Unfortunately, Hodge’s limited availability likely affected the chances of getting an episode reminiscent of “The Rundown Job.” (In the original run’s last season, Parker, Hardison, and Eliot worked a job alone, giving us a taste of what could have come next after Sophie and Timothy Hutton’s Nate left them to continue their work in the finale.)
“Unfortunately, [we’re not getting one] this season, but when they put the three of us together, it’s always just been magic,” Kane says. “Aldis is busy literally flying around the earth right now with wearing a pair of wings playing Hawkman, so we had to pick and choose our times to when he came in. [He’s] such a strong, strong part of this for me, my rock. Eliot feeds off of Hardison.”
“When we were allowed to have him on set, we used him as much as we can get, and everybody wanted to work with him. It would’ve been fun to do that again, but I know I can speak for Gina and Noah [Wyle, who plays fixer Harry Wilson]. They wanted to be a part of it too,” he continues. “So when you get Aldis Hodge in the room, everybody wants to be around him and everybody wants to be in the scene. So we’re looking forward to that again, because [“The Rundown Job”] was one of my all-time favorite episodes. But unfortunately, it won’t happen this year because he’s off saving the world with The Rock.”

Everyone on the planet valuing and wanting to work with Aldis Hodge so there's no time to shoot an episode with just Hardison, Parker, and Eliot is probably the only explanation that can actually comfort me over the lack of an OT3 episode.

Anonymous asked:

not to be intrusive but did you get vaccinated? longer/heavier periods are a newly noted side effect. good luck

t. also becoming the joker

I got the 2nd shot yesterday and I’d already had my period for 8 days. I posted about how I felt sick on fb and a friend of mine said they got a 19 day period after 2nd shot. I am going to require a blood transfusion. RIP


Today in “Things they didn’t bother telling us about vaginas”.

If you are experiencing strange menstrual symptoms after receiving a vaccine, I encourage you to participate in this research study.

I’m not out here saying don’t get vaccinated, but I’m fucking sick of my body not being included and counted in medical research.

I didn’t have any of these effects, but passing along for anyone who did.


don’t just fill this out if your menstrual cycle changed. everyone who menstruates should fill it out. otherwise you get skewed results


Didn’t have a single effect of any kind. Filling it out and passing it along.

New chapter! Just a short one laying groundwork for the season three fix-it (sorta) that I'm doing. Flint gets to interact with Max! I think his only canon interaction with her in the show is like, him standing nearby while Max cries and begs Eleanor not to betray her. v. awkward.

I got to see the Crimson Peak outfits in person at FiDM, thought you’d appreciate up close photos


UGH I wanted to see this exhibit SO BADLY but I lived on the EAST COAST

maybe they’ll take it traveling someday. thank you so much for the photos!

these dresses are pretty but you know these mannequins are about to come to life and do murders

Just to reiterate that reblog from a while ago about ffnet dying and how one day probably soon we're gonna blink and it'll just be gone:

I'm trying to make backups of the few things I'm not too embarrassed to keep from Way Back When (because I'm also like 4+ computers beyond what I originally wrote that shit on and some of it got lost in data migrations)

And guys

The password recovery is NON FUNCTIONAL.

That site is circling the drain, so if you've got stuff on there you want to keep, go save it now.

This has been a PSA from your local digital archivist/ fandom old.

She still had her eyes fixed on Nassau. “Nothing holds you to a place like someone dying in it, does it?”
“I wouldn’t know.” Certainly he had found London very hard to bear, when he thought Thomas had died there; but discovering that he was alive hadn’t made much of a difference. Perhaps nothing held you to a place like someone dying for it, as he thought Thomas had, for Nassau.

New chapter! It's a short one; just James and Eleanor feeling separately shitty about Nassau. The season 3 fix-it begins!

So I wanted to know what kind of crystal could go in a wizard staff, right? so I googled “big crystal,” as one does, and got an Etsy ad for This

And as you all know I Am currently taking a geology class, so I am probably more emotionally invested in minerals than usual. But that is...very obviously not a natural crystal.

So I did some looking around on Etsy.

Now, these shops all seem to advertise to the “witchy”/“spiritual healing” type of person. And there are a lot of them. Crystals are a Big Thing on Etsy. And ALMOST ALL of them are obviously artificially cut into the same sort of prism with a triangular pyramid top, regardless of the actual sort of crystal it is supposed to be.

Even like, fucking, obsidian. Obsidian is volcanic glass, it doesn’t form crystals at all, it is not a crystal

I’m not throwing any shade at people who are into crystals for like witchy reasons, but it really seems like if crystals are spiritually important to you, you should know what a crystal is...right...?

So there I am. Caught in the helpless anger and distaste of looking at geologically inaccurate Etsy crystals.

And as I scroll, I start to see items in...interesting shapes:

“Oh,” I think to myself. “Oh no.”

But it is too late. I have heard the siren’s song, singing to me of knowledge that will destroy me, but that I cannot help but seek.

These...elongated objects are almost always ambiguously described as “massage wands,” “crystal healing wands,” and other such innocuous things. The egg-shaped objects are, um, “yoni eggs.”

...Right. Okay.

Maintain the youthfulness of my sacred organ.



Okay. I’m good. I’m fine.

Actually, you know what, never mind. There is shame in this and I want it to be never acknowledged again.

Additionally, I am not fine.

Why the fuck are there so many of these—

At this point I stop and start googling.

Now, Selenite is the crystalline form of gypsum. It is also known as satin spar. Selenite is brittle and breaks easily, and has a Mohs hardness scale of 2.

For those unfamiliar with the Mohs hardness scale, a mineral with a hardness of 2 is soft enough that it can be easily scratched with a fingernail. It also is dissolved by moisture.


I try to reassure myself with the fact that these things are probably not actually selenite, because making a dildo out of such a soft mineral in the first place would be very difficult. Having seen fluorite before, I feel pretty certain that the fluorite yoni eggs are probably actually just glass.

I google fluorite.


Further exploring online shows me that fluorite is soluble in various strong acids.

Some guys on a forum in 2004 have strong contradictory opinions on this.

(I google the pH of the vagina.)

I don’t understand how pH works. I give up on the solubility question and google the toxicity of fluorite:

I now know at least one orifice fluorite does not go inside.


No, dear followers, my journey did not end here.

I have opened Pandora’s box, except Pandora’s box is filled with minerals God did not intend to be anywhere near the vagina carved into the shape of dildos. Etsy is advertising me sex toys I wish I could forget.

And vaginal steam herbs.

It seems that there is potentially a correlation between wanting to steam your vagina and wanting to put rocks in it. I know, groundbreaking discovery.

Okay, so we’re talking therapy substitute therapy substitute.

(I begin to think about how desperately we need universal health care. Maybe I just need someone, something, to blame.)

At this point, I realize that I haven’t done any googling on whether dildos made of rocks are a good idea at all. So, very tentatively, as if typing it more slowly will make it any less observed by the FBI, I google whether quartz should be used...internally.

First result that pops up:

That’s, uh. That’s reassuring.

I decide I’m incapable of unpacking this particular suitcase.

There are, of course, a small handful of articles debating the safety of rose quartz sex toys. But I’m getting the feeling that this is not a normal question to have in the first place. I close the tab with little relief.

Etsy is still enthusiastically recommending me things that hurt me psychologically.

...pleasure chalk?

How can I describe the fear that this image struck in me, reader?

Pleasure Chalk? What could that be?

Is knowing worse, or is not knowing? I scarcely have a choice:

I check in with my emotions.

Is this relief? Am I relieved that they are eating the dirt instead of fucking it? One review complains about the taste. I don’t know what they expected.

I try in vain to struggle against the tide, to return to the relatively normal side of Etsy. I begin to resent, no, hate, these deceptively aesthetically pleasing hippie shops eagerly spreading medical misinformation and things as yet unknown.

This, unlike the other “crystals” I have shown, appears to show naturally grown crystals. They are, of course, quartz crystals, and $45 comes off as extremely overpriced. I have a quartz crystal I got for a dollar at an Eastern Kentucky rock festival, about the size and quality of the ones in the photo.

Quartz is the most common mineral in the Earth’s crust. But at least this is regular levels of annoying.

Then I see this:

Well, I see the photo and the price, and I think, that looks like a regular quartz crystal. There’s no way a regular quartz crystal is $1,347.

I read the description:

I am crying. I don’t want to google any of this. I am beyond googling. I no longer desire knowledge.


I click on a malachite.

The malachite promises to protect me from emails. And at this, darkest hour, I want to be protected.

I have been broken. I have been lured to my demise.

Big Brother: loved.

Geology lab I’m supposed to be doing: incomplete.

God: unmerciful.

Two types of  Slow Burn

Type I

100k of pining, accidental hands touching, sex dreams that end with passionate smut in the last chapter.

Type II

They raw each other in the first part of chapter 1, then spend 100k in denial, misunderstanding, and self-doubt

New chapter, and it's a long one! Mind the notes on this one because some people are making some bad decisions in this chapter.


  • angry Miranda
  • Areopagitica
  • a bunch of very nasty-sounding food but idk I guess in the 1700s everyone was like "MEAT MEAT MEAT MEAT MEAT" and I am committed to historical accuracy
  • very bad idea sex
  • another quote from The Tempest sorry not sorry

welp this is a weird grim coincidence, isn't it? I wrote this chapter shortly after losing someone important to me last year, and I'm posting it the day after losing someone else important to me. death sucks.

(also: sorry for missing out the Monday update! family stuff befell me!)

welp this is a weird grim coincidence, isn't it? I wrote this chapter shortly after losing someone important to me last year, and I'm posting it the day after losing someone else important to me. death sucks.

(also: sorry for missing out the Monday update! family stuff befell me!)