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I make tarot decks. I have sass. Don't take me too seriously.      Website and shops are at thecrackedamethyst.com      Please read the FAQ before asking me something. Just search faq, you'll find it. 

My plan for the Idiosyncradeck was to have a field burning off, but I couldn’t get it to look how I wanted it to, so I changed to the giant wave.

The now version has epicormic buds, which are little buds that grow after a tree has been burned (forest fire in this case). Which is what I was going for originally I just didn’t have that knowledge yet.

Due to the fact that I hate writing, I think the book for the Jessica Tarot will look something like this.

Anonymous asked:

I'm fairly new with tarot spreads. When reading 'unlock your self tarot spread, key to discovery' do you personally read reversed cards or just rotate them? Sorry if that seams silly. Just hard to read 'what makes you unique' if it's a reversed card. But again, I'm new. Thank you in advance!

Not silly, very valid question!

Personally, I never read reversals. I find it too constricting. When the cards are always the same way it opens it up to read them however they fit, instead of forcing it to be a "negative" or "positive".

You can read however you want really! Always use reversals, never use them, use them sometimes, get one and say "wait that doesn't work" and flip it around.

Pistachios are very pretty.

I’m debating what to call this suit. It’s nuts, but not the botanical kind, they’re all actually seeds. Plus some that are actually known for seeds. I go between calling it “Seeds” or “Seeds and Nuts”. Both feel misleading so I’m not sure.

I have these two new journals as well as some printable sheets in my Etsy shop! The books are prototypes/an experiment. I didn't know if anyone other than myself would like these, so I only printed a few and they both have different cover types and paper inside. They're a test really. https://www.instagram.com/p/Cc1WgSTLqy0/?igshid=NGJjMDIxMWI=

Do you have any idea of when your Bottanical expansion will be ready? I got the original deck way back from the Kickstarter and I'm so excited for the expansion!


I'm not sure yet. I have been working on it recently though, so hopefully I can give some dates not too long from now! I'm so glad you're excited tho!!

I just wanted to let you know that I love how the redesign of your tarot deck is coming along. You've very clearly improved significantly in your style and skill over the years and should be proud! Please don't let whoever is complaining about your decks wear you down too badly. they're beautiful, even in their original forms <3


Thank you so much!! 😊😊😊

(Sorry for the super late reply)

I've been avoiding social media and in the meantime I made some workbook kind of things.

I know I shouldn’t complain, the idea that I can sell anything at all is amazing, but the fact that most people only want to see decks from me makes me sad.

Decks are such large projects, and they take so long. I love making them, but, I need something for the middle time. 

Ok what if, I take my last 2 posts and combine them.

I use the left over body language cards, my bottanical deck, and a phenomena deck, and I pick out 1 card for each month, put them and their meaning or whatever in a little envelope and label it with the month. Then you get 12 little envelopes, 1 per month. Card of the month.

Is that dumb? I can’t tell. It would probably be better if I had more than 3 decks. But I don’t.

I have 28 cards left. I don't know what to do with them. I could just throw them away, but, that feels like a waste. Hmm.