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“I am here now, aren’t I?”
Eric responded with a mischievous smirk, watching her as she approached him. He was glad to see that she was alright. Even after all this time.
“Thank you. I think.”
He added with a hint of amusement.
“Game, what game? I figured you’d find out soon enough. I own your house now. Someone had to pay the bills while you couldn’t..”

Her frown grew deeper over his barbs. It was true, without her around, the house might’ve gone into foreclosure, or at least into the red with the bills to pay. “Well, I can start working at Merlotte’s this week and I can make a payment plan with you to buy my house back. Fair and square.” As much as she appreciated his help, she wanted her house back. So long as he owned it, he and other vampires could come and go as they pleased.

“Why did you buy it? Why not warn my brother about the house and have him buy it?,” she asked, sitting down next to him on the swing.

Eric didn’t respond to her text. But by the time she headed outside, he was seated comfortably on her porch. He turned his head and smiled as he met her gaze.
“I knew you were still alive..”
He said, as his way of greeting her.

Frowning, Sookie leaned in the open doorway of her front porch. The nerve of the man buying her home. She wondered if he’d done any repairs to it, glad he hadn’t gutted the place to turn into a brothel or stripper pole. “Yet, you didn’t think to come find me?,” she asked, walking over to him. It was too long since she last laid eyes on someone familiar. Her little trip to the fae world had turned her upside down. 

“You look...better. What game you playing at with my place?”

[text: Sookie] Because I own your house? I’ve lived there while you were away, Sookie..

Sookie frowned at the text back. He owned her house? How? Why? She couldn't have this conversation with him through text. She did however text him to come to her home. Her home. Not his. This house belonged to her grams and it wouldn't end up in the hands of a vampire no matter how attractive the son of a gun was.

               ❝ While I think it’s cute that you want to help me with your unnecessary charity I think I’m going to take a pass and keep riding high on this ego of mine.   Peter knew who he was and he was SATISFIED with all of that. While some people might sneer at some of his characteristics he would justify them until the end. Frown upon assault and even MURDER if you want but he was getting the jobs no one else wanted to do done. Not everything could be tied up in a nice little bow. Not the way the pack back in Beacon Hills always prayed it could be. Sometimes “trying to find a way” didn’t always work. 
               Peter smiled up at the cook as he delivered their plates to them. He was definitely different from everyone else here - stylish, a PIZZAZZ to the otherwise swampy southern atmosphere. He reached out to take his hand.   If only everyone else was as welcoming as you,    he started, spite aimed towards Sookie very intentionally.   Maybe Miss Stackhouse would be in a better mood if those suggestion cards didn’t say how uptight she is. She needs to let loose a little bit. I’ll try to help with that while I’m in town. Peter  he introduced himself to the man.

If she could've slid deeper into this pleather seat, Sookie would've. As much as she loved Lafayette, he was a flirt through and through. He wouldn't leave this table without Peter's number, or Peter. Sookie didn't know how she'd feel about being left alone with their food while Lafayette boned Peter in the bathroom.

Lafayette shook the man's hand, before turning it around to take a look at his fingers. "When Sooks brings me a porn star in the flesh, hard not to come over and say welcome, Sugar. Mmm, god damnt," he said, whistling at the strong feel of this one's hands. Though he knew there were other places, Sooks' friend could put his hands on him. But hearing her friend, talk about Sookie like a cold fish made him wonder if this one already got claimed.


"Oh, our Sookie, sugar? No, no, miss Hookah been letting it loose the past few years. Ain't that right, Sookie? Eric and that god damn dick of his. Boy, is worth ruining my life for, if it wasn't for him being a pain in both our asses."


“Stop that nasty talk, Lafayette.”

Now, that made Sookie blush redder than the ketchup that she tried to pour all over her fries. Peter didn't need to know about her love life, if sleeping with Eric Northman in the Bayou was anything close to a love life. Still, she held her head high and waited for Peter to say something to the admission.

"Peter, careful with this one. Once you fall in her pussy, you ain't ever gettin' out. Go on and run away, to my bed, and let me keep you warm."

My high hill doesn’t come with a swamp,   Peter decided on retorting. So much for holding back on any insults but her sarcastic tongue had decided on lashing at him first. Sookie Stackhouse might try to act all sweet and innocent but he could see right through that. The little church mouse had a sharp bite when she wanted. Anyone who didn’t see that coming had a rude awakening.  
               ❝ Well we all can’t fit in with washed jeans and worn plaid shirts stained with beer, can we?   The ex-alpha practically insulted the customers to their faces as he looked around and noted the many stares. He was a nicely dressed man and the people here looked like they just walked out of the house dressed in whatever was comfortable to wear while channel surfing on the couch.  
               ❝ I thought you southern folk were supposed to be friendly.   The last thing he wanted was some cook to ruin his food with his special touch.  Despite what people want to believe about their own personal tastes, I’m a lot pf people’s types,   he said smuggly. Maybe even yours if you get off your innocent high horse.

"Not when other folks show their rudeness right out the gate." He hadn't helped himself by the way he dressed. Nor the way he looked at the local folk. Sookie knew back in Beacon Hills, it wouldn't make anyone lose their tailfeather over it. Here, looking at another man like he was dirt was liable to have a broken bottle in the looker's neck and dumped in the swamp. As much as Sookie smiled at the idea of Peter dragging himself from the swamp, gators chomping at his bits, she knew it'd end up a big old mess for her to clean up and a liable Peter complaining in her ear.


Though it wasn't hard for her to explain this next bit to Peter. "If I got off this high horse, it'd only be to help you out of the shit pile that's called your ego. I'm not even your type, so why're you bothered by me not liking you like Gran's romance cover models." He sure wasn't Fabio.

Lafayette didn't help her cause one bit.


Sliding down two fresh plates in front of them, Lafayette held his hand out to Peter. Bangles and all. "Well sugar, I'll be friendly to you, if Sookie's ain't. Sooks, you brought me a souvenir from California? You shouldn't have."

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               ❝ I haven’t been to the SOUTH in a very long. The atmosphere is very…   Peter took a look around the establishment known as MERLOTTE’S BAR & GRILL. You can point out the regulars with ease by the way they seem like fixtures instead of patrons. The town itself was backwater. What else could he expect?   What do you recommend on the menu, Miss Stackhouse?  He just went with that instead of an insult, a smile propping up on his

“Very different from the high hill that you live on?,” she asked, sweeter than the pancake syrup bottle she held in her hands. She didn’t need to read his mind, to hear in his tone what he thought about her tone. Not like sunny California with the perfect skin and perfect teeth. Still, he was the one sticking out like a sore thumb as the locals turned in their seats to give him the once over. Even Sookie had to fight back a smile at some of the insults, the Bon Temps residents were hurling at Peter inside their heads.


“Well, I’d be extra sweet or else, the cook, Lafeyette might rub his junk all over your food,” Sookie answered, tapping her fingernails on the menu. Still, she was kind enough to get up from the booth and shout as loud as she used to in Merlotte’s.

“Can I get two meaty burgers with a big butt, a mud pie, two fries, and two tall Cokes?” 

A little whoop in the back told her Lafayette heard it all. 

“You’ll be meeting, Lafayette real soon, and you’re his type.”

                ❝I think I went through an entire bottle of shampoo before I was sure that I had successfully washed all of his blood and guts out of my hair. It still creeps me out to this day,❞  she said with a full on cringe that rattled her entire body.  ❝I think he was hopin’ to get in my pants more than anything else. I ain’t goin’ out with him again.❞

Sookie couldn’t believe the state of romance. Did men honestly think this would get her engine going? That she’d pull down her short-shorts for them? She reached out to squeeze her twin’s hand. 


"This is why Gran said romance novels are so much better than real life. Fabio wouldn’t pull this out of a stupid hat. Don’t mean a book is gonna keep me warmer than a croc on the Bayou. Back to that tender app?”


                ❝He dragged me to a VAMPIRE FIGHT CLUB thinkin’                   that was a great place for a date. How do you think my                   night went for me? NOT GOOD.❞

"It’s like these men have beer for blood and chips for brains. It was weeks of showering to get all of Longshadow out of our hair. I swear, I coughed up some of his hair the other day. Please tell me, he didn’t think you’d get a second date.”

               ❝Here you are playing judge, jury, and executioner,❞  Peter pointed out what had happened with the man lying at her feet and she was still holding the weapon in her hand.  ❝You have quite the impulse control issue, don’t you, Sookie?❞

The man had a lot of nerve judging her for wanting to help around here. “I didn’t see you chasing after him. He had a van, rope, and this shovel.” She held it up for him to see. “For afterwards.” 


Putting the famous hand on the hip, Sookie couldn’t believe him. “You’re the one with the judgey face and tone, Peter Judge. Can’t do a donkey’s tail right around you?” 

                ❝You’re not in control right now. Admit it - YOU NEED MY HELP.

“I can certainly control myself. I haven’t hit you with this shovel like a buzzing fly near my apple pie.” Sookie tightened her grip on the handle. “Unlike this guy,” she pointed at her feet, “He couldn’t stop buzzing about hurting little girls.”

“ they are still ALIVE . i don’t kill . haven’t in thirty five years . “ he admitted , motioning towards the body . “ and t’e name is FINNLEY , cher . and judgin’ by how many times you’ve said somethin’ about t’ help ‘round here i am guessin’ you work for this bar . “ he looked around , noting that MERLOTTE’S was rather empty for a weeknight . then again it was both back to school time and a bit later than most people liked to drink . 
“ and sweet an’ kooky ? CHER , i am not a member of t’ ADDAMS FAMILY , okay ? truth is i was ridin’ through town and i haven’t eaten in just under a week - be it the stalest TRU BLOOD ‘round louisiane’ or from a human . so my apologies . t’ink i’m a danger , cher ? go on . grab a bar stool an’ make a stake . i’m sure ol’ NEWLIN would be thrilled . “
Sookie looked surprised over the thought of staking him. "I don't stake vampires willy-nilly. I would've turned you in, if you did kill 'em." Sookie peeked around him, seeing movement from the person, even some slight moans. Hearing their thoughts a few seconds later, confirmed they were still alive and kicking. "I need to call this one a cab and make sure their mama is awake to haul their ass out of the cab.”

She walked around the bar, side stepping over the passed out individual. Sookie tsked to see the mess making its way over to the side of the chair’s legs. “I’m Sookie, and a waitress here at Merlotte’s. So, Finnley, you’re riding through town, where you headin’? To New Orleans, or from?” She grabbed a wet rag from behind the bar and held it out. 


“You got some blood on your shirt.”

DANCIN’ by y’self ? that is no fun . “ he spoke , dropping the creepy aspect he knew he could have sometimes . still, finn couldn’t help but laugh at her next question . “ N’awlins c h e r . fun place – especially ‘round mardi gras . “ he mused , pronouncing new orleans with his heaviest accent yet . running a hand back through his dark, short hair , finnley glanced down at the body . “  ‘ just a nibble , cher . t’ey are perfectly fine . i don’ kill where i plan to stay . besides that vampire council and sheriffs of the area are full of dick heads . “ he chuckled , extending his hand out before he noticed her arms and fingers . “ you are somethin’ special , cher . but n’ worries . i’m full for tonight . “
Sookie visited New Orleans a few times in her life, one of them as a guest of Eric’s, whom she wondered if he realized this stranger was in town. After all, Bon Temps found itself under his jurisdiction. “So you’re passing through? Just a snack for the road?” She looked towards his hands, knowing he must’ve used them to wring the person’s neck. Even now, she could smell the dead body. The insides were starting to come out to the outside.

“No, thank you. I don’t shake hands with vampires who kill people and leave a mess to clean up. You know, someone at the end of their shift is going to have to clean this up. Would be nice if you left them a big tip for it.” She stepped back from him. “Mister No Name, people around here are already jumpy with vampires and I’d like to not have them start a mob over you. I think y’all are sweet and a little kooky, but you make it hard to explain that to them.”

“Now , NOW – that wouldn’t be any fun t’ere , CHER , now would it ? “ he smirked , wiping his face of the blood before pulling a half drank TRU BLOOD from behind him . “ like i said . TRU BLOOD . stale as all hades’ ghosts , too . must n’ get many  v a m p i r e s  ‘round t’is way , eh ? “ he spoke in his thick cajun accent , his eyes never leaving the girl before him .

“I get up to plenty of fun in my house. Put some music on, dance in my jammies.” She didn’t know why she blurted it out. Probably a way to keep herself from panicking. Panicking only led to problems and her lighting the place up. “We do, but usually they’re polite about not bringing in outside food or leaving a mess for others to clean up.” 


She put her hands behind herself, already feeling her light traveling through her forearms and to her fingers. “What’s your name, Mister? You’re not from around here, are ya?”

       “it is just tru blood , CHER . now , would i lie to you ? “ ignore the body seemingly laying on the floor less than three feet from him . at a bar where humans were supposed to be  s a f e

Sookie looked at his face and the body laid out on the floor. “Um...I think I should skedaddle on home now. I can use the ladies’ restroom another time.” Just her darn luck to come into work on a day off to use the bathroom. She hoped Sam was around to help.

                ❝My boyfriend used to tell me all these ghost stories about our house and how it was haunted. I thought it was all shit,❞  she said with a short laugh, amused at how closed off she had been only to have the truth revealed before her very eyes.  ❝Then I found out that the ghosts in his stories were fucking real.❞

Sookie frowned knowing there were ghosts to fight off. First, vampires, witches, shapeshifters, werewolves, and now ghosts? Shoot, her gran really hadn’t prepared her for all of this. “What did you end up doing? Getting a priest to throw some holy water, everywhere?”

                    Sookie’s accusation sent off alarm bells to say the least. Nobody in this town knew the truth about him except for the nurse that he had manipulated into helping him. One he could dispose of when he was through with her, and he suspected that the truth would be revealed to his family in the days to come and he would be done with her. He was supposed to be a burnt man in a hospital and this woman, this stranger, knew about that. In an instant he reached out to grab her neck, fingers pressing into her neck, and pulled her forward to him, looking her in the eyes with his own darker ones.  ❝How would you know something about that?❞  He demanded an answer.

After dealing with the likes of Bill, Alcide, Eric, and many other supernatural beings, this man wouldn’t scare her. He took her by surprise, by grabbing her throat, but he wouldn’t get her to scream. She held still, knowing she needed to conserve her energy. 

But his mind was rampant, she could hear it all. Know about the nurse, he planned to kill, and no doubt, Sookie would try to find and help. He was supposed to be keeping it from his family. No doubt, they all worried over him.

“Can...’t....say.....no...breathe,” she struggled, as her fingers flexed and squeezed into fists. If he wanted to welcome her by giving her a bruise, Sookie planned to give him a Bon Temps welcome too. Her fists began to light up, her energy focused on breaking free of his hold. Peter wanted to hurt her and Sookie wouldn’t allow that.


As quickly as he grabbed her, Sookie’s fists shot towards his stomach, her light beams breaking both hold and shoving him away. 

               Peter could tell that she was trying to move away from him, not wanting to be around him any longer. He knew that he could be intimidating and though she didn’t seem the type to be intimidated so easily that he still managed to have just the slightest effect over her.  ❝Childhood crushes aren’t secrets. They’re juvenile fantasies.❞  He stepped forward towards her as she tried stepping back from him. 
               Oh Peter had secrets of his own. He had a lifetime full of secrets from the time he was just a young wolf. He was the type to know everything he ever wanted to because he knew how to get answers, and he observed what was supposed to be secret. He was manipulative, ever since he was young, and he learned from those mistakes. That didn’t mean he was going to be the tiger to change his stripes any time soon.  ❝I don’t think my secrets are the topic of interest.❞

Sookie knew she needed something of his to make him back off. He told her secrets weren’t anything of his to be worried over. She cocked her head to the side, her abilities moving to root around in his head a bit. Sookie even reached out to caress his arm, a bold move, but since he was in her business, why not do the same?


“I think for a man who’s supposed to be in a hospital bed, I think you should worry about someone other than me.” Faintly, she could smell it, but the man wasn’t supposed to be here. “A man like you wanting to know everything about me takes its toll? My gran used to say, someone digging up secrets, has a lot of their own weighing on their shoulders.”

               ❝My mama did teach me plenty else though, like how to be discreet,❞  Peter observed her closer, eyes taking in the features of her heart shaped face, his own head cocking ever so slightly to the side. He added,  ❝And how to get the information you want from people who aren’t so eager to give it.❞  
               His tone suggested he might be on the sunny side of being threatening, but he wasn’t able to claw her throat out just because he didn’t know all that he wanted to know about her in the few minutes they had been introduced. Perhaps being able to put up a wall and not be so eager to hand over your life secrets was more of a merit and skill than anything else. 
               ❝Any hardware store or Home Depot is going to have paint. Just pull it up on Google,❞  he suggested, though he hardly cared about giving her directions.  ❝Oh, but I love deep, dark secrets. They’ve always been a favorite of mine.❞

Sookie could see he wouldn’t be easy to throw off the scent. He was a dog to a bone and he wouldn’t let go. Guess, she would have to drop a bucket of water on him to drive him off. 

Slowly, Sookie backed away from him, her sweet as cherry pie smile, never wavering. He could threaten and he could do what he liked, but nothing compared to the people back home. He might huff and puff, but Sookie wouldn’t let Peter blow her house down.

“Guess, then, I don’t need to ask you any questions since google has me.” She pulled her phone out. “If you were sweet as a pie, then maybe I’d tell you about the secret I had about this boy I had a crush on in kindergarten. Prettiest eyes that made the ocean look like a muddy pond.” Sookie started to move to the side, “You planning to share any of those secrets with me? Any, you itching like a poison ivy rash to get out?” 

              The alpha reached out to meet her hand, wrapping her fingers around her own though he didn’t do much to shake it. He simply observed the young woman in front of him, trying to figure out what she was. Perhaps others have done the same in her past as she didn’t give off a particular scent, not like a werewolf anyways.  ❝Sookie Stackhouse,❞  he repeated her name in a salacious tone.  ❝A unique name for a unique woman.❞  He chuckled at his words.  ❝That’s an interesting way to pick where to go. Where are you from?❞   He was ignoring her own questions of course, wanting to be the interrogator rather than the interrogated. This was his turf after all.

Sookie felt a shot of electricity hit her from his touch. She could hear his mind, better, and up close. Everyone else in this town had varying tones to their thoughts. He was human, but she could listen to something else entirely. Still, she had to tune him out, for her sake and his.


“Your mama didn’t teach you any manners, Peter. Like I said, I just came into to try and find the local shops around here. Need to buy some paint for my kitchen walls. Know where I can find it?.” Not even his sweet charms could woo her away. He wasn’t as bad as Eric, or Alcide. “You really want to know all my deep, dark secrets, sugar.”