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                           Lashing out would have been far too easy. So despite every cell in her body screamed at her to lash out, to break something, she refused. She stopped pushing her feelings down and finally allowed them to spill out. Her mouth like a running faucet that had no turn-off valve, so the words kept flowing from her mouth. It was good, this was good for them, because if they had just talked, let themselves feel for once…they could have avoided the months apart.
What happened next after she spoke her piece, it was surprising but it was all too welcomed. The hand at the back of her neck pulled her close and her hands were quick to grab hold of the vampires waist. Just this was enough to cause her knees to have a slight wobble to them, the familiar perfume that Pam wore and the cool touch from her was enough. But the crashing lips against her own, her heart fluttered ( cheesy and ironic, she knows it ) and a content sigh left her. For so long this is all she wanted to do, just wanted to be in her arms again, to taste her lips and be whole.
Sniffling as the kiss was broken briefly, she leaned into the blondes hand, her own coming up to cover it with a teary smile. “I forgive you,” she whispered, her other hand moving to cup her cheek, thumb stroking gently. “I love you…okay? I-I love you an’ I won’t ever stop lovin’ you.”

WORDS OF FORGIVENESS FILLED HER with another sense of desire that seemed to provide allowance for further indulgence. Even more so as it was followed with words of love. Given that second chance, she was not about to waste it again ; not this time, not with her. Another split second of movement and suddenly, the entirety of the desk was removed and swept onto the floor with a harsh growl from Pam who instantly shifted Faith onto the edge. Parting the Slayer's legs, Pam stepped between them but returned her hands to the side of Faith's face, kissing her deeply and passionately again. She had owed the other everything after their last encounter and she would give her anything and everything she wanted from that night forward, starting with this moment. Instantly now did hands begin to remove the other's clothes, her jacket and shirt for starters. Parting their lips if only for a moment to say, ❝ I neva' should've let ya walk outta that house. ❞ She had known it then and even more so since. Never again would she put Faith - or her - in that position again in fact, plans were already being made in her head on how they would begin to move forward. Until that moment though, she needed to ensure that Faith knew that she was all in. ❝ Tell me you're mine. ❞  

                           Every person she had held love for had ended badly. That love hadn’t been true or pure, not like this, and that’s why it had her rocking on her heels like she’d just been struck. Because she hadn’t meant to fall in love, hadn’t meant to find love in a vampire, an immortal being who would stay while she went when it was her time. And she had tried, god did she try, not to let those feelings burrow their way deeper because she didn’t want this she didn’t want anger saddled up right next to that love.
There would always be a fear of something happening to her or someone she cared for, especially if they were just a human. So she understood that, understood why Pam wanted to push her away because she had done it with everyone she had tried to be with before the blonde sauntered into her life. But that didn’t lessen the blow of the others words that night or how they made her feel, like she was nothing but a good time, something the old her would have accepted all too easily. And when Pam finally looks to her and she sees the tears, for a moment she can see that she did care, did feel something.
Faith was quiet as she listened, tears continuing to roll down cheeks as she no longer cared to stop them, knowing it was useless. Velma had been simply human, had no ancient mystical magic flowing through her veins that made her something more than human. The only thing they shared was their stubbornness and falling for Pamela, something that was Velma’s downfall and maybe it would be her own one day, but she’d fare better than the other when that moment came. That was something to worry about at a later date and though she offered to tell her whatever she wanted to know about that night, she didn’t want to put the blonde through that pain again. Even now watching the emotion pass over porcelain features, it caused her step forward, hand twitching as if she were to reach out to her.
But she didn’t connect, that night once more playing through her mind when Pam basically swatted at her and reeled away from her touch. However she didn’t think much about that when the other confessed to having been there, watching her, having chased after her. Lip quivered more as brows furrowed, eyes darting to the floor as she recalled having felt like something or someone had been watching her every night she went out. There had been a few close calls, moments where she thought she was done for, but she managed to hold her own. “Y-you were there,” she whispered, voice cracking as she looked back to Pam, hand raising to run fingers through hair. So many nights she wanted to call her, ask to come back, beg if she needed to. But she didn’t, couldn’t bring herself to do that.
Head shook as hands passed over face to rid the tears away. “You don’t get it,” she whispered, hands falling to her sides, “I’m gonna have target on my back ‘til I’m in the ground no matter who I’m with, Pam! And damn it…” she breathed, stepping towards her again, closing that space further, “I don’t wanna spend that time alone ‘cause I tried to move on…to burry you but I couldn’t.” Faith had tried countless times to sleep with anyone that was willing to give her the time of day. But every time she failed, pushed them away and ran them off, because all she wanted was Pam. “I can’t move on…s-so I’m askin’ ya please don’t make me. Don’t make me be alone ‘cause I want you…you’re the only person I wanna love.”

THE BLOOD AT THE CORNER OF HER EYES BEGAN TO SLOWLY SPILL, though she was able to tame them to only a few, Pam watched Faith's reaction carefully. Eyes narrowing, waiting to see if the other would snap or concede. With Faith it was never a sure one way but a potential for both. Something Pam always adored about her ; that uncertainty which kept things exciting and frustrating all at the same time. These types of situations, the emotions specifically were not what either enjoyed nor was used to, usually avoiding them at all costs until it became too late... like now.

Hearing Faith's words however, a single brow arched. She had almost expected the Slayer to reject her, to lash out or break something. It would have been in her M.O. but instead, she was begging. Confessing. Pam looked at her with some surprise but also, there was a spark of something more. A sort of sentimental glance that had usually only been reserved for Eric, but in this instance, she couldn't help herself as head canted to the side at the woman's words. She had watched the woman struggle, but she had no idea what was truly going on in her head all this time.

Damning it all to Hell ; her pride, her worries, her fears, she broke the distance between them. Hand grabbing at the back of Faiths neck and pulling her close until lips clashed in an almost desperate, passionate embrace. Her other hand gripping at the small of her back before wrapping around her waist. She had been craving her for far too long and it was out of her own stupidity that kept them apart this long. She would never forgive herself for that, but she hoped Faith would. Parting their lips for a brief moment, the hand at the back of her neck shifted to rest against the other's cheek, thumb caressing flesh. ❝ You're not alone. I'm so sorry. ❞ Nose brushed against Faith's own, ❝ forgive me. ❞

                                 Being a simple man with two working eyes, he was having difficulties keeping his eyes elsewhere or focused. “Yes I am,” Jason stated with a nod and grin firmly in place as he did finally look her in the eyes. Eyes that were wandering as his own had just done, but he didn’t mind, not a bit. He sat up a bit straighter, cocky grin still on display. At her question, he hesitated in answering as he had to think of what to say because in truth, he hadn’t interreacted with the woman much, this was probably the first real conversation he had had with her. “Well…” he began, fingers taking hold of mug before he was taking a hearty drink, back of hand wiping away suds from lips, “’m sorry but I don’t know nothin’ ‘bout ‘xcept yer a fan-vamper an’ make me nervous.”


HIS HESITATION ONLY FUELED HER ENTICEMENT, shoulders hunched forward, waiting for him to answer her question but loving every second that ticked by while he tried to find the words. Lips still curled in a smirk, her brow arching when he nearly called her a 'fanger' but instead, immediately corrected himself. For a minute, she merely stood there, eyes blinking only once as head slowly tilted to one side. In a split second however, she was no longer behind the bar but standing right beside him, close enough to feel any amount of gasping breath brush against her. ❝ Now, why would I make you nervous? ❞

                                 The quietness was unsettling and it showed. Shifting atop the stool, Jason cleared his throat as he mumbled a thank you when she poured him another beer. Not many people came to Fangtasia just to drink and he certainly wasn’t one of those people either. No, he was there for something else and this was the best place to find it, one way or another. However his attention was pulled back to the blondes lips as she began to speak once more, a frown creasing his features. “Hey now!” Jason protested, sitting up a bit straighter as he stared at her. “There is plenty ta stare at when it comes to me, thank ya. Might not be as appealin’ as you are ‘cause there is…” he trailed off, lopsided grin settling into place as he allowed his eyes to drift lower, “lot ta stare at. But, I am a handsome mother fucker.”

AN AMUSED SORT OF SMIRK CURLED across painted lips at his defensive words. She watched as his eyes once again trailed towards her chest, a single brow arching in retrospect before she allowed her own gaze to wander over him. Chuckling, she leaned into the well of the bar with the other hand propped upon her hip. ❝ Yeah, you're a real 'pretty boy' ain't ya? ❞ She chuckled. Head tilts to the side then as she continued to eye him, now accepting his words as some sort of permission - as if she needed one - gobbling him up. Unlike his sister who was nothing more than a literal snack, he had something far more appealing to the blonde than just blood alone. He may not have been Fae, but he was a sight, she had to give him that. ❝ What else 'bout me do ya find appealin'? ❞  

                                  Mouth opens and closes, making him look like a gaping fish. Often times it was harder than hell to get him to shut up, but not now. The blonde had done that in just a matter of a few short words. Swallowing, Jason tried to think of something before he finally spoke, “I wasn’t meaning that kinda suckin’. An’ people say I got a perverted mind.” Though now that the thought was there, his mind did wander a bit before returning ( somewhat that was as his eyes kept looking elsewhere. ) Snorting he picked his beer up and finished it before adding, “An’ yer the one doin’ the starin’, lady! I just looked at ya!”

PAM MERELY SMIRKED AT HIS INITIAL statement. If either of them were to win the most perverted mind, he didn't even stand a chance, though she doesn't speak more on the matter. Best to keep him guessing, it was more fun that way. Perhaps, he'd learn in due time. Why he was even there in the first place, was somewhat beyond her, though it didn't take a genius to make a simple educated guess. There was only one reason why humans came to a bar like Fangtasia and it was never just for the alcohol or the scenery. Without skipping a beat, Pamela proceeded in pouring him another beer and setting it down in front of him, knowing he could use another. ❝ That so? Seems you've got more reason to stare than I do. ❞ She stated with an arched brow, taking notice of where his eyes had wandered even for that slightest second.  

                           Physical pain hurt less than verbal and emotional. Though it shouldn’t have hurt as bad when it came to them seeing as Faith had experience with people lashing out with their words. She knew, though, why this time it hurt worse, why it bothered her and why I’m sorry did nothing. Being in love, it was yet another thing she hated right there with being human and dealing with human emotions. She wanted to shut them off, push them away and go about her night like nothing was wrong. However, as the warm tears rolled down her cheeks, she was reminded that she couldn’t do that and that she was in fact, human.
Swiping at her face roughly, she dragged hands through hair before tugging on the locks. “God…I love you an’,” she stopped turning to face her, anger in her eyes. But it was directed at herself, having always hated crying as she saw it was weak. “An’ you fuckin’ know it an’ yet you’re actin’ like this some fuckin’ inconvenience to you! Well sorry a fuckin’ pathetic little human fell in love with you an’ is reactin’ with her stupid human emotions,” she hissed, shaking her head. “Sorry I can’t be like you an’ not give a fuck about what someone you love says to you…doesn’t matter if you didn’t mean those words or regret them, Pam. The fact you so easily tossed me aside after everything…then you don’t even come after me…an’ now you’re apologizing thinking that’s gonna just wash it all away!” She laughed, more annoying tears rolling down her cheeks.

FAITH'S HOSTILITY HAD BROUGHT IT ALL BACK ; that night, the very night she never wanted to repeat ever again began to flash in her mind. But it wasn't Faith's voice that echoed in her head when she spoke, but Velma's. Words so similar, they might as well have been the same. ' Sorry a fuckin' pathetic little human fell in love with you ' they were almost identical it was hard to tell the difference after so many years and yet, they still seemed so fresh. What Faith said, might as well have been the precise words used that Velma did the night she died.

Though the circumstances were different, that feeling of intense rage remained the same. It was all too much. Now was Faith's turn to lash out and she had every reason to. All the while though, the corner of Pam's eyes began to pool with blood which would soon fall down porcelain flesh. By the end of it, the vampire could no longer hold in what she had been keeping inside for years. A sadness only her Maker had known about that festered inside of her. ❝ Velma's love for me is what got 'er killed! ❞ Pam snapped, tears finally flowing down her cheeks when she looked to Faith again.

❝ She was human too, just as stubborn an' ruthless as you an' yet, she ended up dyin' in my arms try'na prove herself. She wasn't as strong as you, o'course, couldn't fight 'gainst vampires the way you can. I refused, for so many years, lovin' 'gain, especially anotha' human. Then you came along an' you reminded me so much o' her without me even realizin' it at first, 'till I saw that picture... an' I couldn't bear goin' through that shit 'gain. It ain't a matta' o' not given a fuck, Faith, I pushed ya away 'cause I didn't know what else to do! I ain't sayin' that's an excuse.. I overreacted, okay, I'll admit that now. I'll tell ya everythin' ya wanna know. Every pain o' it, if that's what ya want. I knew ya could handle yourself where Velma couldn't. ❞

Her face now showed every bit of emotional expression that she usually lacked in these types of situations. Fingers shifting through her her hair, practically shaking as she turned away for a split second. Palm once again residing on the desk as she looked towards the floor and tried to calm down. ❝ When I found 'er, it was already too late. She was the first human I had eva' loved, until you. ❞

She looked to Faith again, ❝ I did chase after ya. I watched ya slay your vamps an' your demons until I couldn't watch ya anymore. I'd ratha' lose ya 'cause o' some stupid bullshit fight than 'ave ya die in my arms the way she did and have ya gone foreva'. But no, it wasn't easy for me an' I ain't expectin' it to just wash away. The vamps who killed Velma did it 'cause they were sendin' me a message ; a warnin'. I couldn't risk havin' the same fate happen to you. I couldn't bear the reason o' you dyin' bein' 'cause o' my feelings for you. I got scared an' I handled it wrong, I know that. ❞

                           This was just a business meeting that was now over. Logically she knew there was more to talk about, but that wasn’t something she wanted to do, not really. It was a nice office and having a room full of vampires on the other side of the door wasn’t an ideal audience. So she tried to leave, tried to end this before something else came of it, but she was stopped by words. Words she never thought she would hear nor come from Pam.
Back was to the desk where the vampire was seated and she was thankful for that. Because she didn’t want her to see her face, catch how her chin wobbled and lip quivered at two simple words. Even her admitting to having been in the wrong, it caused a pang in her chest as eyes dropped to the floor and hand remained on the doorknob. Faith knew she hadn’t done anything wrong ( no matter how much that broken part of her said otherwise ) but she hadn’t blamed Pam, not entirely for her outburst. That wasn’t to say she hadn’t been wrong for taking it out on her, because she had been, but she knew what it was like to be triggered by the littlest of things.
When she was sure she wasn’t going to crack, the slayer looked over her shoulder back at the woman, lips pursed if only to cease the quivering. “I coulda expected somethin’ like that from just a casual thing…” she began, turning her head away as she felt the stingy in her eyes, “but what we hav—had…lets say I’d rather have been stabbed again an’ fallen off a buildin’.” Heartache was not something she could handle and it hurt more than any sort of injury she had sustained in all her years of being alive.

OF COURSE, FAITH WOULD RESPOND IN SUCH A WAY ; almost pious as her reputation would uphold as well as deliberate and curt. However, Pam had to appreciate the fact that the woman stopped at the door without turning the knob. Still, her words about preferring to be stabbed again might as well have been a dagger stabbing her right back and yet, Pam knew she deserved that. So, she said nothing to fight her, this time. Instead, she remained quiet for a moment, jaw clenching as she resisted another eye roll.

There was also notice of the word ' had ' which she couldn't very well argue given the last several months but it still made her face harden. ❝ I said I was sorry... what more do'ya want? ❞ Finally, gaze turned towards Faith then. Expression still stern though she sighs almost dramatically before rolling her neck and uncrossing her legs to stand. All the while do fingers maintain their position upon the desk. ❝ Before ya answer that just know, the apology was sincere. Wouldn't 'ave said it at all if it weren't. I can't take back what I said, but I can... at least... say I regret 'em. ❞  

                           The initial thought was to bypass the vampire hierarchy, however she wasn’t looking to step on toes. She’d learned that lesson the first time around so she was going through the proper channels. The slayer doubted that the ancient vampire had anything to do with what was going on in New Orleans, but it was getting out of hand and she could barely believe that he hadn’t heard about any of it. Then again, she had been in the dark up until a few days ago hence her visit this evening.
“Yup,” she replied, the p popping as she spoke, head tilting to the side as she did her best to look at Pam with a bored and unbothered look. There was no need to use Eric’s official title, but she was trying to make a point that she had came there to speak to him and only him. She was anxious as is about coming back to Shreveport so having to discuss this with the blonde wasn’t helping her from feeling like she was going to crawl out of her skin.
Nodding, she had figured neither of them knew about what was going on. Especially since the pair didn’t keep secrets anymore so she knew if there had been knowledge, it’d have been on both parts. “Seems that way,” she shrugged, eyes moving to look at the wall of promotional items sent from the various companies. Shaking her head at the question, she stood up and nudged the chair back towards the desk. “Big man’s got my number…so if he wants to talk ‘bout it, he can call,” Faith said as she patted her thighs before turning to reach for the door.

BOTH WOMEN SAT ACROSS FROM ONE ANOTHER as if it had been nothing more than a business meeting. Their bodies stiff as boards and stoic in expression, though deep down there was anguish and turmoil. It was a conundrum to wonder how two stubborn and prideful women could resolve an issue such as theirs without one breaking. But Pam somehow knew, she had known for far too long now what needed to be done. Her conversation with Eric had brought a lot of things to light, regardless of her not wanting to admit it.

Her brows furrowed and nostrils flared as Faith seemed to conclude the conversation in a rather nonchalant sort of demeanor. Knowing the other well, she expected this from the slayer. Faith had, in some way, been even more tenacious than the vampire. It had been one of the many reasons why Pam had fallen for her in the first place. Fingers had paused their movement on the desk and remained there in position like a statue even after the other woman rose from her seat and walked towards the door.

I'm sorry. ❞ She said suddenly, without looking over at Faith. Her face still inflexible as she stared into the corner on the opposite side of the room. ❝ I didn't mean what I said an' I was in the wrong. Seein' that picture 'gain... ❞ her voice trailed off, her tone becoming somewhat softer which was rather unusual for the blonde. ❝ It wasn't your fault an' I'm sorry. ❞    

                           She didn’t want to be there or see Pam, let alone talk to her. Yet, deep down, that was exactly what she wanted to do and this was exactly where she wanted to be. But the blondes words from that night still echoed in her mind ( albeit quieter, it was still there ) and looking at her only made the replay button be stuck further. Despite wanting to run and avoid the other, she reminded herself that she was here on business and knew that Pam would hear about it eventually.
Brow arched at her comment, tongue pressed into cheek as she nodded. Nevermind that shit was them and what happened, this wasn’t the place to hash out whatever there was to hash out. “Got me there,” she murmured after a moment, hand raising before thumb dragged across forehead before pushing hair behind her ear. She watched her walk away for a moment before she followed suit, pushing through the crowd of people until she was inside the office.
Grabbing one of the chairs, she pulled it away from the desk before flopping down into it, hands resting in her lap as she crossed her feet. “Y’all got a bunch of rowdy assholes that are stirrin’ shit up in New Orleans. Only reason I’m buggin’ the sheriff is ‘cause said assholes are sayin’ they’re doin’ their shit on behalf of him,” she stated, wanting this to be done and over with. “So…get ‘em in line or I’m gonna have to call in reinforcements an’ you know damn well Eric doesn’t want a hoard of slayers stompin’ through here.”

PLEASED TO SEE THE OTHER FOLLOW SUIT and take a seat, Pam waited patiently for the business explanation that had brought her here. When she finally provided it, Pamela's brow came to arch in silent response. She had not heard of any vampires being sent to New Orleans for any reason at least, not since they had been dealing V. Eric would have told her, surely. Her first instinct being to tell Faith to go ahead and swarm the herd ; kill them all. But if it had been a plan of Eric's, she was of course, obligated to inquire with him first. Seemed strange, however, given that they had sworn never to keep things from one another again.

Unless it was somehow connected to something that might have put her own self in some sort of danger. Even still, she found that hard to believe. At the very least, she hoped that wasn't the case. ❝ That so? ❞ Is all Pam could say initially as fingers tapped lightly upon the desk between them, just as they had on the bar top only moments before. The term to which Faith used to mention Eric had not gone unnoticed ; 'The Sheriff' as if his name was now somehow off limits out of spite.

Another brief moment passed by before the vampire spoke again, ❝ I know nothin' 'bout that an' believe me, I'm just as surprised as you outta be by that. Far as I know, we ain't doin' that shit no more. Then 'gain, Sheriff's full o' surprises, ain't he? ❞ She manages a slight smirk that only lasts a mere few seconds before it disappears again. ❝ No, 'suppose we wouldn't want that. Seems we have a lot o' discussin' to do... the Sheriff an' I. ❞ There she goes, throwing that repeated title in her face. ❝ I'll talk with him an' let ya know, or he will. Anythin' else? ❞  

                           For so long she had memorized the schedule, but be away for almost a year and all that went out the window. She knew she wouldn’t be able to slip out undetected, that thought being confirmed the moment their eyes met. The air seemed to leave lungs in a instance, heart thumping louder and faster, and that feeling she got in the pit of her stomach returned. It wasn’t what most called butterflies, but it was something she only ever felt when she looked at Pam.
Swallowing thickly as she watched the vampire stand, Faith wondered if she was leaving to the office or would come over. It appeared to be the latter as the blonde was next to her in a split second, the slayer taking a step back. There was a war raging on inside her ( mind and heart battling it out as it had since she’d left ) as she looked into her former lovers eyes, being that close to her after so long. Of course she had heard her inquiring about Eric, so she didn’t feel the need to verbalize a confirmation, yet she did.
“Yea,” she muttered, eyes darting away to look at anything but Pam. “Forgot tonight was your night,” she added, fingers fidgeting with the hem of her shirt. Then came a small chuckle though it was void of any humor, “Not like I got any other reason to be back here.” Eyes returned to glare right back at the vampire, but there was no softness to them. Just anger and sadness, mostly sadness, but a sadness she didn’t want to dwell on, not there and certainly not in front of Pamela.

DIDN'T SURPRISE HER WHEN FAITH TURNED HER GAZE AWAY, it was to be expected given their last conversation. As much as it went against her own pride, Pam knew she had been the one to instigate the argument. Naturally, Faith's response was how she'd expect her to be ; nonchalant and aloof and yet, she could smell the sadness deep within her veins which had matched her own. In truth, Pam was glad Faith had entered the club that night as it made things easier for her to do what she knew should've been done months ago.

But it still wouldn't be that simple. So, with a roll of her eyes, Pam's fingers tapped lightly upon the bar top. ❝ Shit aside, whateva ya gotta say to Eric, ya can say to me. ❞ Although she knew there was the chance of Faith making some sort of comeback line or refusal, Pam wasn't going to give her much of an option unless she genuinely wanted to just walk away. After a brief pause, Pam removed herself from the bar and walked her way towards the office.  

If there was real business to discuss, anything vampire and slayer related would have gotten to Pam's ears eventually. Even Faith would have known that ; Eric told her everything, especially now, there were no secrets between them anymore. But there was another conversation to be had, one that needed to be done in private anyway. Loud acoustics and  erratic obnoxious noises were not the proper surroundings. Even though it hadn't been her plan to see Faith tonight or even be given the chance to speak with her, it was now or never.

                            Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months. They all blurred together, meshing into one giant cluster fuck that she could hardly remember. Her last night in Shreveport, now that replayed in her mind like some sick sadistic instant replay, but it’s all she could think about. She had done her best to keep her mind occupied and not allow herself to feel and to just be, going out every night. It was risky, especially since she went by herself and there had been a few close calls, but whoever was up above wasn’t ready for her yet.

Work was the norm for her so Faith wasn’t too surprised to find herself in Shreveport after months of being gone. In and out, that’s what she told herself as she pulled up to Fangtasia and got out before making her way inside. It was another Thursday night of chaos and she would have been lying if she said she hadn’t missed it. But this was work related and that’t what she focused on as she moved to the bar. There she asked for Eric but was told he wasn’t in tonight and then she remembered who was on Thursday nights.


“Shit…” she hissed as she slowly turned to look over her shoulder and caught sight of Pamela. Maybe she hadn’t noticed her yet and she could slip out and be gone. But did she really want to do that? No, not really. So she stalled, dark eyes locked on the blonde that sat in the throne looking miserable, and for a moment she didn’t block the feelings, having missed her.


THAT FAMILIAR SCENT WAS UNMISTAKABLE, even through the array of other odors wafting through the air. It was distinct and recognizable even to the slightest degree. Her attention snapped, looking towards the bar until she took notice of the other woman. The Slayer ; her chest rising without a need for breath, eyes narrowing until she turned her focus away and contemplated her next move. But first, she had to wonder what brought the other back. Their last encounter had not ended on a clean nor positive note, she had been out of line and she knew that well now. But stubbornness still played a part along with pride.

Feeling the others gaze on her, she finally returns the gesture. Knuckles still pressed against pursing lips as the tension only seemed to arise. But even still, there was that lingering longing. She could smell it even from across the room, but that wasn't much of an invitation knowing Faith. For a moment she sat there on the throne, before finally making the decision to stand. Eyes glancing momentarily to the DJ insinuating that there was no need to turn the music down.

In a quick second, Pam was at the bar, standing next to her former lover with eyes almost glaring. Though there was a softness too ; a hesitance ; chin rising just slightly with hand upon her hip. ❝ You're lookin’ for Eric? ❞ She asked, a hint of surprise and confusion to her tone. Naturally, she had heard the initial inquiry for him from where she sat. Uncertain of the Slayer's overall intentions. ❝ I take it this surprise visit o’ yours is strictly business then? ❞  

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EXPRESSION HAD REMAINED THE SAME for the last several months or so ( however long it had been ), though responsibilities remained the same. Thursday nights were Eric's night off which meant Pam held all forms of authority for the evening. Though her demeanor and lack of giving any fucks was palpable, as it had been ever since... well, it didn't much matter now. All that mattered was her presence, regardless of how closed off she seemed. The loud vibrations from the speakers and constant chattering in the crowd rang highly throughout the club, leaving her slumped upon the throne, knuckles to cheek.

Lights flickering, the smell of mortal intoxication and arousal filled the air to which she usually found enjoyment in. But not tonight. Instead, she remained prominent in position, eyes merely focusing upon a single point on the wall while all the commotion happened in front of her. She hadn't even made a single insult to Ginger the entire night, which was in a way, entirely out of character for her. But alas, what was the fucking point? Nothing seemed to give her much joy these nights, not even a clever quip.

@pizzafcrensics​ asked: ‘  Why the hell do ya keep lookin' at me like that? Don't know if yer plannin' on suckin' me dry or what... ‘ 

❝ NORMALLY I'D BE ALL 'BOUT THE SEXUAL INUENDOS—— but ain't ya got any other type o' vocabulary to work with? Might just be my own dirty lil' mind but you're reakin' o' sex already. To answer your question though, maybe if ya stopped starin' at me I wouldn't have to keep lookin' back with intrigue. ❞

The truth was that Keera was utter shit with people.  She could read people at a card table when she was working but other then that she had typically avoided people at all costs.  It wasn’t good to get attached and her life had always replied on people forgetting about her once she had left the room.  She was so good at it too.  She had almost convinced Eric when they first met that she wasn’t who he thought she was; she just had one of those faces that reminded people of people they had lost.   
She didn’t look up as she started circling and moving the papers on the bar top so that she could work through it faster, like a painter looking at the whole canvas, but hearing the slight surprise in Pam’s voice made her feel a little bit less exposed.  A tiny smile drew across her lips.  “Or you can go and just tell Eric we did. His imagination will fill in the blanks anyway.”  She grinned to herself in amusement.  
She did glance up at Pam’s suggestions, eyebrows up.  “I’m sure you can do a mean braid but honestly everything else sounds like chewing glass.”  She admitted with a little half smile.  Pulling a set of receipts towards her she started flipping though them abnormally fast and with barely a glance as she started jotting down the column, not slowly down to tally them up or add, just writing down the final number like it was one of them. “Truth be told…I’d rather scare some locals…you know, since they don’t even have cows to tip.”  And the mention of the pillow fight she snorted again.  “I feel like that would get really violent really fast.”  She admitted with a little half smile.

THE CORNER OF HER LIPS CURLED INTO A SMIRK. surprisingly amused by the other's words. It hadn't been a horrible idea, she thought, teasing Eric was always one of her favorite pass times. Especially considering who the other woman was to him, it wasn't beyond Pam's jurisdiction to fuck with him even to the slightest degree.

In fact, she just might. Keera seemed on board with the idea, so that was a plus. In regards to everything else, Pam hadn't been entirely serious about the cliché girlish bonding time so she was glad to hear that none of it seemed ideal to her as an actual option for something to do.

It was her later statement that caused Pam's brows to arch with intrigue. Scaring locals... now there was an idea, one she hadn't expected the other to say. Though part of her did wonder if she had been serious or just continuing the joke. ❝ You're right, the pillow fight would get violent real quick. ❞ She nodded in acknowledgement. ❝ I'm very competitive. ❞ That was an understatement, but she preferred not to dive in too deep on that one.

The only other thing, she wasn't entirely looking forward to hanging around for the next two hours while Keera did her dirty work. ❝ Ya said it's gonna take ya what, two hours to get this finished? ❞ Was she really in a position to express urgency when it was a favor being done for her? Probably not, but Pam was the impatient type. ❝ Scarin' locals might be fun, dependin' on what exactly ya had in mind. ❞    

THERE WAS NO LONGER A TIMIDNESS about him when it came to taking charge. It was amusing to think of how long they had known one another, had met before either of their mortal lives ended. He was just grateful they had found one another as it wasn’t often people from his past were still around. Spike was brought back to the present, a grin on his face as shirt was removed, hoping she did enjoy the view. He certainly enjoyed the feeling of her hands on him, purr vibrating in his chest.
WHEN THEY HAD FIRST MET AS HUMANS, he had been barely a man, not a title given to him until later on. Though he had physically matured since last they’d shared space, but mentally he had matured. She’d shown him things he thought were not possible, opening a door to curiosity and fascination with the human anatomy, most of all the female form. His words true and strong when he said he hadn’t been able to get her off his mind, the memory of them together having fueled and driven him through the years. She after-all was the one to steal his virtue.

SOMETHING ABOUT HIM RESOGNATED WITH HER even more so now than their first encounter together. It was amazing to think that she had known him prior to ever meeting Eric. But it was a relationship she had grown to cherish, even more so now that they had both found themselves within similar fates. Hands moving with swift precision to remove the shirt off of his back, revealing the toned muscles underneath before leaning back slightly.

@sardonicbeauty​ gets another thing ‘cause i can.

TRULY IT WAS NOT HOW HE FORSAW HIS EVENING GOING. Surly mother would go into a fit if she knew where he was being dragged to. William had been fed false information for how they would spend Arthur’s last evening as a free man before he was to wed Florence. However, he really should have known better, especially when the group of men showed up smelling like the bottom of a whiskey barrel. Being the sort who couldn’t say no ( the onslaught of chiding and name calling was not welcomed ) he allowed them to physically drag him into the carriage.

They wouldn’t tell him at first where they were going, but deep down he knew it was somewhere that would make him uncomfortable. It wasn’t the first nor would it be the last that they’d do something to embarrass him. William did his best to keep his worrisome from showing, taking the ale that was offered ( slushed around and shoved into him ) as they went about their journey. A journey that was rather long, but when they finally told him where they were going, he wasn’t surprised that they were going a town over.

When they finally arrived, he felt out of his elements and they hadn’t even gone inside the brothel yet. Standing outside the seemingly normal manor, William adjusted his vest before he was grabbed and once more dragged along behind. “Come now, William! It’s not just Arthur’s night!” Thaddeus boasted as they walked inside, the Pratt man looking around and noticing the women, his cheeks no doubt a shade of deep red. He wanted to protest, turn and run back home, but he shook away those thoughts as he came to stand between Arthur and Thaddeus, two rows of women standing before them.


It left him speechless, Adam’s apple bobbing like an apple in a bucket as his eyes moved from face to face until he looked to a woman standing off to the side. He was unable to tear his gaze from her, the persistent shoving from the other men to get his attention going unnoticed.


THEY HAD RECEIVED WORD OF THE GROUP OF YOUNG GENTLEMEN coming to visit that evening, to which Pam specifically selected the amount of girls who would entertain them. She was precise in her selection and stood by once they entered the establishment, allowing them to take in the sight of the place before hand. She had offered them some of her best women, knowing that they would be suitable to their celebration.

Meanwhile, she stood by the bar, enjoying her evening cognac. Watching as the crowd of young men came festering in with a giddiness she had seen far too many times before. One however, did capture her attention. Though mostly due to the fact that his eyes kept staring at her from across the room, causing brow to arch. She had no intentions of making herself part of the occasion, but something about him did intrigue her. Perhaps it was his naïve demeanor, something to mold like clay in a state of corruption. She'd be lying if she said the thought hadn't appeased her.

Setting the glass back down upon the bar top, Pam slithered herself in the direction of the group and feigned a pleasant smile. ❝ Welcome gentleman, you've been expected. ❞ Her eyes shot towards the one who had been eyeing her earlier, a smirk granted in his direction before she addressed the rest of them. ❝ You have your choice o' women for the night, they're at your command. Payment up front, o' course. Other than that, enjoy yourselves. Should either o' you break any o' our rules, I will deal with you personally. ❞