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Hi There! We are Taylor and Kadazia. Just two AWESOME girls who may or may not have an addiction to television. The list of shows that we watch goes on and on. The purpose of this blog is to express our love for the show Degrassi on Teennick. Our love...

Degrassi is Back and So Is Our Authority <3

Degrassi has returned today... 

*Moment of REJOICE for the amazingness ahead of us the next two weeks*

Though our schedules are packed with work and our typical shenanigans, Degrassi continues to be HIGH on our priority list!

Due to Degrassi choosing to air every week night for the next two weeks, we are faced with the dilemma of HOW ARE WE GOING TO RECORD, EDIT, AND PRODUCE THAT MANY OVERVIEWS THAT QUICKLY!?!?!

It’s a blessing and a curse. 

YAY: We don’t have to be held by our hearts for more than 24 hours at a time. 

GAH: That doesn’t leave us with the proper amount of time to digest the constant whirlwind that is Degrassi. 

Rest assured, we came up with a game plan. We will watch the Degrassi episodes, review them, and edit our videos during the weekdays and post all of our overviews over the Saturday/Sunday of the next two weeks. It will be an overview overload for you all (APOLOGIES) but well worth watching. Our pinkies are up for the promising. 

So go forth. 







Much Love,

The Degrassi Authority

The Degrassi Authority Milestone ALERT!

Sooooo... Taylor went to We Day and one of our Degrassi Faves Luke Bilyk was in attendance. SADLY she didn't get a chance to meet him. But she tweeted about the awesome experience about BREATHING THE SAME AIR as him while saving the planet. And guess what... HE FAVORITED THE TWEET!!!!!!!!!!! 

That is all. 

P.S. She didn't actually acknowledge the fact that they were breathing the same air (and how great that must have been) within the tweet, but it was implied, of course. 

MIA but Not Forgotten

HELLO ALL!!! We have not forgotten about our viewers, followers, subscribers, commentors, or our Degrassi Love. This quarter in school has been super hectic for us both so we were very lucky that Degrassi went on hiatus when it did, actually. But in a couple weeks Taylor and I will be on Spring Break and we have plans to make some awesome videos to post before Degrassi comes back. They'll be short and sweet but we want you all to know that we are still here and that our fire for Degrassi is still ablaze!!!! By the end of this month we will have some super fun videos posted and they shall not disappoint :) So hang in there, we hope everyone has enjoyed their haitus even if we all miss Degrassi terribly! Much Love, The Degrassi Authority <3 P.S. Rest assured that when Degrassi does come back we plan to be on top of our game with posting videos! :


Degrassi’s 35-year shift from teaching tool to representation for its queer audience

When the Degrassi franchise began, its queer characters were shown through a straight lens. Their compadres,outside of dates, may still mostly be straight, as is the unfortunate side effect of television. However, their lives are no longer about how theirfriends cope with their queerness. Now, Degrassi’squeers’ queerness is still a step above incidental, which is fitting, consideringthe after-school special nature of show.  However, Degrassi’s queer characters now have active voices and agency. Degrassi has reached a point where it has stopped telling audiences, straight and otherwise alike, that it’s okay to be queer, because they just assume- no expect- they know and have started telling stories.

 For better or for worse, Degrassi has featured its fair share of the path not-so straight and narrow through the years. This goes all the way back to Degrassi Junior High’s 3X06 “He Ain’t Heavy”. Even then we were treated to an after-school special about the Future Mr. Simpson's (Stefan Brogren) gay brother. It is very typical 1980s fair. In this gem of an episode, we even learn that not just gay people get AIDS.  Good old Archie has to be reassured that he won’t turn out gay just because his brother is. Because that would be awful.  At the end of the episode, Simpson’s parents essentially decide to disown their super-star athlete gay son. And while he may have not handled the news with such grace originally, knowing this particular facet of Archibald Simpson’s backstory enriches the current generation of stories. It proves the point that people who have experiences with minorities or minority situations (i.e. teen pregnancy) are going to be more empathetic to a given situation. Don’t judge me until you’ve walked a mile in my shoes. Of course, it’s not uncommon for a modern day educator in a large city to be so chill with lgbtqia issues, but when The Next Generation (TNG) launched, I was a high school student in California’s San Francisco Bay Area and even there, things were not as lax as they are now. Degrassi has, more so than a lot of other television programming, done a fairly good job in reflecting the societal “pulse” with regard to queer issues.

       Having a gay brother prepared me for a lot of things, Eli, but…

Simpson’s gay brother as the franchise’s introduction to anything queer is pretty in keeping with anything up through the 1990s.  At least in the United States. I don’t know much about Canadian programming in the 1980s and 90s beyond The Kids in the Hall, which was quite progressive, but arguably for a much different audience. 

Kudos for you for taken it BACK to the original Degrassi High and connecting them in a light that flows, somewhat, smoothly. It's very true that Degrassi High and early TNG focused on how everyone else under the sun was reacting to someone coming out, and less about the person that actually came out. 

I loved when you said, "Alex is the resident tough girl who hangs out with the bad kids and does bad things and is maybe just a little mildly homophobic." Never have I ever heard Alex explained so eloquently. I really did enjoy Alex's story line. The fact that her character wasn't obsessed with figuring out exactly what her sexual orientation is. She was just "I am me. Okay, now lets go smoke a joint, ya?"

I'm gonna be honest. I had a real problem with Riley, the character, not the actor or the way he was written. I understand that he was having a problem with coping with who he was or may have been or simply just figuring himself out. But when it gets to the point of physically hurting another person for something that YOU need to cope with, I just cannot. 

I do agree, though, with your stance on coming out of the closet. It is a personal choice that should only be made by the person with the internal struggle. No one else should be making that decision for them. 

Oh Adam. I love Adam. He definitely did not need to die. He seriously was not driving fast enough to have his body flung from the car, just saying. Anyways, I also loved his story line, besides the way they had him dress in the beginning. I mean, that sideways floppy hat. UGH. STAHP. The burning of his "girly" things? Fantastic. I'm glad that his whole story line wasn't all about his being trans. Because if they had been planning to kill him off, its good at least that he died being who he was, everyone knowing who he was, and no one questioning who he was. He was just Adam. Not "that trans boy." Just, Adam.

Degrassi lesbians really do just cleanly squeak through coming out, don't they?

"before Adam texts and d(r)i(v)es," well aren't you clever?

My only real problem with Tristan's story line as a whole is how obsessed they have him with being in a relationship. I know this is Degrassi. And that Degrassi is all about relationships. Which I guess is more something that has bothered me with Degrassi as a whole. I feel like it tells teenagers that relationships, truly, are all that they should be concerned about. Not finding out who they are. Just finding out who they're meant to be with. I think that's a really unhealthy thing. I know I fell victim to it all through out junior high AND high school. I didn't realize that it was okay to be single until I was about 20. And I'm 21 years old now. Sigh... I just want better for our generation!!! SOCIETY! *angry fist* Let's all be like Sia and swing from chandeliers, minus having the drinking problem. Who needs a significant other when you have a perfectly sturdy chandelier. (The reason I went all Sia is because the song just came on my phone haha).

I loved your post!!! Especially the photo captions. If the way you right is any indication of your personality, I feel as though we would be best friends! 

Keep on Keepin On,

The Degrassi Authoiry <3

P.S. I know I said that I would reply yesterday... But when I got home from school yesterday I was so tired I couldn't move. Like I couldn't even bring myself to get up to eat something. If you knew me, you'd know that's a HUGE deal. I probably should have called 911.