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Anonymous asked:

This is random but I got a gaming computer and my ride or die sims 2 which I’ve always had to play on a laptop is not cooperating with the new computer SO I’m trying to get into sims 3 and almost quit sims bc nothing looked good to me until I found your cc. It’s so cute so the moment and literally everything so like ty for having a simblr and cc😌


Anonymous asked:

hello im love the skin you shared, but i need help with it. there are no issuees or problem with it, just need guidance because i want to add tattoo on skin through photshop but when i use skininator and test in game it look very shiny especially the face. sorry if this is stupid, but i am not good at skin edit yet

After packaging the skin, import it into Skininator (version 5), go to Tone Settings and move the Reflectivity/Shine one over to the left, and save. It should make the skin more matte/less shiny. I do this for all my skins.

Anonymous asked:

hi, im really sorry to trouble you but if its not a bother, can you please add an alt link to the zuri downloads? thank you, im having issues with simfileshare

I just added them. Check the original post.

Anonymous asked:

will you be adding more to pink dahlia ?

Probably not.

Anonymous asked:

thank you so much for the new skin!!!! very beautiful wow!, i remember you posted a wip a while back and thought you had forgotten or given up on it but i am so happy to see it! you were and still are my favorite cc creator and simmer in general, ty queen 💛👑 (also im sorryand i really hope you dont mind but wcif her hair?)


Zuri Skin + Base Sim Download

Consider this an early 2,000 followers gift.


  • 2k and 4k versions included
  • Eyebrow and No-eyebrow versions included

Looks like this in CAS:


ZURI BASE SIM (Sliders and Contacts included)

  • .rar file with the sim's sliders, skin, eye contacts, .sim file and .sims3pack included
  • Hair, hairline and clothing not included

Credit: @annoyinglydarkblaze @pleaseputnamehere @tractusopticus for parts of the body and ear texture.

Hiiii hope you are well :) I love your work I was just curious where you get your tattoos from on your male models on the PinkDahlia wixsite


Those tattoos are a part of their skin files. The images I probably got from Google Images.

Anonymous asked:

hi, i hope this ask finds you well! your sims are so beautiful, do you think you might consider making a base sim for download? its hard for me to make sims that im happy with but your sims are just *chefs kiss* 🖤, sorry if this ask comes off weird

Sure. I’ve been thinking about releasing a skin, so I might upload that with a base sim soon-ish.

Anonymous asked:

we miss you so much love, thank you for your cc ♡


Anonymous asked:

Girl, your wide leg jeans conversion is one of the best things that happened to me in 2020. Please, keep sharing your work, we miss you ( ˘ ³˘)


Anonymous asked:

Do you think you will be doing a tutorial of sorts for converting? Im aware there are existing tutorials but i honestly think the more resources, the better especially for new simmers like me 🥺

Though obviously you are not forced to, thank you for all your cc! Thank you so much

I’m not the best at explaining things, so I don’t think a tutorial from me would be much help. @sims3tutorialhub is a great resource though.