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"--My knife's so nice and sharp; I want to get to work right away, if I get a chance.                   Good luck. Yours truly,                   Jack the R I P P E R." { Independent Historical Ask/RP blog for Jack the Ripper || Based on historical accounts || OC Friendly || Please read 'dossier' and 'rules' pages || Tracking #evxntreur || Top sidebar image edited by devorarex || Navbar art by hyrenee || Mun and Muse 16+ }
    [ Brona gave the stranger a friendly smile       and raised her glass in return, before bringing it to her lips. ]
"All I know is every time there’s a mysterious bloody murder, they think it’s ‘im come back. But I can tell ya, it ain’t. He only did whores."

         ❝'Tain't whores they're findin' ripped up this time, then?❞

    [ He never took much interest in the papers, and so he knew quite little     of the new murders. He could say with the firmest conviction, however,     that he hadn't been the one to commit them.                                                                                                   ( More's the pity. ) ]

"Ya think the Ripper’s really gone? Or jus’ changed his methods?"

          [ The man sat up a bit straighter, turning his head to blink at the           woman beside him.  By her accent,  she was clearly Irish;  and,           gratified to hear the familiar lilt, the man grinned and raised the           flask in his hand in a mock toast. ]

   ❝Perhaps he jus' satisfied himself.❞

Going along with the idea that 'Jack' was a resident of Whitechapel and a member of the lower working class, he'll be shown using colloquial speech, which will include 'street slang' as well as some incorrect or unappealing syntax. 
               A snicker passed the chief inspector’s lips, his eyes falling from the shadowy figure and focusing themselves on dirty concrete underneath his feet. Oh, if only solving this case would be that simple.
                 ❝No. Lipski’s methods were different       messier. And it’s                    obvious he hardly had any medical training beforehand.❞
           [ That wasn't precisely what Jack had been driving at, but he            grunted in acknowledgement.

     ❝Don't see how it can get much messier than what the       Whitechapel  bloke  is  doing.  Least  with Lipski,  there       weren't so much blood spattered about.❞

               ❝ Honestly? It’s starting to make less sense with every victim.                 Yes, he does kill only unfortunate women, so far, but now I can’t                 seem to find the connection between the killing-spree that ended                 with Fair Emma’s death and the most recent one.❞
          [ Jack smiled. Settling his shoulder against the bricks of the wall           behind him  and  reaching  into his  pocket,  the man  withdrew a           bent cigarette,  shoved it between his lips,  and struck a match to           light it. ]

    ❝Think it's a Lipski what's doing it? That's what I keep hearing.❞

             ❝ Oh, I can hear his laugh in my                  own two ears. But how do I buckle him,                  hm? My hands are tied - Sir Warren                  won’t allow me to even question another                  surgeon or a simple doctor. And my boys,                  as you call them, are nothing good, truly.❞
          [ Jack was in a fit of enjoyment. Had he not been sure it would           end in  his arrest,  he would have ensured that  Abberline truly           did  hear  the  laugh of  the  Whitechapel  killer  in his  own two           ears. ]

   ❝Satisfy a man's curiosity, then, eh? What's the story old Jack's     spinning for you?  What's his motive?  Think he's got a score to     score to settle--or do you reckon he just likes the fun?❞


"With written names! Thrown into a hat!—" "Would you like my hat?" cried a voice on the threshold. All wheeled round. It was --. He had his hat in his hand, and was holding it out to them with a smile.

—An independent roleplay blog for Inspector Javert from Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables; entirely canon-based.

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