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I just saw something about Redbubble.Com come across my dash and I just had a knee jerk reaction and had to post something.

You have probably seen the @silversprocket artwork on tumblr. Like the cute sloth that says “nap all day. Sleep all night. Party never.” or “I want all the cats to love me best” there are more I see on tumblr all the time without attribution.

My buddies at Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club have been battling the unaccountable print-on-demand business on Redbulle for years. They have sent over 50 DCMA take down requests and redbubble doesn’t care because they have created a system where the artist who uploads the art is accountable, not them.

If redbubble actually cared about artists they would add a program that is free to their website that would check with artwork as it is uploaded to see if it matches any DCMA requests they have received, but they won’t. They make too much money off of stolen art to do that. Instead of being accountable for the art on their site they make artists go after whoever uploaded the art.

They know what they are doing as I’ve even see redbubble ads on Facebook WITH THE STOLEN ART! I’ve even see free stickers sent with redbubble orders that contain redrawn sloths very similar to the stolen one.

It’s really gross. Don’t support redbubble.

Debuting at TCAF 2017 - Siren School by Isabella Rotman 

Price: $5 (US) / $7 (CAD) Format: Paperback, full-color, stapled Page Count: 20 

Isabella Rotman’s Siren School is a funny cathartic read in the age of mansplaining. A full-color mini-comic course in Sirening 101. Do it right and men will throw themselves into the sea.

Have a free Jenn Woodall poster. We just made these, based on her 'Magical Beatdown' street harassment revenge fantasy comics. We'll stick one in with any orders at http://store.silversprocket.net/jenn or literally email to ask for one. Btw, tomorrow (Tues) is our last mailorder day before xmas. No promises on delivery time but its all First Class and Priority mail from here.

As You Were, Vol 5: This Job Sucks! is out now with 44 new stories about shitty jobs from your favorite punk-scene comic artists.

Contributors include: Adrian Chi, Aimee Pijpers, Alex Barrett, Alex Krokus, Andra Passen, Andrew Greenstone, Anna Vo, Ashley Palafox, Ben Passmore, Ben Snakepit, Benji Nate, Bill Pinkel, Brad Dwyer, Brian Butler, Brian Connolly, Brittany Naundorff, Carolyn Nowak, Chris Clavin, Elia, Emily Timm, James the Stanton, Jensine Eckwall, Jim Kettnerd, Johnny Dalton, Joshum, Julia Wertz, Justin Mulkern, Kriss Stress, Krystal Downs, Liz Baillie, Liz Bolduc, Lukas Myhan, Marissa Luna, Max Clotfelter, Meg Has Issues, Michael Sweater, Miles Honey, Mitch Clem , Rayne Klar, Rick V, Sam Grinberg, Scott Sturgeon, Shannon Knox, Steve Larder, and Steve Thueson 

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Thanks budz <3

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We’ll be at the @nocazfest New Orleans Comics and Zine Festival this weekend, and being goblins all around New Orleans for this next week if you want to meet up.

NOCAZ is a free 2 day event at the New Orleans Public Library, Saturday Nov 19th, 11am-4pm, & Sunday Nov 20th, 1pm – 4pm.

For more information, check out the NOCAZ website.

We’ll be at the Small Press Expo in Bethesda, MD, all weekend (table M1) with Ben Passmore and Michael Sweater. Way too many buds and heroes will be all around us being inspirational in every direction, seriously visit everyone. Here’s a helpful map of essential Silver Sprocket pals, don’t ding dong goof!

As You Were, Vol. 5, is months away, but we just confirmed 60 advance copies direct from the printer for our Small Press Expo table number M1 this weekend. No one knows the world of service industry hell like the punks, and they bring it in spades. This volume's theme is "This Job Sucks" with 192 pages by 45 artists from all over the world. This volume has a mix of returning As You Were veterans, indy comic celebrities, and exceptional first timers; our largest most diverse cast yet. We will spill the beans about who all is in it next week and cannot wait to share this with you soon. Ok, one early detail: Cover art is by Janelle Hessig!