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I reblog comics, Marvel, news, and whatever else catches my eye. White, Jewish, bisexual, they/them, mid-20's. Once in a super-wolf-blood moon I upload my art. Racists, misogynists, terfs/transphobes, homophobes, anti-choicers, and "map sympathizers" are not welcome on my blog. Black Lives Matter | Close the Camps | Land Back. Ghost story enthusiast. 

Ok but the existence of the term "kweers" used exclusively by people who choose not to reclaim queer & think nobody else should either is really really funny if you think about it for 2 seconds. I thought you guys didn't want to call people slurs

"Don't call me queer" yeah cool understandable "because it's a slur" yup it can be "and I'm about to use it like one" wait what

its like . yearly ao3 asks for like $40-50k and makes double that in less than a week, despite there being NO changes to the website....people just give money to a fanfiction website that houses child porn and incest fic (and the admins know that and do not care that people write those kinds of things) with no questions asked yet people on tumblr or twitter who are genuinely struggling to like, survive never meet their money goals/have people hounding them for "proof" or giving them condescending "advice" etc etc. n when you ask those same people why they unquestioningly donate to ao3 theyre always like "i can do what i want with my money fuck off :)" like maybe you SHOULD question why youre so ready to give money to a fanfic website that again, HAS CHILD PORN on it rather than someone who is genuinely struggling. i dunno

Hi, and thank you for taking the time to read this message!

For creative, personal and work-related reasons, your resident ethereal, sparkling and chonky aesthete is relocating from Chicago to New Orleans this summer! A cross-country move is expensive, so my goal with this gofundme is to cover the costs to transport my belongings, as well as have a head start on the rent for my housing as I transition and begin to work.

Donations via via gofundme, as well as via Venmo (@iridessence), cashapp ($iridessence) or PayPal are welcome.

Thank you for considering and/or sharing!

Yeah that introduction of blackbeard as a straight up genius who had the whole spanish navy situation under control from the moment he saw the frankfurt clouds and made all the calculations in his head but kept quiet bc he was bored and also lives for a good last minute solution drama, only to be told that he made a stupid avoidable mistake therefore his master plan is ruined, and his reaction being immediatly surrendering to frustration and certain death? yeah, that's iconic adhd behavior, hang in there my man.