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Quelling the Tumblrcryptid Panic

OK so there’s a lot of posts out there where the op actually believes the tumblrcryptid joke is an NFT.

It’s not. If you look at the code, you can see this is a randomizer that picks a random image, some text from a list of lines, and one of your tags. 

And I actually researched this so I could tell you (due to some panic in the comments of these posts) you can’t accidentally reblog art that’s connected to NFTs and/or blockchain. That’s not how it works. Cryptocurrency is a very complicated thing. You can’t do anything to stop the “spread” of NFT art. You can’t accidentally support it. You must deliberately involve yourself. 

The tumblr cryptids shit is a poor attempt to read the room by @staff, who saw that a bunch of people were posting about it and thought it would be perfect for a joke. Rather than raise awareness about how solving one single “problem” on the block chain can use as much energy as one small country in a whole day, they decided to make a cute randomizer that poses itself as an NFT. 

You are NOT contributing to the cryptocurrency problem by playing with this. You are NOT a bad person if you posted one. You aren’t even on the cryptocurrency radar. 

PLEASE REBLOG THIS POST. A lot of people have anxiety about this shit, and the immediate panic by people who don’t understand is harming them!