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This is long overdue announcement.

As you may have noticed, or if you did not, this account is no longer active because the creator has gone on to other creative spaces, etc. This page will remain up for all posterity to peruse and enjoy their old works from the earlier times of the (primarily then) YouTube fandom. 

They are still active and creating regularly in a new age on twitter/instagram/tumblr, etc.

If you wish to continue following them, go to the links below:

Thank you guys so much for everything during the “SimplEagle” era. 

It was epic and one I will never forget.

I hope the very best for all of you - and hey, if you choose to continue following - see you there. 


- SE

Expose JSE Discord Moderators

So as my followers and the JSE Discord Mods know. I got banned recently. I got banned for not saying a single thing in the discord server itself. I got banned for my reputation on Tumblr. I got banned because the mods see me as a threat and are scared of me. I got banned for not breaking any rules. I got banned because the mods are powerhungry. NOT ONLY THAT. After I posted about me getting banned I had a person come to me. A person named Zevil. They behaved within the server like an entirely normal JSE fan. Such behaviour is typically accepted and normalized in the server itself. Nothing wrong about it. You’d think the JSE Discord Mods wouldn’t kick a regular fan that didn’t do anything wrong right? THINK AGAIN. They actually went and did it. I think you might recall why I called Marpeck “a piece of shit?” Here is the proof. Disclaimer:



Seems like a normal conversation right? THEN THIS HAPPENED:


Marpeck was UNABLE to clarify why Zevil got banned and was unable to tell them why they got banned. THIS IS UNPROFESSIONAL AND UNACCEPTABLE. When you ban a person from discord you SHOULD at all times be open for discussion, atleast tell the person why you are banning them and allow to them to understand WHY the decision was made. Making a decision and NOT telling the person is very cowardly. Zevil did in fact NOTHING wrong. There is NO reason within the server rules that states why Zevil COULD get banned. Besides that, Marpeck was not even willing to give them an answer after they asked. Unclarified is whether or not Marpeck made the decision. But as it is unclarified I will be holding the ENTIRE JSE MOD TEAM accountable for this unacceptable mistake. Even more so: If the reason is “banned for having a breakdown in the voicechat” THIS IS VERY INVALIDATING. With the context it’s even ableist AND racist. They banned a regular fan. Who didn’t cause any drama, didn’t cause any discourse, didn’t cause ANYONE to get uncomfortable and did not break any rules. They banned someone who could fit the poster image of their ideal server member WITHOUT reason and WITHOUT clarification. Here is my proof of what I have been saying all along The JSE discord is trash, a mess, the JSE discord mods are clowns, and the entire place should cease to exist, to be rebuilt from its ashes with NEW mods that are not bias, not cherrypicking, and outside the community. Mods that CAN hold true to their own rules and can look at things objectively rather than ban people for their own personal reasons. The JSE discord needs mods that do things best for the server, not for their personal interest! SPREAD THIS LIKE WILDFIRE. DO NOT LET THIS GO UNNOTICED.

There’s actually way more to this that is beyond the JSE server.

This is only one example.

And it’s not entirely irrational.

My dad loves minecraft and is currently building, legit, the entire city of Philadelphia just because. Today he sent me his save and while the whole thing would take days to explore (and it’s not even remotely close to be finished), I’ve taken some screenshots of my favorite stuff:

fully-furnished apartment complex I could never afford


Historical buildings (?) With blocky american flag

Aerial shot of just SOME of the city he built ALONE (obviously with minimal cloning bc like… all the buildings are different)

And my favorite…

THIS is a news channel… he made it NOT by making a custom texture pack, but by creating freehand pixel art on a massive scale at the precise size of a minecraft map, then mapping it, then putting it in an item frame. He told me he’s done stop signs and some street signs using the same method, but I legit couldn’t find them because the city is that massive 

Please note the crawl…. for those who can’t make it out, it reads “Trump convicted of tax fraud… world ok now…”

Bonus street layout for parts he hasn’t done yet (this goes on for chunks):

TheCumberverse YouTube Channel

If you are looking for a chill time filled with audio narrations of stories and pieces of all kinds as well as art, music, and other ventures with an equally chill crowd, do consider subscribing to my new YouTube channel. It may be a little quiet there, but its a living one. Thank you.

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Anonymous asked:

What color are Hugh Dancy's eyes? This keeps me up at night

Hm. That is the question.

Let’s have a wee look.

These close ups show that the iris is predominately blue but you’ll notice that he has patches of light brown around the pupil and at the edges of the iris. The light and dark pigments create a stark contrast which makes his eyes appear either blue, green or grey depending on the external light. Basically his eye color fluctuates in accordance with his surroundings. 

Side note: I have actually spent the past five minutes just staring at the above gif because his eyes are so fucking beautiful and make me want to weep.


I hope you don’t mind me adding a few:

and my personal favourite:


💘 Very important topic indeed, I wonder about it myself a lot…whatever color they are they are absolutely beautiful !

It’s Heterochromia. 

Not really a definitive color for this these kinds of eyes, but there is certainly a category, and that would be Heterochromia in which there is different colorings in each eye.

Another example would be Benedict Cumberbatch’s eyes which also exhibit the very same green/blue/gray/with gold speckles attribute (as seen above).

Hope that answers you question (however antiquated).