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Have you heard about mole genders?

I’ve heard of this concept in sci-fi, but thought it was absolutely made up. I know some fish and frogs can change genders, but not in cycles like this. Wild. If I slapped this down in some alien world without explanation, I’d laugh in my own face. But no, real biology IS that bizarre.

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love how a complete and exhaustive definition for virtually anything in biology is impossible

I know I haven’t been on here much but I’m doing just fine! I’ve been more on my Fiber Hell discord, where I hang out and chat with lots of my mutuals and friends from here

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There’s discovering that you have a kink as in learning something new about yourself, and there’s discovering that you have a kink as in you always knew you were into it, but you didn’t realise it was a kink because you honestly thought everybody was into it, and of the two, the second one is much, much funnier.


It’s like the boner-based equivalent of folks with undiagnosed food allergies going “I just thought bananas were supposed to be spicy”.


> #you never see foot fetishists talking about how all men naturally crave toes as part of the human condition

Not only have I seen that, I have seen it in a power point at a conference

You’ve seen in a what now

did i stutter

Throwback to that reddit post about the guy who learned exercising doesn’t make everyone incredibly horny and realized he’s come across as an asshole to every partner he’s ever had

I genuinely love (in a weird way) how horrified and regretful he is at how awful he accidentally sounded. This is a person who is self-aware, not an asshole, and never wanted to make anyone feel bad. 

British transphobes have graduated to claiming that bisexual women are tainted by our association with men and thus change the “vibe” of women-only spaces. It’s true, every time I walk into the room, I’m also bringing the spirit of every man who’s been inside my vagina. They live up there like lil ghosts. 

This people are genuinely the goofiest dumbest bigots. 


*sigh* The TERFs are at it again

As a lot of sewing and costube nerds know, Bernadette Banner just released her book on sewing, a basic guide for sewing and mending based on historical techniques. She has a successful YouTube channel where she teaches these techniques and occasionally features other costubers, experts, etc. Naturally, in writing her book, she’s transferred some of the personal aspects that are part of any YouTube channel’s branding, such as illustrating her work with narratives and introducing the people who are featured in the book.

Because she has used people’s correct pronouns and approached this book in an inclusive way, it seems a group of TERF activists have organized and bombarded the book’s Amazon page with bad reviews, claiming the book has an “agenda” and is “political” by using the preferred pronouns of the people featured. Of course, this is this absurd – YouTube personalities, even those with substantive content who aren’t just influencers, are exactly that? Personalities? So of course there will be personal narratives, and why should someone’s identity be left out of their narrative, especially if the reason they need to tailor a garment is a gender reassignment surgery? I also imagine it may be triggering and difficult, as Banner has an openly non-binary sibling who has also been featured in her videos.

All this to say, you can go to Amazon and report these bigoted reviews or mark them as unhelpful, and if you have a copy of the book and like it, this is a good time to leave a nice review. The book was published less than a month ago, and bad Amazon reviews can tank new publications or push Amazon to force the author to make changes in some cases (though I think only with digital books, but as there’s a kindle edition and we all know that Amazon takes money from authors whose books are returned, I’m hoping these TERFs aren’t buying and returning Kindle editions just to leave shitty reviews). Anyway, it’s important to authors not to get dragged down by a TERF swarm, especially so early after publication. And it’s even more important to keep pushing back and showing TERFs that they can’t keep pulling this shit.

I’m honestly just so tired of their bullshit. Please find a non-destructive outlet for your trauma.

Anonymous asked:

Hey so we're having the longest heavy rainstorm we've had in years here and I was wondering if there was a way to thank Thor outside of alcohol because I am soaked and thriving and I want to show my appreciation

Just tell him!

Anonymous asked:

I have a couple of questions about your silk worms! You say you pick the best cocoons to breed each time and that very much makes sense. I think you've been doing this for one or two years or something, and I'm assuming that's a few generations in. Have you noticed that you're getting better quality silk now than you did at first, or that you have more of that golden colour you really liked before?

And if all these silkworms are descendents of the first batch you bought, does inbreeding become a problem at some point?

How long do the moths live after laying eggs?

After boiling the cocoons, what does the inside look like? Can you feed that to your chickens?

Yes. I am getting more of the gold cocoons...which make pale gold silk...than I used to.

As for inbreeding; I periodically have ordered more worms and/or eggs from other sources, expressly to bring in fresh genetics.

After laying eggs, the moths live perhaps a day or a day and a half, then die. You can in fact feed the dead moths and the boiled pupae to chickens, who go Apeshit for them.

A beautiful Mesolithic amber figure of a bear. It washed up on a beach at Fanø in Denmark from a submerged Mesolithic settlement under the North Sea. 12,500-3,900 BCE, now on display at the National Museum of Denmark.

Anonymous asked:

Hi! First, I haven't seen much posting from you on my dash in a while; I hope you and yours are doing ok.

Second, feel free to ignore, but I've come to you because you are someone I know lives in IA and seems to like it, and you have a way with life advice, to put it mildly:

I've been offered a job in IA (Pella, specifically, cos that may matter--at Central, even more specifically) and, honestly, I don't know how I feel about it. SO: What are some of the best things about living/working in Iowa? Right now, I'm worried because Pella (and the college) specifically is really Christian and conservative. That's not new to me, but it's REALLY blatant there. Since you are leftist and a pagan, I thought you might have a lens from which to approach that to make it less, well, isolating, I suppose. I also think you are the person who posts about Winter Preparedness sometimes, and I definitely need some encouragement about that cos where I'm from is cold but dry and I dunno what to do with feet of snow. But, mostly, I'd just feel better knowing all the "pros" to put in my pro/con list.

Thank you!

Best things about living/working in Iowa; cost of living. It's dirt cheap here. We've built so many wind turbines that electricity prices here are dirt fucking cheap. Property is also dirt cheap. We paid 23K for our house. It needed work, but still. 23 THOUSAND FOR A WHOLE ASS HOUSE WITH A YARD.

Also, it's pretty here. In a rural, agricultural sort of way. I love it here.

Also consider; this is the area you want to be to weather climate change. The way it will affect the midwest is warmer winters and more precipitation. I wish this was not the case, but it is, and the fact of the matter in brutal truth is that we'll fare better here than in the southwest or south.

Cons; it does in fact tend to be fairly conservative. Though sometimes surprisingly progressive...we were one of the first in the nation to legalize gay marriage, before even bastion of progressivism California...you'll see a lot of Trump signs. This could, of course, be changed if enough progressives made their way here. I'm working on it in my corner of IA.

Winters are harsh, but tbh you get used to them quickly. Invest in a good coat and driveway salt and you'll be OK. Sadly, with climate change we'll likely be facing less harsh winters in the future.


Iowa advice for anon-

Pella is beautiful, if small and kind of far away from everything. There is fun tulip festival and they give the most fucks about Holland since the Netherlands. There is a small college there and I hear the K-12 schools are good. Des Moines has that city feeling without all the people. Drive the speed limit or below in Windsor Heights. The area around Drake wants to be Waterloo so bad. The theme park is in Altoona and it is a hoot and a half; pack sunscreen. Stay the hell away from Waterloo if you want to remain unshot and above ground. Cedar Falls is Waterloo Lite with a University. University of Iowa in Iowa City is like a city within a city. Like the vatican but also not like that in any way. Davenport has an indescribable vibe to it. They have boats there! And supposedly a bunch of buried treasure. You didn't hear that from me.. Cedar Rapids is the City of Smells. Smells roll in like the weather, not all bad, some just strange. Ames is vacant when the college kids leave and basically morphs into Large Indianola. Marshalltown exists. Waukee is where the rich folks nest and it wants to be L.A. so bad. They don't build straight roads there. The new store you want to go to is in or around Waukee. Amana has the best wine and also a neat rock shop.

NE Iowa has the best projected value for the next 50 years, and will still be good farmland when the farming crisis really hits. It also has huge hills and cluffs which look like mountains to me. SW Iowa has such nice people during the day and threatening methheads at night. I have a friend that lives in the SE. The NW has a district, and probably some people.

If you go west you'll hit Omaha and there are no toll roads. If you go east you'll hit Chicago and there are toll roads. If you go south you'll hit Saint Jo and then KC. These are in Missouri, which is like Iowa but slightly warmer and slightly worse. There are no bathrooms within 50 miles of the border on Sundays, just piss in a field. Corn gives better cover than beans. If you go north you'll hit Minneapolis. This is in Minnesota which is slightly colder and slightly better. You will have to go in one of these directions to see that concert you want to go to.


When driving during the day, be nice to tractors and other tractor-esque farm equipment. They are bigger than you and probably worth more than your house. If you see a sign that says road construction, get used to it. Plan in an extra 15 min of driving time during the summer just in case. Such is the price for good roads.

When you are driving at night and the road you turned right on suddenly disappears and becomes a field, that's normal. It was never actually a road. Keep going till the next gravel crossroads and then turn right. If a pair of headlights at pickup height comes barreling toward you on a gravel road, pull off to the side and let them through. They will not slowdown or move over. The dust will dissipate in like 30 seconds and you can move along. Always always always turn off your brights when someone passes you on a one lane.

Tall strange shadows with glowing eyes will appear on the side of the road at twilight. Sometimes they will move wrong and approach you. These are not cryptids. They are dangerous. There is a reason the white tailed deer is the most deadly animal in the US.

The guy on the side of the road sells better sweet corn than any grocery store could ever hope to. Say your please and thank yous and don't be afraid to ask for help.


I live an hour from Davenport and go there regularly and god you’re right, the vibe is real but Undescribable. The rest of the Quad Cities all have distinct vibes but the there’s. Davenport.

It’s not a BAD vibe it’s just. A Vibe. You’ve got cool rock shops, local breweries, decent coffee, good restaurants, and also a fair amount of Pure Redneck Bullshit. It’s like a hipster town smashed into a podunk small town. And the bit nearest the river is underwater at least a couple weeks every couple years, because the Mississippi does Not care that we built a city there.

Also, as someone IN northeast Iowa, you are correct. The river bluffs are spectacular. We served wine from Amana at my wedding.

Ok so the thing about reading like books which are "predictable" is that I, a story enjoyer, go completely bonkers about it bc its like Enrichment in my Enclosure. A scene parallels another earlier scene between different characters thus serving to highlight the differences in their views and priorities???? A line makes me think "hmmm I bet that's gonna be relevant later" ends up being relevant later????? I am a tiger chewing ice cubes out of a pumpkin. I'm so so happy. Please foreshadow more things. Throw the completely anticipateable plot beats at me like catnip mousies!!!!!

I love playing author tag, as both a reader and a writer. I love hooting like a gibbon when I see the author doing Thematic Parallels or Blatant Foreshadowing. I love writing that shit. I love reading someone in the comments of my work going "ITS THE THIIIIIING!!" I go feral "YES ITS THE THING!! THANK YOU FOR SEEING THAT!!! I WORKED VERY HARD ON IT!!"

It's the writing version of picking up on how a movie special effect was done and going Oooooh because it still works, and if anything it works even more and looks even cooler now that you know its Playtex and wires. Its Playtex and wires AND a dinosaur! It's a flagrant waving around of a prop we will use later, and a suspense builder! It's good!!!


Great to see that you are an Iowan. I am a native Iowan currently living in the South. I was back in God’s Country last week visiting family. I miss IA!


I have been in the south and my opinion is that the food is great but I don't know how y'all survive summer.


Getting out of the plane in Florida in July I felt like I was breathing in a hot steam room. It was like breathing through soup. I don’t know how y’all do it.

Great to see that you are an Iowan. I am a native Iowan currently living in the South. I was back in God’s Country last week visiting family. I miss IA!


I have been in the south and my opinion is that the food is great but I don't know how y'all survive summer.

I can't stop thinking about this reddit post on soapmaking dude

I cannot express what an insane recipe that is. No one else could grasp it either

Like beeswax doesn't. It kinda just stays as beeswax in the soap. The lye has nowhere to go with it. That liquid seeping out of the soap? The brown and clear drops?? That's lye. That's straight up lye. This mf made the soap equivalent of the Chernobyl elephants foot.

technically not lying to call this "exfoliating"

Researching and I just found the BEST term.

Chicken Moat.


This is a really good idea actually

@drchiropterajones​ @dropattackbear​ home inspo for the ladies

We just let them roam through the garden proper they (mostly) haven't figured out that the plants are edible yet. It's really relaxing watching them hunt cattterpillars and grasshoppers between the plants. It's like letting the dinosaurs out in Jurassic park to keep the tourist population under control. Very satisfying.



im collecting marine biology memes does anyone have anymore

I saw the caption and in the span of two seconds went from VERY EXCITED to VERY DISAPPOINTED that there aren’t more SO I MADE MORE


-an actual marine biologist


it has been confirmed that the Nmber One Benefit to Being a Marine Biologist is MEMES