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my mom, dead in the middle of a conversation, slams on the breaks in the middle of a country road so she can pull over and take a picture of all these cows running for cover from the rain and adsfkjlfkdjg and thi dskfjfgj

rthis is the only picutre she took sfdkjlfgddfs MOM this almost literally could not be worse fdkjfjkdf i love you so much

she also took a pictuer of a bluejay 

and believe it or not, a squirrel

mom vs the focus on her expensive camera vs her bad eyesight

ok i swear this is the last one but please look at this bluejay

These photos are artistically bad.

Like, the arrangement is nice and the composition pleasing to look at, which is just, so fucking funny because what is ostensibly the subject if each is so poorly framed.

OP, are you entirely sure your mother is just bad at photography and is not, in fact, actually a fucking comedic and photographical genius?


I wish I could be like one of those Tumblr people who make well-written and informed analyses on their interests and hyperfixations but no I got stuck with the GGAGRRHHD AARRAARFGHFGG. HHGGGGRGGGGRGRRRGGHH MMBBRBBRBJGJGJ KKAAAAAAAAAAA HHHHH AAA !!?,,!??,!


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this is the oldest post on all of tumblr, posted in october 2006 before the website even launched publicly in 2007.

world heritage post

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The picture in the background of the second one

Tama is boss



Sad update everyone, Tama recently passed away… An estimated 3,000 people, including railway officials, attended Tama the cat’s funeral on Sunday, days after she died of heart failure aged 16. [x]


For those who haven’t read articles about it, the local shrine elevated her to a god. She’s now the Eternal Stationmaster and patron god of the station.



Now I’m crying thanks


and a new cat was hired right?

yep! her name is Nitama (essentially ”second tama” or “tama II”) and she served under Tama as an apprentice before being appointed her deputy


she works very hard


Everytime this crosses my dash, I reblog. It is the law.


I’m crying at 11pm over train cats

Nitama, already now a mature cat (born 2010), has a protege named Yontama (fourth Tama, b. 2016).  There is no information available for either the physical befellment or tragic self-disgrace which has removed Santama from contention.

^Nitama majestic, and below with Yontama


a legacy

okay but actually what happened to santama (or sun-tama-tama, which is her name because it’s a pun on santama) was that she was basically sent to train for the position in okayama and they liked her so much they refused to send her back

“Sun-tama-tama” (a pun off of “Santama”, lit. “third Tama”) was a calico cat sent for training in Okayama. Sun-tama-tama was considered as a candidate for Tama’s successor, but the Okayama Public Relations representative who had been caring for Sun-tama-tama refused to give the cat up writing, “I will not let go of this child, she will stay in Okayama.” [25]
As of September 2018, Sun-tama-tama is working as the stationmaster in Naka-ku, Okayama and appears occasionally on Tama’s Twitter account.

Every time I see this post there’s new info and it gets better

You are only allowed to scroll pass this after you pay tribute to the great Tama Station masters.


The shrine of Tama Daimyōjin (Great gracious deity Tama), next to the Kishi station where she worked.

Nitama presenting her yearly offerings to Tama Daimyōjin on the anniversary of Tama’s Death, June 23 (The offerings are presented by the company president, as Nitama is a cat and thus can’t hold the offerings herself) (Not pictured, but also present, Yontama)

world heritage post