Hiroshi Ohtake passed away this week.

He voiced a lot of bancho characters in older anime, namely Bancho in Mahou no Mako-chan and Boss in Mazinger Z. Magical girl fans; he had a role in almost every majokko series Toei had produced. A true legend!

Bancho is one of my favorite characters (and one of my earliest crushes lol).


In Maya Mineo’s 1978 short story Kaiki seikaten, we meet a beautiful florist called Mirole. We are told his mother once went into a “devil’s forest” to pick flowers, and when she came back, she was pregnant with a child – implying Mirole is not fully human. Turns out, the reason his flowers bloom so beautifully is because he plants the seeds in the bodies of dead animals, and at the end of the short story Mirole takes revenge on a rival florist (who attemped to kill Mirole) by planting a small seed in a scar in his still living body, implying that the flower will grow out through his body and out of him, killing him.

The character reappears in an early chapter of Patalliro! titled Mezurashii junpaku no hana ga saku, where he again plants a flower seed inside a person’s body, and this time we see the flower actually grow:


So, you know, basically Kurama.

i was talking about autographs with my friend Dawn and wanted to share my collection. In order: Go Nagai, Linda Ballantyne, Yuji Mitsuya, Toru Furuya, Gengoroh Tagame, John Waters, Daniel Clowes, Richard Epcar, Kei Jonishi, and Shouma Yamaoto. I also have a shirt autographed by the Yasutoko Brothers:

There are so many other autographs I want!

takemiya keiko


I found this post in my drafts where it’s probably been rotting away for years, so the person who left the above tags probably isn’t even on tumblr anymore, but to answer: This is a short story that was published in June magazine, purpotedly written by a French novelist called “Josephine Serie”, translated by Akagi Haruna, and illustrated by Takemiya Keiko. However, neither Serie nor Akagi were real people; Kurimoto Kaoru wrote this story in Japanese and pretended it was a translation of a classic French work.

Why? Well, when they first started publishing June magazine they had a lot of trouble getting enough manuscripts to fill out a whole issue, so Kurimoto decided wrote novels under the name “Kurimoto Kaoru”, criticism and reviews under the name “Nakajima Azusa”, and some more novels under the “Josephine Serie” pseudonym. This would, she hoped, make it seem like “shonen-ai” was something a lot of people were interested in producing and consuming, including this fancy-pancy French novelist, lending credence to the genre and to June magazine.

So, in short, there is no original. Kurimoto made it all up.

I bought then new style doll of Super Sailor Moon released for the Eternal movies! She's really cute and pretty! Quite expensive though, lol.

A couple of years ago I also bought the Super Sailor Moon doll sold by Universal Studios Japan as part of their Sailor Moon attraction, so I included a picture of the two dolls side by side for comparison purposes. They're the exact same height but the details are quite different. I have to say I prefer the newer Eternal doll, but I think both dolls are charming!


Looks like consumers will be able to get a different set of paper dolls depending on where they order Kazuhiro Ochi‘s upcoming art book.

Shosen Book Tower: Sayaka Yumi (Mazinger Z) and Miki Makimura (Devilman) paper dolls.

Yodobashi: Jun Hono (Great Mazinger) and Honey Kisaragi (Cutie Honey) paper dolls.

These paper dolls are designed so you can switch outfits between the four girls. I wouldn’t be surprised if another retailer offered dolls of Michiru Saotome (Getter Robo), Hikaru Makiba (UFO Robo Grendizer), or Princess Yukiko (Dororon Enma-kun) in the upcoming weeks.


Melon Books: Michiru Saotome (Getter Robo) and Miwa Uzuki (Steel Jeeg) paper dolls.

Toranoana: Maria Grace Fried and Hikaru Makiba (UFO Robo Grendizer) paper dolls.

Kazuhiro Ochi is releasing his new art book, “Super Robot & Hero Art Works” on July 28th. He’s drawn most of the recent merchandising for classic Go Nagai series. Kazuhiro is probably best known for writing and drawing the Dynamic Heroes e-manga, which was a huge crossover of Go Nagai series.

If you pre-order the book through Yodobashi, you’ll get exclusive Jun Hono and Honey Kisaragi paper dolls! I have no idea if I can order through Yodobashi, so I pre-ordered my copy through Amazon. I really want the Honey paper doll...

Latest addition to the collection.

This popped up online for a pretty good price and I couldn’t refuse. The fact it was still working and included the original packaging was a huge selling point for me. The color is faded in some spots and there are some scratches on the chromatic parts. The sound quality is okay. I wasn’t expecting it to sound that great. A friend of mine recently refurbished hers via online tutorial and I’m debating if I should do the same.