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Shreeya, 26, Sapphic she/her/they/them pronouns. Overly Critical Intersectional Feminist. Fan of many things, including Jane the Virgin, Leverage, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Black Lightning, and many Web Series like Project Green Gables and Emma Agenda. Music Obsession of the Moment: No Fire by Sofya Wang

"staying woke" & "getting woke" were originally about black people educating ourselves on social justice issues relating to us

it really sucks that its entered public use as a negative to joke about ess jay hypervigilance :'(


I cant stop Fox News from misappropriating the meaning of a term, but maybe I can help yall get interested in the origin of 'new' words

Media and academia and mainstream culture have categorized urban (black lol hello) slang as Silly Wrong Words for 80+ years. You are not educated to respect it, let alone give a damn about the source & context, but you should absolutely kick the habit.

The next time your oomfs and mutuals use a phrase you're not familiar with this year: care about the origin and slow down on what you repeat

The free-for-all attitude toward black-created terms is how we went from a term for black inner-community conversation to this:

NEW: A conservative group is launching a “seven figure” TV ad campaign today that is sharply critical of “woke companies” and targets CEOs of American Airlines, Coca Cola and Nike. 6:29 AM · May 18, 2021

Just takes a little patience & determination. Even my EASL folks. Nothing to lose but briefly feeling left out and a little more self-aware.

i think people in the middle ages acutally did know how to make photorealistic drawings they just chose not to because it’s funnier to draw some fucked up creature


they actually did make photorealistic drawings things just looked different back then

Joe Biden is not being bullied around by Israel. He can pick up the phone and call Bibi today, and end the bombardment of Gaza in a span of 40 minutes. The Zionist state is America's dog, and when that American money runs dry, the Zionist state is finished.

It was America that paved the way for Israel to gain statehood, it was America that built the IDF, and it was America that built Israel's economy, and America can take it all back if they really, really wanted to. But they don't. Israel is a useful ally. Israel keeps Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Syria in check. Israel provides the US with a variety of essential support in building a sphere of influence in the MENA region. Israel is not just a US ally, it's a useful US ally, and it will stay a US ally. If you want to oppose the State of Israel, then by all means, but oppose it as a node in global American imperialism, not as a detached power unto itself.


dev patel, megan thee stallion, mitski etc do not deserve to be treated as ya’ll white peoples token artists/actors of color 😐

Okay but LITERALLY this. Dev Patel has recently been going through this wierd ash tokenization were white directors will cast him into colorblind roles and then proceed to completely ignore his race/ethnic heritage and how that might impact the story they’re trying to tell. On the other end of the spectrum there was that whole thing about everyone wanting him to play the next Bond but him turning it down because he knew that they would tokenize him instead of treating him as full person.

“I also don’t want to be gifted a role, just because of the tokenistic nature of me being a garnish — ‘Let’s sprinkle some diversity into this!’ That doesn’t make me feel good either. If it works for the story, and I feel like I can bring some truth out of this role or embody it well, then that’s what it should come down to.”

He and all the other POC mentioned on this list deserve to be treated with respect for who they are.

stop fucking using the word psychotic to describe bad behaviour and violence already god fucking damn it

oh my god i'm so tired psychotic does not mean violent it does not mean angry or erratic. it refers to a person suffering from psychosis, a loss of touch with reality that includes hallucinations and/or delusions. psychotic people are not inherently violent and y'all need to understand how much stigma you create when you again and again incorrectly use the word psychotic without even thinking about it

would appreciate if non-psychotic people could reblog this


i love love loooove when people make up these arbitrary rules for bisexuality based on absolutely fucking nothing like "uh actually bisexual is when you care about looks" and "bisexuals have a preference while pansexuals don't!" me thinks you people need to go outside and like. have a face to face conversation with someone. i think that's the issue here.


do y'all realize that the shit you're saying about bisexuality is biphobic... you're saying that bisexuals are shallow and we only care about looks and we have preferences and can't possibly have equal attraction to other genders etc. like y'all paint pansexuality as this haven with that hearts not parts bullshit which just makes bisexuality look restrictive in comparison... i'm fucking sick of it! y'all are making up all these rules for bisexuality that never fucking existed in the first place just to paint pansexuality as more woke and progressive... literally go chew on fucking glass.


"pansexuality includes enbies but bisexuality doesn't" YOU PEOPLE ARE JUST MAKING SHIT UP AT THIS POINT SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!!

Now that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and The White House have finalized new nondiscrimination provisions under Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act, it is more important than ever to know your rights and what to do if you face discrimination. 

To better explain what these protections mean, Out2Enroll partnered with trans comic artist, Dylan Edwards, on a series of illustrated discrimination situations. 

Wake up babe new legal protections dropped