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Documentation of my attempt to relive 2003 as an adult and other musings

2003 vs. 2013: Post #1

In 2003, my biggest concern was probably whether or not my parents would let me go to Warped Tour and the 9:30 Club.

In 2013, my biggest concern (as of now) is the DoD Civilian furlough and if I'm able to still pay my bills...even in my low income Tennessee town. I guess I ain't going to Bonnaroo.

Lesson of the Day: ENJOY YOUR YOUTH, KIDS!

Reliving 2003 as an Adult Concert #1: Mae

Mae played a ten-year anniversary show for Destination: Beautiful last night at Rocketown. While I have mixed feelings toward Rocketown, I decided to give in and see what this place is about. Rocketown is pretty much a teenager's wet dream (or teencave?). Skate park, bro bands, pop tarts for sale, you name it. While inside, Amanda and I felt like old fogies. It's been years since I've been to a venue where 1) I wasn't carded and 2) there were no alcohol for sale. However, it was a great show. I finally heard "Just Let Go" live and can now die happy.

Next Concert: Allister

Thanks Fall Out Boy

I heard about the "big news" yesterday that Fall Out Boy is back together and touring this summer. The good news is that they are coming to Nashville (which is quite surprising since my constant concert tracking on the interwebz proves that most bands I like avoid Nashville like the plague). The bad news is that it's not a "Take This To Your Grave" ten anniversary show like I had hoped.

Tickets for the Nashville show go on sale Saturday. So will I go to this show or not? The question remains....

Speaking of the Young and the Hopeless: a picture from the album signing in Tower Records in Rockville, MD. I still remember my mom picking Amy and I up from school (middle school, that is), being those "youngin's" in line, and going to Starbucks after the show and a random boy telling us how much he loved Avril Lavigne. We got free tickets to the release party at the 9:30 Club...still bummed that we couldn't get to go. It was a school night after all...

Two years later, Good Charlotte did another album release signing at Tower Records for The Chronicles of Life and Death. I will save that story for another time.

BTW, the Cat Fight thing was my friends and I's online zine from 2005-2006. TEAM CAT FIGHT!

Hello Blogosphere!

I'm Jess. I'm 23 years old. Maryland-born, Longhorn-educated, and current Tennessee transplant. I created this blog to document my adventures, photography and other musings as I continue living in this strange world called adulthood.

I used to blog a lot back in 2003. As another decade approaches and the bands of my youth are reuniting, I made it my mission to relive 2003 as an adult. Sometimes you have to hold onto who you truly are and I'm truly a pop-punker at heart. 

I figured if I'm going to blog this year, there is no better way to document it on the internet. So, what up interwebz! Enjoy my bloggy!