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iTailor shirt review:

I’m sad I didn’t discover this website before, because the shirt is very well made. The company is based out of Thailand, but don’t let that deter you. 

The shirt is the perfect thickness, (not too thin, and not too thick to be considered a utility shirt) and is fully customizable on the company’s website. You can choose collars, cuffs, and with hundreds of colors and patterns to pick from, you can create a one-of-a-kind shirt just for you. You can also add monograms, if that’s your thing.

I measured my sleeve length incorrectly, so unfortunately I can’t wear the shirt without rolling them. However, the perfect shade of blue makes it a great casual date night shirt without a tie and some dark pants.

iTailor regularly has a fabric of the week, which offers a certain pattern or color for a discounted price. The colors change every week, but white is always on sale.

My recommendation? Do it. It’s around 50 a shirt for basic colors, including shipping, but considered it’s custom made for you, you really can’t find a better deal. I ordered my shirt around the 4th of July and it arrived today, 28 July. 3 weeks to custom make my shirt, and to ship it from Thailand? Not bad at all.

I will likely wait to purchase another shirt from them once I’ve started growing from T, but this company has my seal of approval. The company also makes custom suits as well as custom footwear (I've had a little too much fun playing with the customizer). And ladies, this company also makes women’s clothing.

Go forth and be dapper!