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god’s lonely girl

like a wine stained dress i cant wear anymore..... this isnt the stain of a red wine im bleeding love.....

i don’t think y’all get it. sweet tea in the summer. cross my heart won’t tell no other. and though i can’t recall your face i still got love for you. your braids like a pattern love you to the moon and to saturn. passed down like folk songs. our love lasts so long.


i know this website talks a lot about how we all wish we’d never grown up but very few scenes hit me like the one in 13 going on 30 where jenna realises she doesn’t like the person she’s become so she goes back home and vienna by billy joel is playing and she sees a group of teenage girls and she realises how badly she wishes she was still a child and when she gets to her childhood home it’s empty so she sits in the closest and cries as she desperately wishes to be thirteen again and when her parents come home she cries into their shoulders like she’s a little girl again and can’t fall asleep until she’s lying next to her mother in bed…like. what the fuck was that. i’m crying just thinking about it.

i am jack’s broken heart.

haruki murakami :: jen mazza :: wally lamb :: user @normal-horoscopes :: david fincher ( fight club, 1999 ) :: kerri maniscalco :: sarah kay :: the front bottoms ( twin size mattress ) :: david fincher ( fight club, 1999 ) :: ada limón.


Until mankind is peaceful enough not to have violence on the news, there’s no point in taking it out of shows that need it for entertainment value.

CLUELESS (1995) dir. Amy Heckerling