[IT IS FELICIANO. Cue at least six cheek kisses and big ole smooch on the lips.]

Any big plans, mon Feli? Obviously somebody so suave and eloquent as yourself has at least twenty women at your feet.


[Provides all the smooches and hugging in return before clasping Francis’ hands in his own and giving them a tight squeeze.] It is true, I seem to have more than one Valentine...but the day will have me in Verona as I’ve been helping out with a program for the romantic weekend. [If there’s one thing Feliciano enjoys, it’s having the chance to play Cupid.]

Tell me, do you have any special dates?

La Festa Degli Innamorati is my favorite holiday of the entire year! Well, if you know anything about me, you will realize it has been my favorite holiday for decades. It is always so wonderful to see all of the young and old couples doing such romantic things. The chocolate and the roses and the declaration of eternal is all so very sweet and makes me feel all warm inside, like a bowl of warm tomato sauce prepared by nonna. It makes me strongly believe that as long as people are capable of showing compassion and care toward one another, then there is a reason to march forward...! 


I am hoping everyone has a Valentine’s Day filled with joy! Now, I must sort through all the gifts I’ve received from all of these nice be so popular is truly so hard, Dio mio.


{ i think it’s important for people to understand - especially in the hetalia rp comm - that you don’t have to create an oc or alter your character from canon in order to give them depth. expanding on canon and adding to the character with traits and values that they already have is completely legitimate as well. it doesnt make your character any less appealing or thoughtful. }


*~ Felice Nuovo Anno, da Italia! ~* 

Ciao from Rome! It is well past midnight here already and I am well past drunk, as expected! I am thinking and hoping 2016 will bring much good! Also, make sure to get your New Year’s kisses in, for it is bad luck if you do not, don’t you know? Stay safe and beautiful, my friends! I need to go find where my pants have gone! 

All my love, 

- Feli xoxo

[Francis hands Feliciano this small package, and a card separately. On the envelope, Francis very evidently put much effort into writing out the other’s name, and stylized it the best out of anybody’s. His writing inside is just as fancy, and reads:]

Feliciano my dear brother,

I had a lot of trouble with your gift this year, though I hope that you enjoy it and that it fits you. xx

I could say so much in this card, but I already talk to you and tell you everything. Just remember that you are so important to me, and that your big brother will always be here for anything you may possibly need.

I love you, and always will. xoxo

Ton frère, Francis.

[Inside of the package is a silk tie wrapped around a rolled up piece of paper with a small box inside of it. Inside of the box is a gold ring with the inscription, ‘pas mon sang, mais ma vie’ on the inside. 

The piece of paper is a coloured pencil sketch of Venice from the last time that Francis had been there. It shows an ominous moon looking over a water canal, with many parked boats and low lights seen on the side. On the back of the paper, there is writing:]

Night time in Venice is surreal. I love the way that the moon beams hit the ripples in the water, and how calm and serene everything is. For me, it is just like you- always there, and always able to make me happy.

I must share a secret with you--your presents are always my favorite out of all the many I receive during this time of year! Always so thoughtful and tasteful. Because we are so alike. [ He whispers as much in his ear before pulling away, laughter reflecting in his tone and eyes. ] Merci, I do they say? Over the moon! I will be certain to hang this picture as well, in a special place within my art gallery in Venice. [ Peppers him with so many kisses! ]

There'a gift in front of Feliciano’s door, it’s wrapped with no bow. Inside is this shirt, and this book. There’s a note attached to both.“It’s as classy as you dammit and this book is exactly what you need. I’m a fucking saint and shit for leading you on the right path.” However if Feliciano continues looking though the box he’ll also find this pair of boots. There’s a note attached to it too with a frowny face and this written down. “Buon Natale, don’t eat too much panettone or get too drunk dammit." 

“Oh fratellone! I love these presents--well, except for the book, but that is just you being sarcastic again, no? Anyway, grazie.” And Feliciano is certain to deliver many cheek kisses, before handing Romano his gifts. The first is the signed jersey he had requested previously. For the second part, Feliciano lead his elder brother outside, where a vintage vespa sat parked on the street. “I had to sweet talk many people to nab this pricey thing--! I hope you like it.” 

Anonymous asked:

Have you ever challenged Drake to a dance-off, Feli?


I cannot say that I have, but now that you mention it–Alfredo, you should give me the dancing hooking up with Signore Drizzy! 

♪ You used to call me on the cell phoneLate at night when you need were needing my love!C-Call me on my cell phone–!Late night when you need my love,And I know when that hotline BLINK,That can only mean one thing! ♪


[Voicemail] My beautiful, wonderful, little brother! What a shame I did not catch you. I am just calling to tell you to bring some of your lovely desserts on the eve. I am telling everybody to bring other drinks if they do not prefer wine, though you and I both know what we will be drinking that evening. [He chuckles.] Anyway, come whenever you would like, though I would appreciate if you could come a bit earlier around noon to help me with the set up. Merci, je t'adore, ciao!


[TEXT; Big Brother France] I just overheard your voicemail! Of course I will be happy to bake up some tiramisu and other deliciously sweet goodies! Dio mio, I worry for the state of your wine cellar when all of us come around! I planned on coming over a little earlier to help as it is~ I look forward to seeing you then~ xoxo ciao, ciaoooooo I love you!!! 

I would invite her to our dinner mais.. it would be a bit too strange for the others, I think. [He would be perfectly fine with it- since he only wants to make people feel welcome, but it just isn’t a good idea to bring a human in to a party with a bunch of nations. The conversations would just get too confusing.

-Aaaaand of course he’s going for the wine. Which Francis is completely fine with. He was just going to offer him a glass, anyway. As he watches the other poke his nose through everything, he lights up a cigarette, frowning at this being his last for the day.]

Well, I have been getting many a commission, so I have not really had much time to let my own creative energy out for a piece for pleasure. [He shrugs, waving the cigarette in the air in a rather Italian hand gesture.] I am too busy, you see! But the commissions are interesting. Most of them are for rather wealthy families, between you and I -[He says this in a hushed tone, as if somebody were to overhear]- so I cannot refuse. It only gives me more of a chance to get better gifts for everybody.

[He walks over to the counter with the glasses, leaning on the edge and taking another drag.] One of them was a portrait painting [he scoffs] as if photography does not exist. And another was simply a painting of a seasonally decorated parlour. Oh! And there was this one that was chromatic colours of a still life. It was definitely interesting. I only have one more to go- and then I am free. I will probably start doing more sketches of people now, since I have been wanting to for quite a while. You will be one of my models, yes?

[He inspects the wine glasses.] Rouge ou blanc aujourd’hui?

Yes, yes...this dinner is just for us nations only. Another dinner would be appropriate. One where we could feign being normal, at least. But she is a very smart girl. I do wonder if she’ll figure out my secret. [ It’s happened in the past before, after all--and Feliciano had seen so many different reactions from human. From the wonder, to the fear and to the unwavering dedication well into old age. That’s what he loved about people, he supposed--their multitudes, for better or worse. They were all so beautiful. And he was endlessly drawn, like a moth to a flame. ] 

Ohhh! Well, we must do what we can to afford Christmas gifts. I have been taking up even more odd jobs that usual--though it’s been quite difficult, as my political duties have increased lately too. Portrait painting can be quite the challenge though, depending on the subject? In order to make the work truly eclipse a photograph, one must pay extra attention to even the smallest details of their subject. I may be “old-school” in that sense, or biased, but I find paintings or even sketches of the self to be more better than anything even the nicest digital camera can produce. Though there is a time and place for digital reproductions. But it sounds as if you’ve been doing a variety of things, for which I am envious--ah, rouge, s'il vous plaît. Merci. 


--And of course I would love to be one of your models! I really do love modeling. It makes me feel like a Greek muse.