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Anonymous asked:

Father Peregryne, what did you think when you found out Ciar was the antichrist?

“I honestly thought that he was just another young man that watched one too many music videos who was going through a phase. Like those kids that play Vampire: the Masquerade out on the university fields. And then I found out he wasn’t lying and realized he’s a lot kinder than he likes to think he is. Very human.”

“Italy? Vatican city maybe?” He asked, mildly possessive. “I know, I saw him, he’s a short little man with bad breath, and a nasally voice that made my head hurt.” Ciar scratche the back of his head. “No reason. I just hadn’t heard from you in a while.”

He laughed softly, amused at Ciar’s jealousy. “Where else would I be, if not there?” He shook his head. “And be nice. Father Sanders is a good friend of mine. He’s a decent man.” Folding his arms over his chest, he continued. “I need to shower. Will you still be here when I return?”

“You might be able to, I’ll slow down since you’re old.” Ciar looked him over. “It’s been a while since I checked on you, I just wanted to make sure you were alive.”

“I was in Italy for a couple months. Going back to school, seminars. I had one of my colleagues here taking over for me while I was gone.” He said, placing the trousers and dress shirt on the counter in the bathroom before leaning in the door way.  “What suddenly peaked your interest in my well being?”

“Move like you were in your own place.” Izzie shifted a few inches to the left simply to capture the shadows as he brought his arms down. She should’ve told him more information, but she needed him natural. No fakeness, no pre-planned move. Just him in his natural movements. 
“You heard they came out with a show called The Young Pope? What do you think?,” she asked, hoping the change in topic would keep him distracted. Hopefully.

A bit awkwardly, and more than a little nervous, Dorian ran his hands through his currently unstyled hair. He attempted to give a quick glance at his surroundings to see what he could focus on or do, when she asked her question. 

He looked back at her with a shrug and rubbed one of his arms before his eyes found his Bible and he picked it up.  “I don’t think I’ve watched television in years, to be honest. The only things I’ve ever sat down to watch are with you...” He said, combing through the worn out pages of his Good Book. 

“I mean they were.” He caught the shirt and sniffed it lewdly, then tossed it in the hamper. “You know for a pasty white guy, you’re in good shape. Next time let me know you’re going for a run, I’ll come with.”

Dorian chuckled and walked into the bathroom connected to his study within the church. He turned on the water in small stand up shower and let it warm as he moved back into the study, grabbing a set of freshly laid out clothes for the day.  “Right, because I’ll be able to keep up with you.”

“So, if you just stay there, I’ll take some great shadow shots,” Izzie said, looking down into her lens. She adjusted the focus on her lens, bringing him in sharper focus. “Thank you for doing this, Dorian, I owe you one.” Bigger than a small favor, Izzie knew.

Dorian offered a gaze back to her as he slowly pulled off his shirt. The only direction he’d been given was to act natural and stay in the light, and it was proving a bit harder done than said. He wasn’t a natural model.  “Is there some place you wanted me?”

“That’s right daddy, take it off.” Ciar stood in the doorway, grinning to himself. He wanted to surprise the Priest.
Slightly glowing with a fresh coat of sweat from his morning run, Dorian looked back at Ciar and threw his shirt at him. “The doors were locked, Ciar.” He scolded, but not without a soft smile. 

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Multilingual characters calling their lover pet names in their mother tongue is one of my favorite things.


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Multilingual characters slipping into their mother tongue when they hey drink or are to tired/lazy to bother with the mental acrobatics of speaking the common tongue