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but the crown they gave was just for show. you can leave it here and go.

How the fic drive for reproductive rights works

Each week (Monday-Sunday) a writer will run a mini auction via their social media account where they offer a number of prompts they would be willing to write. Depending on the amount of signups a number of writers from different fandoms will hold auctions in each given week. The fic drive and signup will be rolling with no defined end date. Readers will vote for which prompt they would like to read by sending a screenshot verifying a donation to an organisation that protects reproductive rights (after being careful to remove any personal information!), along with a message detailing which prompt they are voting for. The writer will write the most popular prompt as per number of donations, not value of donations. Writers are asked to keep a tally of votes and track of the amount of money raised and to send this along at the end of the week so a running total can be kept. Auction posts will be featured on the fic drive’s Tumblr and Twitter accounts, as will the fic when finished (there is no time limit on filling the prompts and no minimum word count). Accounts are linked below. The auctions for writers who don’t have fandom socials will be run through the Tumblr and Twitter accounts. These will happen later on after the accounts have had some time to gain followers and traction. Signup is on a first come, first served basis within fandoms, though there is space below to indicate which weeks you wouldn’t be able to participate. Swaps will be facilitated if you are no longer available to do the week you’ve been allocated. Writers will be contacted to let them know which week to run their auction and a document detailing when each writer is running their auction will be available on the Tumblr and Twitter accounts. Auctions begin the week of 4th-10th July. As abortion rights are under threat/not available worldwide donations are not limited to US organisations/dollar amounts, though readers will be asked to provide a figure in US dollars based on the current exchange rate so that an approximate running total can be kept. 

This is an AWESOME multifandom project that raises money for a range of reproductive rights organizations. Instead of holding one big simultaneous event, a small handful of creators will each auction off a fanwork through their own blog. By following the main blog, you can get updates on each week’s list of offerings.

If you want to get involved as a creator, signups remain open! The roster is currently full through the end of September, but you can offer a fanwork later in the year.

Let’s keep this terrific project running as long as possible!

This is me learning some things from Nicholas Hely Hutchinson, whose landscapes you should check out because they are stunning.

It's based on a photo of my own, but leaning into his techniques. The way he uses foreground detail is really interesting, and I think I wanna do another study tbh because I didn't push it anywhere near as much as he does - often bringing you right into the picture by pushing it up over the squished down horizon. But I loved doing that sky and horizon, and the midground tree was a really interesting departure from my normal habits.

Kicking off the year with The New Kid by Alys Jackson, out in The School Magazine (Orbit, Feb 22).

I am forever in love with atmospheric skies and brown paper, so I really had the best time with this one.

This is me finally putting into practise a specific technique I want to learn to use. The yellow pencil was drawn, scanned in and coloured separately. The rest is just blue pencil and watercolour with some digital changes to tweak colour/value.

FTH 2022: The details.

In late 2016, the Fandom Trumps Hate fanworks auction was founded in response to the disastrous US presidential election, as an attempt to band together and put some good back into the world by raising money for nonprofit organizations working to protect the vulnerable and marginalized. Over the past five years, we’ve raised more than $135,000 together for a range of progressive organizations — and we aren’t quitting now.

In this post, you’ll find the calendar for the 2022 auction, as well as this year’s list of supported organizations. If you’re unfamiliar with FTH, or if you just want a refresher, take a look at our freshly-updated FAQ.

This year, we are raising money for roughly a dozen small, progressive nonprofits doing vital work on shoestring budgets: advocating for immigrant children, providing running water to Navajo communities, supporting incarcerated sex workers, and reviving local journalism, among others. Additionally, we are supporting the whole category of organizations known as abortion funds: grassroots community groups that help people make the best reproductive choices for themselves. We’ve identified a few specific abortion funds that are worthy recipients, but we have also linked the National Network of Abortion Funds’ directory to help you connect to your local abortion fund. See the full list of supported organizations here.


Monday, January 31st – creator signups open

Sunday, February 13th – creator signups close

Sunday, February 20th – browsing period begins*

Wednesday, February 23rd, 8am EST – bidding opens

Sunday, February 27th, 8pm EST – bidding closes

Sunday, March 6th, 8pm EST – proof of donation due from bidders

* browsing period is a window of time when all auction offers are visible but bidding has not yet opened. It’s a great time for bidders to figure out which offers are appealing to them, and for creators to double-check their offerings posts for errors.

We will be posting more in the coming weeks with full details about how to sign up, how to find the auctions you want to bid on, and other auction logistics, as well as more information about each of our supported nonprofits. Follow us to stay updated!

Some convict women, for a piece by Kate Walker, in The School Magazine this month (Touchdown, October 2021).

1. Mary Haydock, later Reibey - the face of our $20 note.

2. Elizabeth (and Rebecca) Miller

3. Ann Entwistle

4. Mary Hindle