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Coba and flowers.  He is a fluffy little garden spirit.

…also, I love both this rhododendron and this rose.  It is really great to have them both blooming at once!


Just as this post appears, the planet Earth is passing the Solstice – the time when the sun is as far to the south as it can possibly get. This set of image frames is one of my favorite things to check out on the day of the solstice. This is today, December 21, as captured by the American GOES-16 weather satellite, currently sitting in a geostationary orbit over the center of this frame.

Some of the Earth’s orbital details are obvious in this clip. First of all, take a look at the south pole – much of Antarctica is illuminated 24 hours today, as you can see at the southern part of this frame. At the northern edge of the clip though, the Arctic receives very little sunlight and you can spot the shadowed line where there is no sunlight received at all. You can also look at how the sun moves across this frame and really get a feel for why it’s currently southern Hemisphere summer – watch how much more sunlight the southern hemisphere gets than the northern hemisphere.


The Official “Log Off” Protest F.A.Q! 

The “Log Off” protest is in response to the recent NSFW ban announced by Tumblr. The ban flags all content the filtering system detects as NSFW, reducing visibility to the community. The system has proven time and time again that is inefficient, oftentimes flagging SFW material as NSFW. 

This SFW material includes art, memes and so on. This ban directly hurts the community and will not solve the actual problems at hand due to the poor flagging system. Because of this, the entire community will suffer.  

So to respond, I propose that every user on Tumblr logs off of Tumblr for 24 hours on December 17th at 12 am EST. 

Times are listed above depending on timezone! 

This post responds to some very common questions about the protest. So make sure to read it over! 

How to Export Your Blog: 

Alternative Sites: 


There is also an official Tumblr blog (ironic, huh?) and Twitter for the protest! It’s at: 

Tumblr https://logoffprotest.tumblr.com/

There will be official updates on each account. Make sure to tag us in any posts, or use the hashtag #logoff2018

Thanks for your support guys. Let’s fight to make Tumblr better. Actually better. 

Hey y'all! For those who’ve been asking, this is the info about what this blog is doing on the 17th. I hope y'all will join me.


In early 2017 evidence of blubber was found in plesiosaurs, indicating that they were probably much more chubby than they’re usually reconstructed, and now in late 2018 it’s been found in an ichthyosaur, too!

Living during the Early Jurassic (~183-179 mya) in the shallow seas that covered most of Europe at the time, Stenopterygius was an average-sized ichthyosaur growing up to about 4m in length (13′). A fossil found in Germany has some incredibly good soft-tissue preservation, showing smooth flexible scaleless skin, a layer of insulating blubber very convergently similar to that found in cetaceans, and even evidence of countershaded coloration.

While the confirmation of blubber is amazing, and gives further evidence that ichthyosaurs were warm-blooded, the color preservation might actually be even more interesting. The skin pigmentation is preserved in enough fine detail for branched melanophores to be visible under a microscope – a type of cell associated with the ability to change color. So there’s a possibility that ichthyosaurs could actively darken or lighten their color patterns, for purposes such as better camouflage, UV protection, or temperature regulation.

Anonymous asked:

american eskimos? 💗

Some might say that taking a type of dog from a European country, bringing it overseas and breeding them to a single colour but for political and social reasons refusing to name them for their country of origin and instead ascribing them to a group of marginalized indigenous cultures that has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with said dogs (and were almost certainly 100% not asked in this situation) using a word that is widely regarded as a slur, is problematic.

But I think they’re just pure little bundles of joy!


please for the love of dog just call them American spitzes

all the sweet little floofy spitzes are good and nice

#RhinoFriday shout out from our friends @dswt #SaveRhinos #WorthMoreAlive * Adopt an orphaned rhino, elephant or giraffe at #dswt care. ・・・ #repost @dswt Our newest rescue is quite the dancing queen. One-month-old Maarifa already rules the roost at the Nursery, and she likes to spend her days practicing her moves — preferably with a partner!

This #DSWTFosterFriday, consider fostering this pint-sized white rhino as a holiday gift (or a gift for yourself!), and in doing so, help us provide her with the care she needs. Click our link in bio to learn more or visit: www.thedswt.org/maarifa * #Wildography #responsibletourism #travel4conservation #africansafaris #wildographyandsafaris ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ _________ Video © David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust #DSWT #MaarifaDSWT #rhino #whiterhino #kenya #whyilovekenya #baby #savetherhino #dancingqueen #fosterfriday https://www.instagram.com/p/BrGIuewAEGf/?utm_source=ig_tumblr_share&igshid=xdue9otfqtri

I’m upset because I want to change the world but the world is too big and people are too mean

“Do not be daunted by the enormity of the world’s grief. Do justly, now. Love mercy, now. Walk humbly now. You are not obligated to complete the work, but neither are you free to abandon it.” - Rabbi Tarfon

I needed to hear this

Tumblr’s definition of “adult content” seems to be inherently visual, and I also wanted to remind people that we do have basic image hosting. (It’s definitely not as slick and easy to use as Tumblr’s, I won’t lie, but it does exist.) If you want to include images in your posts, you can upload them and the site will give you HTML that you can paste into your entry. Or, if you have post-by-email set up, just attach the image to the end of your email and it’ll be posted. All users have a 500MB image hosting quota right now. I know that’s small for people looking for a place to host NSFW image blogs, but we are reviewing usage statistics to see if we can increase it, or at least make it possible for people to pay for more quota like you can for more icons.

Could Dreamwidth be upgraded to include tumblr’s ease and capacity for image uploads?  Honestly the two sites complement each other --- keep Dreamwidth’s text style and add tumblr’s image facility and you have one perfect social media site.

I won’t stay on a site that censors.  Why does it need to be on an app again, anyway? 


I wish i could find this one article written in I believe the 90’s that went under the radar on abortion. The author said that the “life” arguments are basically useless on either side and what actually matters is that humans shouldn’t have a right to use other human bodies as a resource without consent no matter how alive or sentient they are, even if they’re on the brink of death you have the right to deny them access to you. It probably was too radical for pro-choice activists back in those days but like…that’s the most robust arguement lol so we need 2 being that back and dead the pontifications and splitting hairs about “life” in my honest onion


I found it. Actually, it was written in the 70’s. She was way ahead of the curve.

The article is ‘A Defense of Abortion’ by Judith Jarvis Thomson. Essential reading!


If you’re on the fence about abortion, read this. Even if you’re a dedicated pro-choicer, read this. It is what made me unapologetically pro-choice, honestly. -V