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Me: The reason Atem uses so many magician-themed cards isn’t just because of Mahad, it’s an extension of his imposter syndrome. Magicians, magical hats, mystic box–they’re not just spellcasters, they’re performance themed. They’re tricks. “Pay no attention to the deeply confused sense of purpose and identity behind the curtain,” says the King of Bullshit, “my name is definitely Yugi Muto and I definitely know what’s going on.”

Me to me: Okay, but those are Yugi’s favorite cards too. What’s the deal with that?

Me back to me: Ah, you see, Yugi just thinks magicians are cute. :)

Me: The reason Yugi stocks his deck with cute, weak monsters even though he clearly has access to better ones is because swapping them out would be like giving up on himself, the five foot nothing friendless weakling nerd who gets his ass kicked all the time. Winning with monsters like Kuriboh and Watapon is proving something, for Yugi—that sweetness can beat strength, if you’re clever; that the underdog can win; that there’s always hope for the people, er, cards, everyone else has already given up on. 

Me to me: Okay, but those are also Atem’s favorite cards. What’s the deal with that?

Me back to me: Ah, you see, Atem just thinks Marshmallon is cute. :)

Dancing in the Moonlight

Here’s my second illustration done for mermay… first one you can see here :D I felt a strong urge to draw tons of fish with this one HAHA. And of course, another long-haired merman was a must. Like usually, done in Photoshop CC with Wacom Cintiq 27QHD. Enjoy!