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Just released!

Summer - A Multisensory Exploration plus 101 Summer Themed Sensory Activities

Table of Contents:

About the Artist

The Benefits of Multisensory Storytelling

How to Tell a Multisensory Story

Story Props Checklist

Summer Full Poem/Story

Summer Senses

Summer Nature

Nature's Art Room

Independent Skills - Task Boxes

Life Skills

Summer Safety

Bubbles & Sand Dough

Summer Sounds

Summer Role Play

D & T Summer Food

Understanding the World

D & T

The Summer Garden

Outdoor Learning

Pebble Painting

Summer Maths

Summer P.E

Culture - Traditional Clothing

Summer Festivals Around the World

Summer Science

Summer Plants & Life Cycles


Spotlight on...Hebden Green School

Sensory Art 'Sparrow's sensory Sun'

Sensory Art - 'Barn Owls Summer Exploration'

Sensory Art- 'Starlings We're all Going on a Summer Holiday'


Just released! Free June Teaching Calendar packed with ideas and inspiration for the month of June including: Butterfly Education Day (Hungry Caterpillar Sensory Story)The Queen's Jubilee Whitsun (Sensory Activities)Healthy Eating Week (Superhero Superfoods)International Yoga Day (Enjoy a Yoga Story)National Sports Week (Jubilee PE)100th Anniversary of the Discovery of Tutankhamun's Tomb (Re-create Howard Carter's Archaeological Dig!)https://www.rhymingmultisensorystories.com/post/june-teaching-calendar

Join me tomorrow at 4pm for my Creative Education webinar. I will be demonstrating my multisensory story 'The Queen's Jubilee' and discussing how to use the story props to promote communication and learning and how the props can be used as a tool for individuals to explore and express their likes, dislikes and sensory preferences. I am looking forward to seeing you:)


Join me for a live webinar on 19th May at 4pm

This webinar will discuss the benefits of multisensory storytelling not only as story sharing experience but how to promote communication and areas of learning. Using the story ‘The Queen’s Jubilee’ I will discuss how to source the props for the story, delivery and suggest how to use the props to promote communication, independence and the importance of sensory exploration as a tool of providing the sensory explorer with the opportunity to express their likes, dislikes and sensory preferences.


Thank you to everyone for your positive feedback and lovely comments about the free teaching calendars:)Here is your May calendar (I've published it nice and early so you can do your planning and enjoy the sunshine:)This month... African World Heritage Day, Eid, Europe Day, National Bee Day, Space Day, World Migratory Bird Day, National Smile Month, National Bee Day, Morse Code, Vesak Day, Eifel Tower, Florence Nightingale,  plus a Competition to design the cover for my new release 'Summer - A Multisensory Exploration!'https://www.rhymingmultisensorystories.com/post/may-teaching-calendar

Don't spend the Easter break planning lessons!Fully resourced, step-by-step multisensory stories with themed, sensory extension activities linking to areas of the curriculum and learning.Suitable for SEN Students (age 3-19), Early Years, Primary, EAL and SALT students.Visit the shop https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/MultisensoryStoriesFind me on Lesson Planned https://lessonplanned.co.uk/.../rhyming-multisensory.../...Find me on Mash ie https://mash.ie/rhyming-multisensory-storiesFind me on Tes https://www.tes.com/teach.../shop/RhymingMultisensoryStoriesor buy direct rhymingmultisensorystories@outlook.com

The Queens Jubilee Cover Competition Runners Up...Visit the Art Gallery on the website to see the entries that were shortlisted!https://www.rhymingmultisensorystories.com/art-gallery

Teaching ideas, activities and inspiration to celebrate the month of April. Ramadan, Find a Rainbow Day, World Art Day, World Health Day and more! https://www.rhymingmultisensorystories.com/post/april-teaching-calendar

Competition Time!

Win a set of 10 Multisensory Stories for your school/setting!*

and have your artwork featured on the front cover!

DESIGN A BOOK COVER for my new multisensory story

'The Queen's Jubilee - A Multisensory Adventure!

There will be 50 runner up prizes of one story of your choice.

How to Enter: Using any medium, produce a piece of jubilee themed artwork.

A4 Portrait only please.

(You do not need to write the title on the artwork, please do not write any names of the students on the artwork.)

email your artwork to rhymingmultisensorystories@outlook.com

Please include in your email the first name of the artist, the name of the school and a contact name.

Competition Rules:

1. There is no age limit.

2. You may submit as many entries as you like.

3. The closing date is midnight 31.03.22

4. Your data will be protected according to law and will not be shared with any other parties. All emails and their contents (including the artwork) will be deleted after the winner is drawn on 1st April 2022 (for more information on Privacy Policy visit the website or get in touch.)

5. The winner will choose 10 stories from the latest story catalogue

The stories are in the format of a digital download and can be printed out, used and shared throughout the school/setting in multiple classrooms.

6. The 50 runners up will win a multisensory story of their choice.

7. The winner will have their artwork featured as the cover of my new release 'The Queen's Jubilee - A Multisensory Adventure!


Sound effects breathe life into a multisensory story and provide the opportunity to elicit a response from the story explorer.

Can the story explorer communicate a request to listen to the sound again?

Can the story explorer track the sound?

If using a prop or a single switch communication device, can the sensory explorer use/activate the prop/device to make the sound?

Can the story explorer imitate the sound?

Excerpt from 'Introduction to Multisensory Storytelling' Course.

March Fully Booked

April slots available:)

Looking for sensory activities to celebrate Losar, Tibetan New Year on 3rd March? Traditionally, people would pass a fire torch through the crowds. Can the students pass a torch/LED battery candle around their peers? This three day festival sees the exchange of gifts. Play Tibetan traditional music and promote turn-taking with a game of 'pass the parcel' Dough balls are eaten. Ingredients such as coal, wool, chillies and rice are placed inside. The ingredient contained within your doughball is said to reflect your character! Chilli Pepper - Chatty talkative person Rice - A Good person Wool - Kind person Make Playdoh or Plasticine 'Dough' Balls You will need: Playdoh/Plasticine (blue, yellow and red represent the colours of the Tibetan flag) Dried Rice Wool Chilli Pepper (plastic 'toy' chilli or substitute for cubes of red bell pepper or use peppercorns) How to make Playdoh/Plasticine 'Dough' Balls Promote fine motor skills as the students roll their Playdoh/plasticine into balls. Make a hole in the centre of the ball using a finger/thumb or a wooden dowel rod. Place grains of dried rice, a piece of wool or chunk of pepper (or peppercorns) into the hole. Recover the hole with Playdoh/Plasticine to hide the item placed inside. Place the balls together, then as a group, take turns in selecting a ball and peeling it open to reveal the contents. Can the students remember the characteristic said to be reflected according the to item inside? (Chilli Pepper - Chatty talkative person, Rice - A good person, Wool - kind person.) Extend Learning Can the students think of other characteristics and corresponding items to place inside the balls? Here are some examples: Feather - Soft hearted person Daisy or dandelion - Flower lover Toy animal - Animal lover Spinach - Strong person Leaf - Nature lover Other ways to celebrate Losar People engage in activities that symbolise purification and welcoming in the new. Buildings are whitewashed and thoroughly cleaned and people wear new clothes. Engage in outdoor learning. Provide paintbrushes and rollers for students to 'paint' the walls, fences and railings. Add washing up liquid to create white soap suds. Buddhist monks adorn the monasteries with the finest decorations, and conduct religious ceremonies. Make prayer flags find out more... https://www.rhymingmultisensorystories.com/post/march-teaching-calendar