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Sassy, spunky, feisty and a little bit of an attitude because I'm a Mandalorian. A Lady can never can have enough ordnances and I bomb every peice. Mun is adult. Muse is adult. Secretly ships ThrawnXSabine || SWAG 77 Star Wars LORE RP Performance. Follow: @SabineWren77 Some affiliate links may lead to remuneration.Become a Patron!

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These images were generated by MidJourney artificial intelligence (ai) with keywords. Those images were changed by variations and upscaling for ~40 iterations.

Then the final desired image was a faceswap of the MidJourney AI image to Natasha Liu Bordizzo’s face, the actress who will play live-action Sabine Wren character in the upcoming Ahsoka TV Show with the Reface ai program.

After faceswapping the first image was changed by FaceApp ai for ~20 iterations.

The use of the Photoshop program for watermarking.

These are the results to share with Star Wars Sabine Wren fans.

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SW MJ Adult Sabine Wren by AI Art Modification with NLB Overlay.

Adult Sabine Wren with burgundy/purple/orange “Mandalorian” armor (based on AI) and ~burgundy deep red hair. Art modification of fan based concept ai by @midjourney for SW @sabinewren77 using reface, faceapp, photoshop (laptop, express and fix). Link: http://ow.ly/FLY250KjsjC Created this image for fun with the algorithm. Took several iterations and several programs for fan art…

Body Mixed Into One by Helena Wierzbicki

Body Mixed Into One by Helena Wierzbicki

What we think the art of our TxS fanfic could be. Love Painting – Abstract FiguresMedium: Acrylic on canvasSize: 15.6×21 in. (40×53 cm.)by Helena Wierzbicki SUPPORT THIS WONDERFUL ARTIST AT FINE ART AMERICA: https://bit.ly/3boxKWs Bodies Mixed As One by Helena Wierzbicki at Fine Art America Grand Admiral Thrawn has NEVER has passionate sex until he met Sabine Wren. He planned to enjoy and…

Chapters: ¾ Fandom: Star Wars - All Media Types, Star Wars: Rebels Rating: Explicit Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Relationships: Thrawn | Mitth'raw'nuruodo/Sabine Wren Characters: Thrawn | Mitth'raw'nuruodo, Sabine Wren, Ketsu Onyo, Original Imperial Characters (Star Wars) Additional Tags: hot for teacher, Fusion of Star Wars Legends and Disney Canon, Teacher-Student Relationship, Art, Imperial Academy (Star Wars), Substitute Teacher, Rare Pairings, Painting, Mandalorian Culture (Star Wars), Planet Mandalore (Star Wars), Sundari | Capital City of Mandalore (Star Wars), Power Imbalance, Complicated Relationships, Desk Sex, Wall Sex, Professors, Age Difference, but everyone’s legal, Arrogant Sexy Bastard Sex, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Imperial Officers (Star Wars), Crushes, Pre-Star Wars: Rebels, Language Kink, name kink Summary:

Sabine’s new substitute teacher at the Imperial Academy is a bit different than the average officer…

Chapter 3 is up and I had to increase fic length to 4 chapters because the smut got too long…

Thrawn has too much stamina…

I promise I won’t make you guys wait too long for the last one….promise….

Fabulous art courtesy of @blackmonitor​ who continues to inspire with her sexy stuff…

Well now, you're talking about me and that Kebiin Tal'Sur'Haisse that fooled me in what he sees. He's lucky he has a Manda'haar'chak art of mine. Chakaare.

The Queen Sabine Wren of Mandalore in #Star Wars

The Queen Sabine Wren of Mandalore in #Star Wars - a headcanon prediction

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