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i wonder if it’s time for a cultural reappraisal of rob liefeld’s art. maybe we were all just too quick to judge a guy for daring to have a unique stylized take that focused on exaggeration and action. *actually looks at some of his art again* jesus CHRIST never mind

Love how the villain in Morbius is fucking Matt Smith and I have seen like, one tumblr post about it. This is simultaneously about how tumblr has changed and how no one has seen the movie.

it took TWO MONTHS for me to see a gifset of the shirtless, ripped Matt Smith featured in this movie and that was when I truly understood that the old world is dying and a new world is struggling to be born

Thank you for all your love on my first art of 14!!! Here’s more bc i already love him and I am going to be shocked when he inevitably is not wearing this outfit.


“Captain, I once read that humans of early 21st century Earth gifted each other beverage receptacles known as ‘mugs.’ Do you… like it?”

“…I love it, Spock.”

Please do not repost.

[ID: A drawing of Kirk from Star Trek wearing the green command wrap tunic and holding a cup of coffee that says, “#1 Captain.” He is turned to the side and looks slightly over his shoulder, with a warm, almost playful expression on his face. /end ID]

what you need to understand about recommending a show to me is that no matter how much we both know I’ll like it, I can’t watch it until the Neurodivergence Department in my brain approves it. I don’t know when that will be, and I don’t have any more control over it than you do.

My kitten tried to kill my stuffed tribble. My roommate remarked that my tribble killing cat would make a great Klingon pet… and she’s right.

Imagine a Klingon ship having a cat that protects them from tribbles & vermin. They have to get the cat from a shelter run by humans and they’re like “This is the honorable Mr. Chonks”.

“Yes, our ship also has an earth feline. Her name is Carrot and she fights like a warrior.”

There’s absolutely a Klingon out there who lost an eye to a feral cat that he then adopted.

Klingons who go “pspspspsps” to get the Ship Cat to come hang out during break.

Orange Ship Cat that gets lost in the jeffires tubes and Klingon whose sole job is to go fetch the orange cat. He acts like he hates his job but he actually really adores his feline co-worker so much.

Klingon that always hands things to the Ship Cat so it can sniff it.

Klingon that intentionally grabs boxes to enrich Ship Cat’s little life. Sometimes they get multiple boxes and the crew bets on which box will be deemed “best box” by their fluffy little warrior.

Klingon that starts his work shift saying “Qapla'!” to Ship Cat who meows in return.

Newly Minted Ship Kitten climbing up to a Klingon Captain’s shoulder with her tiny needle claws while said Captain is attempting to be intimidating on the viewscreen.

Klingon who gets a head bunt from Ship Cat and gives it a head bunt back.

Watching tng makes spirk so much funnier bcoz picard and riker have an actual platonic relationship between captain and 1st commander and can u imagine them doing the things spock and kirk do? Picard asking for a backrub from riker. Riker saying picard is literally infallible. Picard telling riker that he makes him believe in miracles.