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Time zones are an astonishing thing. For example, if you go to the US now, the time is the middle ages.



Just a little young man on his way to the circus🐁

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Apple propaganda notwithstanding, the reason tower PCs are big isn’t because they’re outdated. The reason tower PCs are so bulky is because they’re designed to be user serviceable. The case has lots of open space so your big, meaty hands can easily access all of the components, and everything is secured with friction-fit tabs and standard machine screws to minimise the need for specialised tools. A properly laid out tower PC is fully serviceable with a single Phillips-head screwdriver and no greater manual skill than your average Lego playset – heck, for some of the more modern case layouts you don’t even need the screwdriver, unless you’re performing major surgery like a full motherboard replacement.

Like, think about who benefits from convincing you that a fully modular computing device that can be serviced and repaired with your bare hands and minimal technical skill is unfashionable.

It can seem daunting at first but it really is worth it to learn to build desktop computers.

Like a new apple desktop costs like $1500-$2000 and you get like 16gb of ram or less, barely any USB or hdmi ports, barely any storage in general, ect. Additionally its incredibly hard if not impossible to get into it and switch anything out if something breaks or if you just want better part.

Meanwhile my desktop pc maybe cost $900 all together and it has an awesome graphics card, 16gb of ram standard and can be updated myself in seconds if I want to, space for like 5 hard drives (I currently have a 2 terabyte HDD one installed as well as a smaller SSD for the OS), 10 USB ports, multiple hdmi ports, old VGA ports, and tons of other features you would have to pay an arm and a leg to get in a new pre-made pc if you could find them at all.

I do know that not everyone is gonna have the time or the resources but there are places you can go for help and tons of guides and forums on the internet where people can answer your questions, and at least on pcpartpicker.com they even have example builds where they list everything you need to buy along with guides for how to put it together. I really think if you can its worth learning cuz now that I know more about computers it seems ridiculous what Apple and Microsoft will charge for a pre-built pc that sucks ass and, at least in Apple’s case, can’t be customized.

And that’s not to even mention what a rip off laptops are these days. My windows laptop is barely two years old and it already hardly runs and there’s literally nothing wrong with it. Meanwhile my fiance’s custom built desktop is like 4 years old and still runs like new. It’s true people do need laptops, but you shouldn’t have to rely on them. Learn to build and repair your stuff, its worth it. (And also in terms of tower PCs being big, if that’s really an issue for you there are multiple sizes of towers, you can just get a small one and there are parts that will fit.)

I really want to emphasize the whole Lego set analogy when it comes to putting together PCs, it’s really not an exaggeration. PC parts and form factors are miraculously and remarkably standardized these days, and there’s lots of helpful resources online to help you pick out parts, if it feels daunting! The site I usually recommend is pcpartpicker.com. It’ll even tell you if you’ve selected incompatible parts!

Some of the smaller components take a little bit more dexterity, but magnetized screwdrivers and tweezers are cheap and go a long way. But it really is just a matter of plugging things into the right ports


equal rights for women will never truly be achieved until we have more female noir detectives


and i don't mean some badass woman who doesn't need a man and can kill someone in 6 inch heels without breaking a sweat or smudging her perfectly set makeup or chipping a nail. she looks like she grew up in a soggy cardboard box on the side of the road all alone. she monologues dramatically to herself while looking over the corruption-riddled city she works in because she has no friends or hobbies and will literally do anything except go to therapy. she gets beat up in alleyways so blood and rain drip sexily from her nose and chin but when she gets to her feet she looks like a sad wet cat. women want her but they also pity her. instead of perfume she smells of coffee, whiskey and cigarettes, which are also more or less all she lives off of. her voice is more gravelly than a pit of rocks as a result of said diet. she hasn't slept or showered in at least 3 days and it's increasingly obvious. she's either divorced or feels like she should be.

yeah okay gimme a sec

ok first off some of yall missed the entire point and gave gorgeous, put-together women, when op explicitly stated that she is "a sad wet cat" this is the type-a woman who Does Not have her shit together and Does Not care.

therefore, i give you: Female Noir Detective

this lady's so much of a mess she's smoking the damn cig backwards

Have you REALLY lost your scissors if you aren't walking around making scissor motions with your fingers in an attempt to lure them back out?


spellcasting with somatic compenents

how to tell you're living in a dystopia: working your contracted hours and meeting your job description is considered "quitting"


Nichelle Nichols’s impact can not be understated.

She was the first black woman to go to space on tv (and her impact on representation on TV should also not be understated) but she also campaigned for NASA applications of diverse voices. Her campaign led to the recruitment of Sally Ride (first woman in space), col. Guion Bluford (first black astronaut in NASA), and Mae Jeminson (first black woman in space).

Without her personal recruitment campaign (which she threatened to sue NASA if she put her reputation on the line to bring in these applications if they then did not go on to hire any of them) who knows how much longer it would have taken to get anyone other than a white man as a NASA astronaut.