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Next time antis are being, well, antis, show them this:


So a child came to you with concerns and criticism, and rather than ignoring said criticism because it wasn’t relevant to the fan work (taking your word for this), you decided to belittle them and imply their parents should be monitoring their internet use.

Cool. Cool thing you did there. Cool way for an adult to treat a child.

I wonder how they’re going to respond the next time they see something fucked up in fandom, or worse, experience it. Like the rampant sexual harassment and assault at conventions. Do you think they’re going to talk to an adult? Or do you think they’re going to internalise it as just part of the fandom and their fault for showing up?

But hey, you sure showed that middle-schooler.

If a child came to OP with concerns and criticism about adult content they shouldn’t be viewing, then their parents should be monitoring their internet usage because they aren’t obeying rating based restrictions.

If a 12 year old snuck into see Deadpool or It and then complained to the threats about it, the theater would probably call their parents and report them for sneaking into an R rated movie.

Ratings are their for a reason.

Also, ‘talk to your parents/other trusted adult’ if something upsets you is good advice. OP is telling them they need to talk to an adult, their parents, not a stranger on the internet.


If an adult has a problem with a child’s behavior offline, a light warning and speaking to the parents is how it goes, nothing odd about that. But online, as much as we would like to have an adult conversation about how little Timmy needs to stop peeking in neighbor’s windows because he’s not ready to understand swinging and pony play yet and besides he’s breaking the law, we have to interact with the children themselves in a more direct fashion. We have to rely on them to ask their parents to step up and parent, and that’s more responsibility than some of them want to handle.

What I do find ironic about this entire situation is that the children don’t hesitate to demand that the adult fans treat them like the children they are, but when we do, they’re upset. They don’t want, “The sign means ‘stay out’ Timmy,” or “I’m going to have to talk to your mother, Timmy,” but “Pour the booze down the toilet, babyproof the house and turn the whole world into a Zero Tolerance zone because Timmy exists.” For a group that’s so staunchly anti-kink, they’re very into ageplay and topping from the bottom.


“…the children don’t hesitate to demand that the adult fans treat them like the children they are, but when we do, they’re upset.”

T H A T is the fucking truth right there. I get sick of hearing “I’m a minor, it’s your responsibility as an adult to protect me from seeing bad things!!” and then when my response is “stay away from my blog, stay away from my AO3, and if you aren’t old enough to be seeing occasional porn then tumblr isn’t a good place for you because it’s a poorly designed website and you’re gonna stumble on that shit”, then I’m still not doing my job.

what the fuck do you expect me to do? I really wanna know. other than tagging and slapping big, obvious warning labels on anything I post, I want to know what I’m expected to do to protect minors with internet access.

See, what I think is happening is that they REALLY want to not have to see the age-inappropriate things they PERSONALLY don’t like, without having to put in any effort to avoid said things. If their parents start monitoring their computer stuff, they won’t be able to see the age-inappropriate stuff they DO want to see. After all, if NSFW stuff is properly tagged, they shouldn’t have been able to see it in the first place unless they were already looking for NSFW things, right?



Warnings are posted for a reason. As a content creator, the extent of my responsibility is to appropriately rate and tag things that have potentially upsetting content. Avoiding those things is the responsibility of the consumer, not the creator.

If I forget to tag something, by all means, let me know! But don’t complain to me when something tagged with tw: gore contains graphic violence.


Once again: this is a kid walking into the front bar of a pub, and being shocked, shocked, I tell you, that alcoholic beverages are on sale.  (Oh, and how dare the bartender tell them they’re going to have to present ID in order to be served!)

If you choose, of your own accord, to go into the adult place marked with the sign saying “adults only” and to click “yes, I’m an adult” on the warning that pops up before you get to see anything, then yes, the site owners are within their rights to presume you are capable of dealing with whatever shows up as a result. 

This is still a subject that never fails to baffle me, especially since it’s so new. Fifteen years ago, it didn’t work like that and I am honestly curious about how did it change…


and cry when they see it

“Disabled ” is a neutral descriptor at worst. It just means we can’t do some things the way other people can, or at all. It’s not an insult, and it doesn’t mean we’re lesser.

Disabled culture is beautiful and wonderful. Disabled people are beautiful and wonderful. We and our worlds are not a misfortune or a consolation prize.

(abled people are not only allowed but encouraged to reblog this)

No because pride and prejudice isn't "I changed myself for you so you would love me back." It's "your blatant rejection and disdain for me made me realize things about myself no one had ever been bold enough to tell me so I sat down and evaluated all my behavior patterns and why they came about and came to the realization myself that I had to work on myself. Also I don't expect you to love me now that I'm a work in progress, so I'm just going to do nice things for you because I don't like seeing you hurt." No wonder P&P fans refuse to settle.

Hey, hi, hello!

Do you have Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS)?

Have you ever experienced Medical Gaslighting (a healthcare professional ignored your symptoms, belittled your symptoms, or told you that everything was just 'in your head')?

If you answered yes to both or either of these questions, or if you know someone who would, please inbox/DM me on here! I am a nurse and a PhD student who is studying medical gaslighting, and I am looking for participants in my study! I am currently looking at POTS, but I am always looking for other individuals who have been effected by Medical Gaslighting that have other diagnosed chronic conditions.

Participants will be compensated and more information will be given when you contact me. Participation would be non-invasive and would include no more than two open-ended virtual interviews. This work is very important, as Medical Gaslighting has not yet been studied in formal research.

Thank you for reading, and I appreciate your consideration.


If you could reblog this when you see it, it would really help me reach the people that I want to help! Thank you :)


From a long time as a nurse, this could be fascinating to study in a formal way. Please boost.

Trans women will literally feel comfortable near you and flop down on their side.

Trans women will come up and sniff your hand and eat a piece of lettuce or perhaps fruit out of your hand if you’re patient.

Trans women are mostly crepuscular and enjoy having secluded areas to rest in during the day


Here’s my hypothesis based on these observations. 

With so many elections coming up worldwide it's probably a good time to remind everyone that tumblr once got infested with agents trying to convince everyone not to vote, or not to vote left because the candidates weren't morally pure enough.

Also a reminder that they were better at tumblr than most of us, comrade interloper was great at memeing. Like, the talent!

Anyway don't fall for it. There is no morally pure option.