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I love pretty pictures, big books, and alliteration
“So you don’t regret meeting me? No. But I do think that I represented something for you back then, something innocent, reminded you of a part of yourself that you lost and wish that you could get back. If we’d never met until now I wonder If you’d even notice me. It would be impossible not to notice you, Caroline.”

Giuseppe Bottani, 1717-1784 

Odysseus and Nausicaa and Hermes guiding Odysseus on the island of Aeaea, oil on canvas, 48,6x74,6 cm

Private Collection

Medusa in culture

(Medusa c. 1618 Peter Paul Rubens, Medusa: Solving the Mystery of the Gorgon - Stephen Wilk, Medusa On Her Throne Reza Sedhi, Female Rage: Unlocking Its Secrets, Claiming Its Power - Mary Valentis and Anne Devane, Medusa c. 1640 Gian Lorenzo Bernini, The Laugh of the Medusa - Helene Cixous, Medusa Robin Isley)

Anonymous asked:

Rory, where did you buy this white sweater from your last post on the attic? It looks so beautiful!

Thank you! It’s from Zara :)