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Plagiarism Alert: Author Romilly King Plagiarized Destiel Fanfic

eHey ya'll - reposting this on Tumblr, on behalf of a the OP on Twitter, who gave me permission. The original thread is here: https://twitter.com/KokomRoily/status/1422965705167806471

(if you have trouble reading the side-by-sides check Twitter)

FROM TWITTER (I am NOT the "I" in these! But I know who is, they're a friend, and this evidence looks pretty iron-clad to me)

>I'm what you'd call a voracious reader. I read all the time, everywhere. I read non-fiction, fiction, & fanfiction. I don't discriminate great stories. What I do despise is plagiarism. Color me surprised when I bought "Paid to Kneel" by Romilly King. It seemed so familiar.

>By chapter 2, I realised I could mouth along with the lines, because this is almost verbatim "You can hurt me, it's okay, baby" by Blue_Jack.

>All of these screenshots are of "Paid to Kneel" (with yellow highlights of plagiarised text) next to "If you hurt me, that's okay, baby" by Blue_Jack on Ao3.

(unforth's note: ...I've hit Tumblr's image limit, but you get the idea. There are even more images on Twitter, but even just these ten prove the point. Here's the rest of OP's commentary from the thread)

>I contacted Blue Jack to see if they're Romilly. They're not. They filed a plagiarisation claim with Amazon, who pulled the book. The audio book still remains, for the moment.

>Romilly has published a book approximately once a month during 2020 and into 2021. It's entirely possible she's been writing ahead of time and is only publishing now. It's also entirely possible she's plagiarised more fic.

>The plagiarisation isn't even remotely subtle.

>This was a work put out into the world to be enjoyed for free. Blue_Jack spent *hours and hours* writing and editing this *for free*, for people to enjoy *for free*, and someone tried profiting from it. That's not okay.

>If this fanfiction has been plagiarised so thoroughly, how can I trust other books by Romilly aren't also plagiarised fic? If this fanfiction has been plagiarised so thoroughly, how can I trust other books by Romilly aren't also plagiarised fic?

>I suggest you go read the fanfic, if you like kinky Destiel. It's *most* excellent. https://archiveofourown.org/works/5200685

And a little more from me -

Romilly King has almost 23 books out since early last year up on Amazon. They've got thousands of reviews on Goodreads. Given how often they publish, and how flagrantly they plagiarized this one, whatcha want to bet they've stolen wholesale from many different authors in different fandoms? This is major, guys, and totally unacceptable.

Spread this like wild-fire, and let's bring this plagiarist down in flames!

I’d put money on it that this one, Can You Reach Us?, is Wincestiel. One mute brother, a mention of “escaping from the Levitan family”, and a reclusive recent widower. Could be wrong about the -iel part there, but it’s definitely Wincest with a third and that’s the biggest ship. Incest is a hard no for me so I don’t know any of the fics this might have been taken from, but if you see this and know who the writer is please check to make sure they know they’ve been plagiarised. The more takedowns against this thief, the better. It won’t stop them, but it’ll make it harder for them to make money and there’s a chance Amazon might claw back the funds and refund the readers if we can demonstrate that this absolute bubo of a human being has repeatedly plagiarised and profited off of it. Please take a look and see if you recognise any of these works, especially if you’re into serial killer fics (another hard no for me) and/or the type of BDSM fics that feature Dominant/Submissive societies, especially the ones that feature agencies that broker arrangements. They’re common enough tropes in multiple fandoms that we should all be aware of it, not just the SPN part.


Reblogging to confirm Romilly King’s FB group has been archived and Twitter is gone. Her new book that was part of a big MM collab about Egyptian Gods has been removed. Readers are going to Amazon and demanding refunds. They’re reporting the audiobook versions on Audible, too.

Romilly has not said a single word about any of this. Just vanished.

ALSO: Please be kind to Emma Jaye. She is NOT Romilly King. Emma edited a manuscript that was given to her in good faith and had no idea that it was plagiarized. I know she would not have done it had she known.


...her twitter isn't gone? (August 5th, 2021, at 1:45 PM Eastern)

I'm glad to hear that about her contribution to the Egyptian Gods collab, and that people are demanding their money back. I saw a fair few negative reviews on Goodreads, too. This is definitely getting out.

And, to second what was said in the last addition - OP, me, and @nickelkeep - we've been keeping notes together and gathering info - did look into Emma Jaye and we've heard from several folks that Emma isn't involved and we're not investigating further in that direction. So, seriously, please don't harass Emma Jaye. There's no reason to think she knew what was happening.

To add on to this - please don’t after the voice over artist either. Several people have pointed out that they’ve found him. He didn’t know what he was getting into, he didn’t know that the books were plagiarized. As we get more info, we’ll share on here and Twitter.

@nickelkeep has more evidence been found of plagiarism from, what was it, Star Trek and the MCU fandoms?

We currently have people looking in the following fandoms:

Supernatural MCU The Untamed/MDZS Hannibal Star Trek The Witcher

We have two confirmed fics stolen from the Supernatural fandom, You can hurt me, it’s okay, baby. by Blue_Jack and CONventional Psychopathy by Mayalaen. Both Blue and Maya are going through the DMCA protocols to get everything removed from Amazon. We’ve also found that printed copies are available through Wal-Mart, B&N, etc, and we’re looking into how to get those taken down to help them and any other author who’s fics were plagiarized.

If anyone wants to help, all of Romilly’s fics are Dark M/M Romances. Murder Husbands is a frequent trope, and all of the fics feature D/s and Kink in some way, shape, or form.

We’re asking that if any of her plots sound familiar to anyone, let us know, we can check out the fics and match them. We haven’t been able to find a reliable plagiarism checker to help us simplify the process, but if a fic is brought to our attention, we will comb through.


It's also worth noting - it's not enough to compare summaries. She was smart enough to change summaries. Your best bet if it sounds familiar is to actually look in the story. Some have previews, and some people in the notes have Kindle Unlimited and have offered to help, too.

Specifically, @shamelesslymkp has offered to do a comparison between identified potential fics and King's plagiarized stories.

So, please, please, help guys! King was just smart enough to do re-writing - she changed Mayalaen's story to first person - but the works are still absolutely plagiarized, and it won't necessarily be obvious with just a glance. The only way to solve this is fandom collaboration, so we can help as many authors as possible get restitution for the words and money and hard work stolen from them.

Hey guys, just want to help spread the news. Romilly King has plagiarized one of my fics and other authors’ fics as well. Getting Amazon to take down my fic was lots of fun, let me tell you, and the Audible versions are still up. OT3 has been incredibly helpful, and I suggest if anything like this happens to any of you, please contact the OT3 right away to get some friendly advice.

Some very sweet elephant behaviours I read about in Carl Safina’s Beyond Words:

  1. a young elephant kneeling down in front of their car in a playful way and throwing zebra bones at the researchers, trying to get them to play with him
  2. an 8-month-old elephant trying and failing to pick up some grass with her trunk (the author: “it reminds me of someone learning to use chopsticks”) and whose mother then pulled a sheaf of grass and ate it while making sure her daughter was watching the demonstration
  3. baby elephants suck their trunk for comfort (as we all know!!) but also like to swing and whirl it around as they try to figure out what it can do and how to use it, and sometimes accidentally step on their trunk and trip over it
  4. “often, babies reach with their trunks into the mouths of family members, taking a bit of what they’re eating”
  5. all the female elephants in a family rushing over to help when someone’s baby trips and falls, while making comforting vocalisations
  6. an enormous adult male elephant walking up to a family group and making an exaggerated display of nonchalance, with his trunk casually draped over his tusk, to show the other elephants that he’s not scary
  7. researchers messing with an elephant family by collecting a bit of urine when the elephant walking at the back of the group stopped to pee, then driving some distance to leave the urine ahead of them. “When they encountered fresh urine from an elephant they knew was behind them, they seemed truly baffled, as though thinking, “Wait a minute—how’d she pass us? She’s back behind us!”
  8. mothers instructing their babies to switch to the other side of their body and walk in their shade when the day is very hot
  9. an elephant child trying to climb all over a bigger male teenager who was lying down for a nap, receiving a kick in response, and running back to its mother in alarm—then the teenager followed and lay down flat beside them as if to apologise and invite the child to climb onto him again
  10. elephant children throwing tantrums when they are being weaned and their mother blocks them from nursing (“He got so upset, pushing her, poking her and tusking her, […] it was like, ‘Ooh, I hate you!”)
  11. researchers followed a family that included a baby who was born disabled, with twisted forelegs that he couldn’t straighten. The entire elephant family (from the adults to the baby’s 8-year-old sister) nurtured him, patiently helping him up every time he fell over, “slowing their pace to his disabilities, continually turning to watch his progress, waiting as he caught up from behind” until (after a few days) the little one managed to straighten his legs and learn to walk normally
  12. a researcher once saw an elephant pluck up some grass and place it in the mouth of another elephant whose trunk was badly injured. Also adults are sometimes seen carrying sick baby elephants on their tusks
  13. a researcher saw a baby elephant who was wary of going into the water, wrap her trunk around her mother’s tusk as her mother patiently entered the river with her, like a child nervously grabbing her mother’s arm
  14. “little elephants show lots of concentration while working to master such tasks as picking up sticks. A youngster might twirl and twirl its trunk around a single blade of grass, finally grasp it, drop it and have a hard time getting it back, then simply place the grass blade atop its head”
Anonymous asked:

Hi sabremom! I've found through this blog (and yourself!) some of my absolute FAVORITE author's and stories, so I was wondering if I could request, if you could simply lesser known fics and/or authors? Thanks!

I am so glad you asked!  There are so many authors with a smaller readership who are incredibly talented.  I did a rec list for fics under 500 kudos, but I’m digging deeper this time for some gems. I hope this list inspires people to check them out. Each fic has under 150 kudos as of the time I made this list (let’s change that!). There are so many wonderful authors out there, and this really only scratches the surface, so please give these a try and then go exploring on Ao3. Enjoy and mind the tags, they are all over the place! 


the hand and the paint by @stardating: He had gone into the caves and the gods had left their mark on him. He had crossed the threshold of death and returned.

Fulfillment by @serinah80: Even after the Battle of New York, Iron Man and Captain America still don’t get along. They respect each other, yes. Can work together well if there are lives at stake, but being friendly? Not a chance. They just rub each other the wrong way. They will never be friends. And they definitely don’t want to fuck each other. Nope.

Achromantic by captainmistyknight: "Steve’s life ended the moment he was born, according to the doctor’s at least. Of course, it took them awhile to figure it out, but when he was three years old, his Ma realized that on top of all the other issues he had to deal with, his eyes weren’t responding properly to light. She took him to the doctors to get tested, and they spoke his doom.He was permanently colorblind. An achromat. He’d never know love."A story of growing up, misunderstandings, and love in the jungle.

Love Me Like You Do by Evanna_Adams: Simply Steve in lingerie.

We’ll Cross Paths Again by SevereLove51: Tony Stark is a successful businessman after he inherited his father’s business. He is invited to a masquerade party hosted by Justin Hammer. At the party, he notice that the bartender looks oddly similar to his old high school sweetheart that broke his heart.

A lie, that we come from water by @the-casual-cheesecake: “Iron won’t save you from drowning; it only drags you down, Iron Man.” “Well then, good thing Captain America is here to save me,” Tony retorts, though it sounds like a question nonetheless. Steve tilts his head again and his smile fixes on his face.Or: Tony wakes up on a barren island, surrounded by an ocean with horrors lurking within. His homecoming is a long way away.

The Price We Pay by @hollyandvice:  Sometimes Steve forgets about the weight around his neck. Everybody lives AU that plays with how the boys might keep on tiptoeing around each other for years before falling into bed together. Because canon's stupid.

You Miss 100% of the Nazis You Don’t Punch by MountainKestrel: Steve punches a Neo-Nazi after he insults Tony.  That’s it — that’s the whole story.

How the Ghosts Stole Christmas by @elwenyere: When the higher-ups assigned Special Agent Steve Rogers to the X-Files, they were hoping the former Army Captain would rein in his new partner — because as God and Assistant Director Fury knew, Tony Stark had made enough trouble for his superiors on his own. They probably didn't expect that just two years into their partnership, Steve would be following Tony into a haunted house on Christmas Eve.

Drift by @fundamentalblue: He remembers the first taste of acrid air, the stink of welding and burnt plastics serenading his deepest cravings for this way of life. The floors clicked underneath his military-issued boots, the world swirling around him as people bobbed right and left, bent on their missions. It was an indifference Tony was gasping and begging for, a life away from being the son of a very rich man with very far reach. Here, he was just Tony. And this life was his for the taking. Until he met Steve, and then the idea of security, guarantees, came tumbling down.

Unforgettable by @msermesth: Weddings aren't the best places to hash out long-held disagreements. But this is Steve and Tony. What else did you expect?

the stranger by @silkspectred: I wanted to go back to Peggy. But I wasn't thinking of Peggy, and the stone knew, and it led me here.Here. Hell. (very dark, but so, so good!)

Stars and Stripes by mrhd @winnifredburkle:  Steve really likes Tony's undersuit.

Fill My Burning Lungs by @resurrectedhippo: It’s a different fight this time. A harder battle because they’ll want to hold each other, be gentle in the right ways, be rough in the ways that feel good, because Tony’s always liked it when Steve fucked him hard and raw until he was cross-eyed and unintelligible, babbling about how wonderful and handsome Steve is and biting his bottom lip so he doesn’t spill how much he loves Steve, so much so that he’d swallow the world to keep him safe.He doesn’t know what Steve wants. Maybe they could be better, maybe they could go back, maybe Tony could be honest. Maybe, maybe, maybe. Steve lives in the spaces of possibilities, Tony rings around the circumference of compromise. They could be more, Steve might think. But Tony knows they have just the night. He wants to be wrong, but he’s probably right.

Build a Bridge by Wonderlandgirl:  When Steve wakes up, alone, after a wonderful night and finds money left on his bedside table, first comes then incredulity, then comes the rage.

Discipline by Depressing Greenie @darthbloodorange : “Do you know why you are here, Captain?” Tony asks, eyeing up the soldier standing to attention before him.

take me home (forever and ever) by duchessy: At the very bottom of the box, there’s a single piece of paper, slightly wrinkled from sitting underneath all the other things in the box and somehow surviving the move from Steve’s old house to college and now to their apartment (their apartment!). Tony recognizes it immediately. The patchy blue sky, scribbled green grass, vaguely rectangular boxes meant to resemble the many highrises of New York City, and of course, the distinct green blob that is the Statue of Liberty in the background that Tony had recognized even as a 4-year-old.

Fight me, Date me by @himboplantdad: This is literally just a happy, fluffy one shot I made so I can get back into fanfic writing. Tony and Steve fight. And then, somehow, things turn a little sweeter.It's simple and not meant to really go anywhere, but if it does well then I might add more just because? Either way, thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!

On Hand by @sapphic-futurist: People did bizarre things to deal with their grief, and Steve told himself this was no different than curling up in one of Tony’s old sweaters or the way Morgan kept her arms wrapped tight around the helmet of the Mark LXXXV.In the beginning, it had helped. He still hadn’t slept, but he had survived.Now… now was another story.Don’t do it. Don’t do this again. You promised that last time was the last time.

All Talk by Crematosis: When Tony gets doused with some of Loki's potions, Steve is pretty sure Tony's sexual interest is all the result of a love potion. But they're soulmates and Tony's more than happy to prove to him that he's had feelings all along.

Tony <3 by @mangajuiceXD (LenkaVittoriaElisse16): Tony pines for his co-worker and roomie Steve, and sometimes magic does happen at the end of the year

three o’clock by @starksnack: Secretary of Defense Tony Stark has a standing appointment with President Steve Rogers every Friday afternoon at three. They get up to some shenanigans in the Oval Office.

When the Snow is Falling by @chocolatecapcookie: Steve visits Tony's family for Christmas, and he doesn't expect it to go well. Nothing in his life has gone well recently, and he's nervous and worried about fitting in with the rich, regal, disapproving StarksThey seem to hate Steve the minute they set their eyes on him. However, with the help of his amazing boyfriend, an enigmatic butler and a touch of Christmas magic, Steve finds himself with a new family that he never thought he could have.

Centenarian by Captain_Panda: 1923 is the earliest birthday Steve Rogers can remember; 1937 is the worst. 2011? That's the year his new life begins.Through the lens of one day, over one hundred years, this is the story of Steve Rogers--the soldier, the captain, and the kid from Brooklyn. Above all else, it's about Steve--just Steve. The thirty-four-year-old centenarian.

one more moment of this silence by @s-hylor: Tony can see ghosts. Not just any ghosts, but ghosts of people how haven't found peace yet, or refuse to. Ghosts of people whose bodies have never been found. The closer to their bodies he gets, the more he sees them, an ability, or a curse, that he uses to help the police find body's of missing people. It's never easy.

Bah Humbuggery by @jellybeanforest-a-go-go: On Christmas Eve 1870, Sheriff Steve Rogers arrests blacksmith Tony Stark for public drunkenness. Tony would do just about anything to get out. Anything at all.

Lead and I’ll Follow by Woad: Under orders, Captain Rogers prepares for a gala by taking dance lessons. He's not sure how Fury persuaded Adventurer Tony Stark to give said lessons, though. For comm prompt: For one night, Steve and Tony try to forget there's a war going on as they slow dance, alone in a cozy room.

gripping the ledge of unreason by @firebrands: for peach, who asked for a steve/tony bookstore au of some kind and also has this great bookstore au moodboard. tony and steve have known each other for years, and finally opened a bookstore together. steve has learned to keep his feeling in check, and then tony had to go and quote poetry at him.

A Timely Rescue by @the-vorkosigan: "Sorry?" Steve said. "What did you say?" Yes, Tony wanted to sleep with Steve. He also wanted to hold him in his arms all night, and to talk to him for hours, and to play with his hair. Love, he thought, makes you utterly ridiculous. And it hurts like a branding iron, to boot. "Nothing at all, buddy," Tony said cheerfully. "Nothing at all." * Tony saves Steve's life, but if neither of them says anything about how they feel about each other, Steve will stay in Timely and Tony will fly away to gallivant among the stars, and they may never see each other again.  A Firefly AU.

Like Thread Through a Needle by deervsheadlights: Yesterday, Steve returned from a mission, fucked him stupid for the first time in three weeks and fell asleep next to him.So why is he standing in the kitchen right now insisting he just stepped off the quinjet?

The Plan of a Bad Porn Movie by @alexcat45: Steve wakes up in a strange bed. With Tony beside him!

All I Want For Christmas Is You by @cptstarkrogers: "It's snowing." Steve didn't need to look down to know that Tony was gazing up at him with those wonderful eyes."Yes, it is.""I'm borrrrreeeeed—"Steve had to bite down on his lip to keep from laughing. "Oh, are you now?""Can we go ice skating?"That certainly took Steve by surprise.

Three Assholes, Two TARDISes, and a Dalek Walk Into a Bar by @athletiger and @snowzapped: It’s only natural that Tony’s curiosity was piqued when a blue police call box appeared right in the heart of MIT. For one, Tony had never seen cops use a police call box before. He wasn’t even sure that anyone here even knew what a police call box is – he for sure didn’t, but he wanted to find out.The secrets were bigger on the inside, after all.

Red Sand by peculiva: There is a hole in Tony's side. As in an actual hole caused by a jagged piece of metal that once must have held the place up. Now it's no longer supporting large concrete floors but lodged in Tony's torso.


The doctor will see you now 👀

For @some-blue-jack’s amazing Fever series

Nothing overly explicit but full version on my Twitter (@thirstinart) as usual 💙

Tina, you fucking fantastic person. This is so fucking amazing. I mean, fuck. FUCK. Are you kidding me?????? Am I supposed know to know words???????? They are so GORGEOUS. They are SO GORGEOUS. WTF, my heart is pounding.

Caravaggio living paintings by Ludovica Rambelli Theater

This never ceases to amaze me, no matter how many times I’ve seen it.

In order:

  • Entombment of Christ
  • Judith slaying Holofernes
  • Flagellation of Christ
  • Martyrdom of Saint Matthew
  • Annunciation
  • Rest on the Flight into Egypt
  • Raising of LazarusSaint Francis of Assisi in Ecstasy
  • Bacchus

For the sake of comparison because these are not only amazing to look at, but really great likenesses. Love this.

Thought I’d add the references because DAMN