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Get Super-Followed!

Kate Reardon is Tatler's brand new incredibly fabulous and glamorous and lovely editor.  She wrote Top Tips For Girls and is one of our favourite girls of all time ever.  That's EVER. The ‘Super-Follow’ means that Kate will do ALL of these things... 1.    Follow you on Twitter for 90 days 2.    Retweet one of your tweets  3.    Send out a tweet including your Twitter @username And as if that weren’t enough,

4.    IN ADDITION SHE WILL... Wait for this... I hope you're sitting down.... Have lunch with you and two of your friends at The Savoy. Send you to a luxury spa for the day to REVIEW it for Tatler. Send you to a London Fashion Week fashion show with the Tatler Fashion Team. Do a photo shoot OF YOU with one of Tatler’s top photographers, including hair, makeup and clothing makeover - AND publish the photograph in Tatler.* SO BID NOW!!! Kate Reardon will become your twitter best friend, Comic Relief will spend ALL the money you bid on life-changing projects, and the sun will shine.  (That last bit about the sun might not be true).

See the following link for the ebay page giving all details……http://bit.ly/katereardon  

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