Because of my job, I have spent a lot of time traveling all over the world, for film shootings during years and years. In this whirlwind, where each place erases the next, I wanted to keep impressions of the places and people I met and my response was to do so with my personal camera. Maybe that was my first steps for my future blog…

2. How would you say your photography changed since you started?

Several years ago, I realized that I no longer needed to tell it all in one picture. A detail was enough to describe a real meeting, or a soulful landscape… Then my photographs became more moving, more impressionistic…

3. What inspires you?

So many great and famous photographers and artists … my house is filled with books of photos, arts, sociological, artistic, semantic and philosophical questions and comments on our relationship to the Image and the way we think about the representation of the world . Of course, I have my endless personal list which includes Irwing Penn, Edward Steichen, André Kertész, Keiichi Tahara, August Sanders, Izis, Paul Strand, Peter Lindbergh, Paolo Roversi, Richard Avedon, Brassaï, Robert Capa, Gérard Depardon, René Burry, Marc Riboud, Bruce Chatwin, Mari Ellen Mark, Josef Koudelka and many others… Over the years, this love of photography and photographers has shaped and transformed my sight on what I could do with a camera as much as my feelings and emotions have also done so.

4. If you’d have to describe yourself as a photographer in one sentence, what would that sentence be?

I surely would like to be describe as a simple amateur photograph.

5. Is there something you learned during your photographic journey that you would have loved to know when you were just starting out?

That the simplicity often brings strength to a photograph.

That the balance has to be always obvious in a frame.

That digital photography was about to come…

That words from Joe Strummer: « We aren’t particularly talented. We try harder! »

PWS - Stephi

Thank you so much @photosworthseeing for this incredible event! I feel quite honoured ! Merci beaucoup! 

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil…( Edinburgh, Scotland)

Blog Recommendation Of The Month


On Manuèle’s blog you will find a great mixture of landscapes, macro, street and urban photography. She has a great diversity on her blog. I like how she catches a special atmosphere and creates a mood or emotion with her pictures. She creates whole sceneries and tells stories with her photos. Her blog is like a great collection of moments. Her urban and streetphotography are full of live and stories. Manuèle has a great feeling for details and composition and she always knows when the scenery is better with or without people. I follow Manuèle since a long time and always find her photos inspiring  this is a blog really worth seeing.

PWS - Stephi

Thanks so much for those words lovely @stephiramona and thank you @photosworthseeing for this incredible event! I feel quite honoured ! Merci beaucoup!