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hi im lev and this is my mainblog :)

i am nonbinary; please use they/them pronouns & gender neutral language when referring to me

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Anonymous asked:

Do you know what RSS means? I've seen that a lot webcomics have a RSS page but I've been never quite sure what it does.

Yeah! RSS stands for “really simple syndication” and it’s a way to subscribe to webpages on your own all in one place instead of using social media accounts, it’s super useful for keeping up with independent websites (which is why so many webcomics encourage using it) and social media posts on sites you don’t use yourself. It seems a bit intimidating at first but it’s really handy because you can completely customize your feed, and keep up with exactly the content you want without having to follow all your favorite creators across six different social medias whose algorithms hide their updates anyway.I’m a huge fan of the concept myself but I’m a fucking barbarian and still just have an enormous list of bookmarks I check manually whenever I think of it, BUT my Cool Blog Pal @unpretty talks about it fairly frequently and knows much more about how it works than I do! She has a very long and detailed post about it over here you can look into when you get a minute. https://unpretty.space/post/181035050748/hey-a-friend-of-mine-is-curious-about-rss-and-the


i am doing my part to keep rss alive and i will spread the word whenever anyone gives me an excuse

i used to say “imagine you got website updates the way you get podcasts” but then i learned that a large percentage of people listen to podcasts by searching for them on spotify when they see on twitter that there is a new episode. that’s horrifying, by the way. use a podcast app or add it to your rss reader. learn to love yourselves.


these days i have reverted back to my sales pitch of “a tumblr dash for the entire rest of the internet”. when someone posts something (a news article, a blog post, a comic) it shows up in your rss reader and is generally super convenient. i generally rec feedly.com as the most newbie friendly, but personally i use inoreader. it has the google-reader-esque power user layout i crave. also while feedly is pretty it feels a bit too corporate for me.

the tl;dr of the post linked above is:

  • make an account on feedly or inoreader (this can be done in a browser or an app if you’re on mobile) (it’s very easy to switch to a different one if you decide you like it better)
  • add the comics you like that have rss feeds (or blogs, or webnovels, or etc etc)
  • now when they update they will show up as unread in your… inbox? it’s not really an inbox. anyway.
  • never manually check to see if something has updated ever again

Idk i think some people miss the point of someone who's around my age lamenting that they've never dated or done anything or been in love, but really want to be. I saw someone who was 24 ask whether there was still hope for them (which I know is kinda dramatic), and the person who responded was like "do you have friends and family who love you and whom you love? Have you ever read a good book or eaten fruit or sat in the sunlight. Love is everyhwere 🥺❤️🥺❤️" and like yeah yeah I get that little love and platonic love is just as important as romantic and sexual love but really none of that changes the fact that that person and many others like them are desiring a specific kind of love under very specific circumstances and conditions. Loving your parents isn't the same as loving a significant other lol. And idk it feels patronizing or infantilizing I think, to see someone who's never been in a relationship and would like to experience that kind of bond with someone only to tell them "no actually you should love your friends and family and eat some good food ❤️" idk idk I understand the intentions but. People desire to be desired in specific ways. People want to feel desired sexually and Romantically and to know that they're wanted in those capacities. Yes it's not the only metric by which to measure one's value, but we're not being unrealistic or naive by desiring this. Yes all the other stuff is important but you would not tell someone who doesn't have friends not to worry about platonic love bc maybe they have an SO already and also the sun is shining and their parents love them and people are being kind for no reason. it's starting to get annoying

Never Ending Circles CHVRCHES 

Here’s to taking what you came for And here’s to running off the pain And here’s to just another no man If you want another Say you need another Here’s to never ending circles And building them on top of me And here’s to another no man If you want another Say you need another