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Excerpts taken from Ascetic House’s upcoming March batch, mixed in this order: Memorymann “In My System” CS Scandinavian star “S/T” CS Somali Extract “Sullen Surrender” CS Soren “Aimless, Nameless” CS Ergot 88 “Dissector” CS Human Particle “The Left Eye (Look Only Upon The Left Eye)” CS Deep Pill “Centrifuge” CS Headcleaner “HC1” CS Jock Club “Last Night” CS Border Force “Motionless” CS Maniac Cop “Pt. 1” CS Granite Mask “Exit Strategies” CS Early Tongue “S/T” CS Jock Club “Wet” CS Sutures “S/T” CS Mortal Fear “Eye of The Beholder” CS Prison Glue “World Without Values” CS Purity Of Essence “Formless” CS Marshstepper “El Prat de Llobregat, Catalonia” CS Boys Of Paradise “Onyx (Bachelorette Dub)” CS Darto “Soundtrack for the film Frontier” CS Dismal Light “Dunes of Gypsum” CS Peacetime Death “Peacetime Index” CS Gila Man “Between Realities” CS J.S. Aurelius “Hallucinognosis Loops” CS Varg “Under The Roman Lash” CS Marshstepper “Laboratório das Artes, Guimaraes” CS Oake “Live in Marseille” CS Covered In Sand “Live at the Complex” CS J.S. Aurelius “Sympathy For My Demon Brother” CS


                   Lawrence Daws born 1927                                    Title                Omen Bird                                                  Date                  1972                                  Medium        Screenprint on paper      

I first of all have a problem with the term ‘avant-garde’. Because it is a military term, it means the guard that runs before the rest of the soldiers. And if I want to see myself presented in military terms, I don’t want to be part of that. I want to be one of the deserters. I want to be in the woods, maybe.

Blixa Bargeld (via 1109-83)

Source: dr.dk