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Thinking about how a year ago I was interviewed by a very popular radio show about my long COVID symptoms (I was over a year into experiencing them). They ended up not using my story because “it was too sad” and “I didn’t recover like other people”. They told me to contact them when I had recovered to potentially share my story in the future. I wrote back and told them that most people with long COVID will never recover, and that they weren’t accurately reporting on how COVID affects people. They never replied.

A year later and my symptoms still haven’t improved at all. Anyways, here’s your reminder that the COVID reporting you’re reading (at least in the U.S.) is probably not accurate and is not actually reflecting the suffering of real people.

“We’ll be willing to talk about your chronic illness/disability once you’re over it” is hands down the most abled thing I’ve heard in my life.

I hate the nordics I really do

Meanwhile, in my cultures, going out of your way to feed somebody who isn't hungry is like 72% of what motivates Jewish and Indian grandmothers to live.

"But what if he just ate?"

My guy, you could have just had an almost identical meal at your house 15 minutes prior, and a Jewish or Indian grandmother will literally say "Yes, but it wasn't my brisket/biryani/etc." If somebody else made it, it doesn't even count.

"but he just ate" ok???? so he should take a few minutes to digest and if he's still hungry then he clearly didn't eat enough

Stopped over my Italian fam yesterday to drop something off, and they offered us food. We declined, saying we just ate.

Aunt said, "Have something to drink! Take a snack! You know that hardly counts as eating."

Food is a love langauge

just wanted to make a general donations post for native americans 

and here’s a map of what indigenous land you are living on if you want to donate specific towards those people and nations 💗

Able bodied parents I'm begging you to teach your kids about disabled people. Not just because they could become disabled themselves one day but also because even if they don't, they have a very real chance of being rude to us if you don't teach them.

Yes, kids just say shit. They have no filter. That doesn't make it any less humiliating when your child sits near me on the bus and incessantly grills me on why I have a stick when I'm not old. Or laughs at us for things our disability causes. It doesn't take away the hurt when they bully a disabled classmate. For a large part these things could be avoided if you just taught your kids to respect us. It's really not that hard.

[Image Description: A yellow banner with the text "ablebodied people can reblog but dont add anything". On the left there is a stick figure of a person in a wheelchair, and on the right there is a stick figure of a person holding a cane.]

big fan of polite and minimal explanations when you need to get out of work, school, plans etc. just a definitive ‘sorry but I can’t make it today.’ and then if they press for details or are rude about it say ‘sorry, something came up. thanks for understanding’ i’m over the idea that you have to exaggerate/overexplain your situation even when you don’t want to do that to be worthy of flexibility and grace in your life

The “thanks for understanding” is a power move, too, because then if they keep pressing it’s like implying that they’re NOT being understanding.

the "trust me bro this is good bigotry bro I swear bro this time it's different and justified bro" tweet is one of my favorite images. I think about it every time I see someone make an argument that looks like they just control + f + replaced an older bigoted rant with a new vocab word. it's perfect.

I want this framed on my wall

“Its lazy for cashiers to sit down

And it’s weird to care. Work shouldn’t be an endurance test. Let me sit. We’re not doing a survivor challenge. You don’t think people can sit down and work at the same time? You’re gonna be real mad when you find out what an office is.”

As the world fell…each of us in our own way was broken.

MAD MAX: FURY ROAD 2015 | dir. George Miller

[ID: Six gifs from Mad Max: Fury Road. Each gif is starkly colored with a different primary shade. 

1. Immortan Joe standing in front of a drained pool where the Wives used to live. The words “Our Babies Will Not Be Warlords” have been scrawled in white around the rim of the pool, in all caps. The rest of the gif is tinted red.

2. The electric blue night sky, covered with stars. A single shooting star is visible.

3. Rows and rows of green plants in Immortan Joe’s stronghold.

4. The towering dust storm, as a caravan of cars approaches it. The gif is in black and white.

5. A person on sticks picking their way across the muddy bog that was once the Green Place. The gif is tinted purple.

6. A hand tracing the bright golden skulls on the ceiling of the War Rig.

End ID.]